Shape the Future

Many of the undergraduates of SANASA Campus come from rural communities, it is important to ensure their successful future. These driven individuals secure their education through government loans, but upon entering the job market, they often encounter significant challenges in finding employment. To address this issue, it becomes crucial to equip these students with the essential tools and skills necessary for a successful career. By providing comprehensive support and resources, we can bridge the gap between education and employment, enabling them to thrive in the competitive job market. To fulfill this gap GFF implemented the Shape the Future Program in Collaboration with Global Shapers Community Kandy Hub and SANASA Campus.

By implementing these comprehensive measures, we can equip the undergraduates of SANASA Campus with the necessary tools and confidence to overcome job market challenges and secure a prosperous future. Empowered with relevant skills, practical experience, and a strong support system, these graduates will not only enrich their own lives but also contribute significantly to the development of their rural communities and the nation as a whole.

The aim of this project is to empower the undergraduates of SANASA Campus, with the essential tools, skills, and support they need to successfully transition from education to the job market.

The goal is to bridge the gap between education and employment for these students, contributing to their personal growth, the development of their communities, and the overall socioeconomic progress of the region.


Discovering yourself -Miss Shamilka Karunanayaka

Mental Wellbeing/ Mental health session – Miss Nalanga Hettiarachchi

Confidence building and Language proficiency – Toast Masters

Digital Literacy – Mr. Kasun Sankalpa

Financial Literacy – Mr. Kavindu Kahanda

Responsible Global Citizenship – Miss Niroshini Nugawela

World and Local affairs – Mr. Devminda Abeinayaka

Career Guidance – Miss. Desika Hirukaduwa

Interviews/Networking/Etiquette – Mr. Navodya Samamarasekara

Leadership and Team Building – Mr. Ruwantha Katugaha

First day- 15th June 2023

Two programs were conducted, focusing on Logo Designing and self-confidence vs. Charisma. The logo design activity aimed to highlight the importance of self-confidence and charisma in personal and professional development. Students collaborated to create unique logos, expressing their individual qualities. The subsequent activity on self-confidence involved a speech followed by one-minute speeches by randomly selected students, boosting their self-confidence. Both activities were enthusiastically received, fostering creativity and meaningful connections among the students. Overall, the programs successfully promoted self-confidence, creative thinking, and the showcasing of unique qualities. Active participation and enjoyment were evident throughout the projects.

Second Day- 22nd June 2023

This week’s lessons covered three essential topics: the debt crisis and its effects, the rights and duties of citizens, and financial wellbeing. The students actively engaged in discussions, problem-solving activities, and group presentations, enhancing their knowledge and skills.

These lessons have equipped them for creative thinking with valuable insights for a successful future. These lessons provided valuable knowledge, empowering them to become knowledgeable and responsible citizens.

Third Day -1st July 2023

Students gained essential knowledge and skills for their future careers through three main lessons: stress management, critical thinking in the digital age, and effective LinkedIn and CV building. The stress management lesson delved into crucial topics such as Depression, Anxiety, and Chronic Stress, aiming to raise awareness among students. They prompted students to consider whether they would be able to revive their hobbies and discussed the potential benefits. Emphasizing the importance of managing stress, students were encouraged to engage in activities such as traveling, trying new foods, and listening to music, all of which have been shown to alleviate stress. The session concluded with an interactive discussion, where students collaboratively devised creative solutions to help one another overcome stress.

The final session focused on equipping students with the necessary tools for professional networking. Students were guided on creating LinkedIn profiles and utilizing them effectively to connect with companies and professionals in their chosen fields. The facilitators emphasized the importance of presenting oneself professionally and showcased strategies to promote individual strengths and achievements. Students also received valuable insights into crafting impressive CVs and cover letters,

Fourth Day-8th July 2023

The first session also aimed to enhance personal effectiveness through various skills. Students were encouraged to develop self-organization skills to effectively manage their time, tasks, and priorities. Commitment and dedication were highlighted as essential traits for achieving success in any chosen pursuit. Relationship building skills were discussed to emphasize the importance of fostering connections with others, as these connections can often lead to unforeseen opportunities. Additionally, the significance of effective communication skills was emphasized to enhance one’s ability to convey ideas, collaborate with others, and build mutually beneficial relationships.

