Completion of Phase III – Self Care Session under Psychosocial Intervention

Phase-III of the psychosocial intervention based on a Self Care Session was conducted on 8th of April, 2022. The session which was conducted at Srijanshil Rehabilitation and Special Educational School for the Disabled – SRSESD, where more than 22 participants participated in the session. The session focused on enhancing self-care and refilling of ones mind with thoughts of affirmation, motivation, praise and celebration of self and one relation to others.

GFF Helps team along with Mr. Rampukat (Clinical Psychologist) and Srijanshil school staff

Out door activity during the Self-Care Session

Self-Care Session conducted by Mr. Rampukar. Phase-III of psychosocial intervention




Ram Pukar Shah in the session




An expertise and effective session facilitated by Mr. Ram Pukar Shah, Clinical Psychologist with Kanti Children Hospital. The three phases of Psychosocial Intervention is completed. Followed by Lobbying for the children with no disability cards and case study documentation of children’s mental disabilities. Carried by follow-up sessions in the next 6 months.


Mandevi Nakarmi

“I learnt about yoga exercises and the need to practice such exercises. These trainings are helpful in the long run. I felt at ease after attending this self care training.”



Samikchya Thapa

I am very happy and I am very impressed with this session. Many a times there are things which we wish to do, but aren’t able. I got the opportunity to share things which I wanted to. There are times when one gets alone and thoughts swirl in my mind. But, today I have learnt in which moments and instances what must be done. My experience was too good.



Durga Rana Magar

I am travelling from Thankot as my brother’s guardian. I am very happy and satisfied with the Self Care training provided by you in Srijnsheel School for the Differently Abled Children, in New Naikap. 

Handouts that were given to the parents with the objective to help them receive a future reference in knowing their struggles and finding out solutions

Appreciation and Praise Practice


Key Highlights

Self Care of parents and care takers

Eliminate anxiety

Minimize frustration

Stress Reduction

Diverse parents









Joe FisherCompletion of Phase III – Self Care Session under Psychosocial Intervention
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Madalag is a landlocked municipality in Aklan. Most of its towns are remote and do not have access to electricity. The people are living through a traditional lamp that lights the whole hut. The GFF HELPS Philippines Team proposed and

Solar Project- One of the beneficiary of the solar project Mr. Victor.

initiated a Solar Project that would benefit the villagers that do not have electricity. By 2020, 100 families received their solar kits. After two years, we visited them and saw the status of their solar kits. Together with Mr. Saom and Ms. Lisa, we trekked mountains to reach each of them, sometimes under drizzles. We stopped by some houses to rest and eat. While on our way, we met the beneficiaries going down the mountain to buy some condiments in the town. We talked to them and asked them about their solar kits. All of them stated that they benefitted a lot from the solar kits. They don’t need to go to the town only to charge their cellphones. They can continue working with their livelihood even at night because the light is not flickering. Their babies can sleep well because the house is brighter. They can carry their solar kits everywhere because it is handy. We are overwhelmed by their statements and grateful for their hospitability.


Solar Project -Wearing rain ponchos before riding on a motor-taxi.


We are hoping that while they are waiting for the electricity to reach them, our solar kits will light their humble homes.


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English for Village Programme

English for Village Manager and Assistant Manager of the society

As the second phase of the English for Village
project we plan to conduct classes for school
children in Akiririyagala village. In 2019, the first
phase of the project, the classes were conducted by
undergraduates of SANASA campus. However, in the
first level of the second phase project, we are
planning to get support from a third person because
the face to face lectures are not started in the
SANASA campus yet. In the second level of the
project we plan to let undergraduates involved with
the project. It is beneficial for undergraduates as well
to improve their teaching and learning skills.
Classes can be held in the SANASA Cooperative
society building and they will help to find a resource
person to conduct the classes.


With Dr. W. Jayasundera, GFF Sri Lanka Representative Hasini Athauda visited Akiriyagala Sanasa Society and met the manager of the society to further discuss the project.

