Our Program

GFF HELPS primarily recruits from the locations we work in, to ensure that our interventions have longevity and local skills remain within the community. We also recruit international volunteers, who bring with them new perspectives and skills. Recruitment is ongoing and dependent on the needs of each program.

Representatives work in small teams and often in collaboration with a local partner NGO. We conduct our own research and learn from NGOs and local experts what the unique needs and strengths are within the community before developing a series of projects that will help to address those needs. By being immersed in the local community, our Representatives are able to build good relationships and design thoughtful projects that speak to the need and can be sustained. Each new Representative we send builds on the work of the previous and helps us to learn and strengthen our projects.

This is not your typical volunteer program. Our Representatives play a key role in the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects in collaboration with local committees. Our Representatives therefore have to show a certain level of initiative, maturity, sensitivity and courage, and be able to work closely with the local community throughout the process to ensure they are part of the decision making process.

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