The second session explored into the crucial do’s and don’ts of creating a personal brand through effective communication and presentation. Participants were educated on the significance of cultivating an authentic personal brand that reflects their values, strengths, and unique qualities. The session emphasized the importance of consistent and clear communication to establish a strong and memorable brand identity.

Furthermore, the session stressed the value of building and sustaining connections that contribute to personal growth. Students were encouraged to network actively and establish meaningful relationships with individuals who can support and guide them on their chosen path. Leadership qualities were also discussed.

Fifth day- 15th July 2023 -The end of the Program

In the morning, the students eagerly participated in two impactful sessions that simulated real-world scenarios. The first session focused on presentations, where students collaborated in groups to develop innovative new brands. The students showcased their ideas, marketing strategies, and unique selling plans each group presented their brand to the audience, who provided constructive feedback to enhance their skills further.

The morning sessions involved practical activities, including brand presentations and mock interviews, where students gained valuable skills in teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. They presented a brand and they faced an interview. The Shape of the Future program was a transformative experience for the participating students. They expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to develop critical skills and build their confidence in a supportive environment.

The second session involved mock interviews, designed to prepare students for the challenges they may encounter in actual job interviews. With a sense of excitement and nervous anticipation, the students faced a panel of interviewers who assessed their readiness, communication skills, and ability to handle pressure. The mock interviews provided a realistic simulation of the interview process, allowing students to experience the dynamics firsthand. The interviewers posed challenging questions, evaluated the students’ responses, and provided valuable feedback to help them refine their interview techniques. Through this exercise, the students gained a deeper understanding of the expectations and demands of professional interviews.

The evening commenced with a warm welcome from the program organizers, expressing their gratitude to the guests and GFF representatives for their support throughout the program. There was a warm speech from Mr. Tharaka Munidasa (GFF International Advisor) virtually. From SANASA Campus Mrs. Oshadi Dodangoda also made a valuable speech. The work done by the Shape the Future Team for students’ personal growth and the importance of nurturing the talents and potential of the youth was emphasized.

Feedback from the students

All students participated in at least one session, and any instances of missing sessions were due to unforeseen circumstances or isolated incidents. Importantly, there were no complaints about the scheduled time slots, indicating that they were suitable for everyone’s availability.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions because they were interactive and conducted in a non-traditional classroom format, which made the learning experience engaging and enjoyable. However, a few students expressed that they occasionally faced challenges in understanding and absorbing information when presented in English compared to their native language, Sinhala. They expressed a desire to learn strategies for overcoming this language barrier in future modules. This feedback suggests that when conducting sessions in the future, it might be beneficial to incorporate language support or provide additional resources to aid comprehension for those who primarily speak Sinhala.

It’s noteworthy that Tamil-speaking students actively participated in the program and did not encounter any issues with language comprehension.

Another factor contributing to occasional absences on Saturdays was the majority of students living outside of Kegalle, who returned home during weekends. Only a few students stayed in their boarding places during this time. Taking this into consideration, future planning could be adjusted to accommodate the weekend commitments of these students.

The program received a positive feedback from all participants, with only a few challenges mentioned that can be addressed for an even more effective and inclusive learning experience in future sessions.

The program received positive feedback from all the students. Eight of them praised the structure of the program, considering it to be good, while two found it to be average. Additionally, six students felt that the modules covered were appropriate, and four students thought they were very appropriate. Moreover, seven students acknowledged the usefulness of the skills trained through the program, while three found them to be very useful. It is noteworthy that none of the students had any negative responses regarding the program. Overall, the feedback indicates that the program was well-received and beneficial to the students’ learning experience.