Joe FisherEnglish for Village Programme
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Shaper Buddy Programme Closing Ceremony

SBP Closing ceremony with GFF Helps advisor Mr. Tharaka Munidasa


GFF HELPS Sri Lanka in collaboration with Global Shapers Kandy Hub and SANASA Campus conducted a three month long career guidance and capacity development programme where weekly workshops were conducted for 18 undergraduates from SANASA Campus. These workshops covered 16 modules aimed to equip the participants with 21st century skills and employability skills which will greatly enhance their chance of landing better jobs after the completion of their academic programme.




01: Discovering yourself

02: Mental Wellbeing

03: Confidence building and language proficiency

04: Career Guidance

05: CV Building

06: LinkedIn

07: Interviews/Networking/Etiquette

08: Email etiquette/Meetings/ presentations

09: Work life balance/stress management/planning

10: Digital Literacy

11: Digital skills

12: Financial Literacy

13: Responsible Citizenship

14: Responsible Global Citizenship

15: Leadership & Team building/treasure hunt

16: Healthy Living



SBP Closing ceremony

Beneficiary feedback






SBP Certificate of Achievement

SBP Certificate of Participation

This insightful programme marked an end on March 19, 2022 on virtual platform with an evaluation from Global Shapers Kandy Hub, Comments from GFF Sri Lanka and SANASA Campus and beneficiary feedbacks. For certificate distribution we have selected 6 achievers and 7 participants through their performances and attendance. The performances of all the beneficiaries will be further evaluated. 

Joe FisherShaper Buddy Programme Closing Ceremony
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International Women’s Day Celebration with GFF Helps India

Paarticipants and GFF Helps India team in Kamshi, Kalimpong


On the 8th of March 2022, GFF Helps India organized International Women’s Day celebration in Bong, Kamshi, Pudung and Chibbo villages. The programs were held in collaboration with the SOGG L&I Centres in their premises. Women of the respective villages were felicitated by the staff of SOGG and GFF Helps. Cakes, sweets and snacks were provided to the participants. 

GFF Helps India team took part in the Bong and Kamshi village’s celebration. Apart from the informative session on International Women’s Day, a fun session for the women was organized where they sang and danced. The women were dressed up in saree (traditional outfit) especially for the occasion. Women of these four villages are mostly homemakers and engage in farm based activities. Their lives revolve around their children and family. They rarely have time to go out for their houses for leisure. Therefore this program provided them time and space to celebrate and rejuvenate themselves.  

The main aim of the program was to create a platform for women of the village to come together and celebrate womanhood and their contribution towards their society.  


Women of Chibbo interacting with each other during the Women’s Day Celebration

Women in Bong enjoying their dance session

One of the women participants in Bong village said that “Thank you so much for organizing the program and making this day special for us”.

Joe FisherInternational Women’s Day Celebration with GFF Helps India
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A reading session conducted by Ms. Sulochana with the junior most children from the Children’s Home.

GFF Helps Nepal team Ms. Sulochana Thapa and Ms. Mei Quie Sherpa have been supporting the children from the child home in terms of their emotional development and upgrading them in terms of the character development and educational sessions that help enhance their wellbeing. This month we conducted reading sessions with the juniors and and reflection and relaxation session with the entire groups of children. Regular Friday session with children based on games, moral science, reading session and relaxation activities to improve the emotional and mental health of children.


Key Highlights

– Regular Friday Sessions
– Reading Exercises
-Reflection Sessions
– Games for refreshment
-Relaxation exercises for Mental Health


The sessions comprises of games and other activities to uplift the spirits of children living in the orphanage.

The sessions comprises of games and other activities to uplift the spirits of children living in the orphanage.

Joe FisherS U P P O R T T O B O U R G A N D I C H I L D R E N H O M E
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GFF Helps Team meets the ladies who has been sewing bags

It is quite difficult for several ladies to work after getting married. Due to family responsibilities and cultural norms of becoming a home-maker. However, these three ladies have broken the stereotype and are part of this project where they work for themselves besides having to shoulder a mountain of responsibilities. Reusable bags are eco-friendly and the materials of the product are adaptive to all kinds of printing, which is the major marketing strategy for selling. Apron’ making materials is being prepared by Mrs. Anju. The first phase of canvas items production is complete.

