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In addition to our projects currently underway, we encourage new ideas and innovative projects. Perhaps there is a particular skill you have, or a project you have been a part of before that you think could be replicated… We’d love to hear about it. Email us on [email protected]

Here is a long list of ideas…

  • Teach a workshop with youth on composing a CV and using job websites
  • Work in youth centres to help them access further study opportunities
  • Hold workshops on basic business skills
  • Teach English or tutor students who are struggling with their coursework
  • Put together a basic computer skills course and offer this to youth and adults
  • Start a reading group to encourage reading and appreciation of literature and to expand vocabulary
  • Partner with a local nurse or medical student and deliver a workshop on sanitation and personal hygiene
  • Coach a sports team and organise matches. Incorporate other elements such as team work and communication skills
  • Hand out flyers inviting people to an environmental clean up day or a workshop on recycling
  • Visit a few elderly people each week who are not able to perform their daily tasks and assist them
  • Find out what local services are available to people but not well utilised. Find a way to inform people about what is available and how to access support and resources – perhaps this is having someone from the local grants office come to explain how to apply for a social grant. Visit the organisation and ask for materials to share, such as flyers or booklets. Speak to a local social worker to identify what the priority needs are.
  • If you are a Tradie, work with your local contact to identify homes in need of basic repairs and use local labour to assist you in the repairs
  • Hold a youth group for girls where you give them the opportunity to talk about taboo topics and organise personal growth opportunities
  • Work with a local expert to teach First Aid
  • Work with a local nurse to host workshops about sanitation and hygiene
  • Teach the importance of good nutrition and exercise

Something to think about…

How could you build your activity so that it can be continued and expanded upon by a later GFF Representative or the local community?

What existing community resources are there that you can build on or share? For example, does the local clinic offer a free check up day and people just don’t know about it?

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