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Student Felicitation Program at Chibbo SOGG Learning & Information Centre

Free tuitions classes for the children at Chibbo SOGG Learning & Information Centre has been running since 2014. Later, the learning centre also branched out and formed a sub-centre at Tirwa Gaon in the year 2019, taking in a greater number of students. Both the centre and sub-centre have been running smoothly and successfully till date, where after school, the children come everyday to study. Our main vision has always been, to provide quality education to the children and reduce the rate of school/college dropouts in the villages. This year, the students from Chibbo learning centres have passed their 10th and 12th standard board exams with exceptionally good marks which has brought immense pride and joy to us all. We held a felicitation ceremony on the 23rd of July at Chibbo SOGG main centre in order to celebrate their hard work and motivate the students even further. The students, their parents, teachers and the managing committee members were all present. We hope the students continue to do well in their studies in the future.

Documentary Presentation at Bong SOGG Learning & Information Centre

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Conducting awareness programs on waste management and segregation was part of our Environment month activity. GFF Helps Representative Miss Surabhi visited Mt. Aben Primary School in Bong busty on 15th June. The students were taught about the various kinds of waste and she also raised awareness around the importance of segregating different types of waste through fun activities. On 28th June Miss Surabhi along with our intern Miss Vidisha, visited Development School in Mangal Dara, to conduct the second awareness program. The children were shown power point presentation and videos on conservation of nature. Later the children were divided into groups and were asked to discussed among themselves about what they had learned. Each group then came forward and explained their learnings.

Awareness Program on Waste Segregation & Management

Conducting awareness programs on waste management and segregation was part of our Environment month activity. GFF Helps Representative Miss Surabhi visited Mt. Aben Primary School in Bong busty on 15th June. The students were taught about the various kinds of waste and she also raised awareness around the importance of segregating different types of waste through fun activities. On 28th June Miss Surabhi along with our intern Miss Vidisha, visited Development School in Mangal Dara, to conduct the second awareness program. The children were shown power point presentation and videos on conservation of nature. Later the children were divided into groups and were asked to discussed among themselves about what they had learned. Each group then came forward and explained their learnings.

Along with the students, even the teachers and parents actively participated with enthusiasm. Our aim of conducting this awareness programs in primary schools was to aid in inculcating habits of being responsible towards keeping the environment clean and raise such consciousness in them. The comics with themes of pollution and conservation of environment made by our students from SOGG Learning centres were also used for awareness program.

General Health Check-ups

One of our ongoing projects have been the healthcare projects which has been ongoing for 3 years now since 2020 in the three villages of Bong, Pudung and Chibbo. Regular Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar check-ups are essential to keep a track of your overall health. GFF Helps has been providing these Sugar and Blood Pressure check- ups regularly. This way the residents of the villages need not worry about having to travel all the way to nearest health clinics in the town. Also, the elderly in the village who have trouble travelling long distance are able to avail the health check-ups in the comfort of their own home.

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Curriculum Vitae for Higher secondary level students

Curriculum Vitae for Higher secondary level students

The curriculum covered various essential aspects, including the concept of a CV, resume, authentic job portals, and cover letters. Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the significance of these documents in employment, their specific requirements, and the common errors to avoid.

GFF Helps Nepal want to thank Shree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School and Mr. KB Adhikari for their exceptional cooperation and flexibility in hosting this event. Their support has been instrumental in ensuring its success Furthermore, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the facilitators, Mr. Anish Regmi and Mr. Sujan Ramdam, for their tireless efforts and enlightening presentations. Their expertise and insightful guidance have empowered the students with valuable knowledge and skills to create impactful CVs.

By equipping students with the ability to create compelling curriculum vitae, we are confident that they will be well-prepared to navigate the competitive job market and present themselves effectively. We look forward to witnessing their future success and accomplishments.

“Enabling Spaces: Empowering Differently-Abled Children”

On July 10th, we visited Shrijanshil School to help autistic children understand their environment through art. We used uncolored drawings of fruits, vegetables, trees, and more. After showing them a picture, like a mango, we asked questions and then let them color the picture based on their preferences. Some children finished coloring in 10 minutes, while others took 45 minutes. Each child expressed their own interests and preferences through their coloring choices.