Sulochana Thapa, GFF Helps Volunteer is measuring and cutting cloth for Aprons in process.

Key Highlights

– Women Empowerment
– Financial freedom
– Skill upgrading
– Youth engagement




Detailed measurements being taken for preparation of the items.

Bags and Apron made of canvas reusable items in the process of designing.

Mrs. Samina and Mrs. Sanikala are a part of this project while, in terms of marketing these will be sold with of these ladies along with other women with potential to sell. Designing of the canva items with floral images and selling across of the materials with the support of the women group is ongoing at present.

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Mei Quie Sherpa, GFF Helps Nepal Representative addressing the students on Mental Health Workshop

A good mental health and the impacts of bullying is negatively correlated. The session indented to focus on understanding the impacts of bullying on mental health. Children of Bal Kumari school Kapan will be engaging in the further sessions, where similar issues
faced by children in their lives, will be discussed with the help of a mystery book. These issues will be written by anonymous and discussed in the class openly. Unmasking the unhealthy experiences and giving it a channel to address those grieving moments within the safe circle of school and classrooms.


Key Highlights
Addressing bullying
Support to mental health

The adolescent children of Baal Kumari School


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Completion of Management Session with teachers & parents of Srijanshil School for special needs

The psychosocial intervention Phase -II

The psychosocial intervention Phase -II has begun at Srijanshil Rehabilitation and Special Educational School for the Disabled – SRSESD. With, the effective facilitation from Mr. Rampukar (Clinical Psychologist) both teachers, parents along with the school principal Mr. Krishna Lamsal, rendered their time and embraced the session with their full attention. The session comprised of courses on how to be an effective psychosocial support and prepare ways of managing the delayed developmental growth in the children. The upcoming session is to focus on Self-Care in the first week of April.

  • Assessment & Diagnosis Session has been completed
  • Preparation of Individual Case studies
  • Training to teachers & Parents Management Session
  • Self Care Training
  • Advocacy& Lobbying
  • Follow-up sessions


Mrs. Krishna Maya Bhujhel who is the mother of Kushal Bhujhel comments, “It was good session I will be coming again for the Self-Care session. I am happy!…..I learnt to teach my child small steps in making him self-dependent.”





Suriya Gamal’s elder brother Mr. Roshan Gamal’s says, “I desire my brother to learn and grow like most active children. But, shouldering livelihood and household responsibilities gives me very limited time to come for training courses….I learnt that every other person has to undergo schooling for years before becoming more capable. I need to be more patient as the changes will come slow, is what I have understood with today’s course..”

Joe FisherCompletion of Management Session with teachers & parents of Srijanshil School for special needs
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Mobile Library March 2022

The rotation of books continues in school and among neighboring students. The books vary in level to suit the student’s comprehension. This year, we distributed 30 books to Capitan Tazan Memorial Primary School and 15 books to Sigcay Elementary School. Sometimes, we bring books to the children of our beneficiaries. We are always grateful for the help of the hardworking teachers and the support of parents. One of the highlights of this month is the regular reading workshop that we conduct for the neighboring students of Capitan Tazan Memorial
Primary School. Our hard work was noticed by some parents living in the same community and they expressed their interest. They
also want their children to join and asked permission from the owner of the house where we teach.

One of the mothers prepared a big table and more chairs because she’s expecting more participants. We are overwhelmed by the love that these kids show to us. They would always prepare snacks for us and stay with us until a vehicle pick us up. There’s nothing more rewarding than being loved and respected by your students.



Stifhany and LP together with kids from Capitan Tazan Memorial Primary School. The kids prepared a big table and more chairs for their new friends

Stifhany and LP together with kids from Capitan Tazan Memorial Primary School.



“Engaging students in authentic reading experiences”




Joe FisherMobile Library March 2022
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