After our project, we engaged in additional activities with the children. One of the activities involved teaching them the Nepali alphabet, called “Barnamala.” We used puzzle cards to make the learning process fun and interactive. For example, we showed them a picture of an umbrella and taught them how to spell the word “umbrella” in Nepali, which is called “chata.” We pointed to the letters “cha” and “ta” in the puzzle card, and they followed along. Overall, the project aimed to provide an opportunity for autistic children to engage with their environment through art and to express themselves creatively.

Visit ward 12 of Budhanilkhantha Municipality

On the 20th of July, GFF Helps Nepal Team had the privilege of visiting Ward 12 municipality to address pressing social issues affecting the residents within their homes and the broader community. Our initial discussion was with Miss Kamala, the esteemed counselor of Ward 12, who provided valuable insights into the challenges the community members face. Following our fruitful conversation with Miss Kamala, we were introduced to the remarkable Ward Chief, Shambhu Bhattarai. He passionately shared with us information about 35 female groups that are actively working within the ward. These dedicated groups form a powerful network that we can collaborate with to create a significant impact.

Through this collaborative effort, we have identified key areas of focus, including Gender-based Violence, Domestic Violence, and other related issues. These sensitive topics demand urgent attention and require a multifaceted approach to bring about lasting change and empower the affected individuals.

Additionally, we aim to raise awareness about these problems throughout the community, promoting education and empathy to combat misconceptions and harmful behaviors. By working hand-in-hand with the female groups within Ward 12, we are confident that we can implement effective programs, support systems, and resources tailored to meet the specific needs of the individuals affected. Through counseling, workshops, and community outreach initiatives, we strive to empower survivors, promote gender equality, and encourage respectful relationships. Our collective efforts will not only address immediate crises but also lay the groundwork for a sustainable and inclusive future. By nurturing empathy, understanding, and cooperation within the community, we hope to create a ripple effect of positive change.

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“Dynamic and engaging learning experiences that promote skill development, problem-solving abilities, and personal growth.”

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team has been conducting activities in schools most of the time, and we seldom visit the group of kids in different villages. We made sure that this month, we can visit them at least once. We chose the dates of the holidays because we are sure that the kids are in their houses. The team was divided into two: LP in Laserna Village and Stef and Intern Erica in Ugsod Village. These two villages were located in different towns and were far away from each other. LP conducted activities about waste segregation because most of the kids were in primary school. Stef and Erica distributed worksheets in English subjects because most of the kids were in Elementary School. Every time we visit them, we can see in their eyes how much they miss us. They are always looking forward to the day that we can visit them.

Teaching geography is essential because it equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to understand the world, appreciate its diversity, make informed decisions, and contribute to a more sustainable and interconnected global community. The workshop in geography focuses not just on its meaning but also on exploring, locating, and naming places on the map of the Philippines. They participated in guessing the names of tourist attractions in the country, shared their thoughts about it, and where they wanted to visit in the future. Maps are given to each of the participants. They learned about the different regions of the Philippines and memorized some of them for a short period of time. They answered the given activity where they have to write the names of the different provinces located in each region. They had fun locating places on the map.


Teaching poem writing is important because it nurtures creativity, improves language skills, fosters emotional intelligence, encourages critical thinking, and allows students to connect with others through meaningful expression. It enriches their personal and academic lives, providing lifelong tools for effective communication and self-discovery. Participants learned what poem writing is all about, the things to consider in writing, and the essence of creating their piece. Most of them said that they have written poems in school without knowing the rules or the guidelines for writing. We let them read and understand some examples of poems, and they wrote their pieces after. Each of them has their themes to which they wanted to dedicate their poems. Most of them expressed gratitude towards their beloved parents, their family, favorite teacher, and friends. Some of them dedicated their piece to their crush, special someone, or their inspiration. No matter what’s their theme in writing poems it’s limitless just like their various thoughts about poetry.


This Science Experiment in Muguing Village presents volcanoes through the making of volcano models. This was taught because of the ongoing eruption of one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines, the Mayo Volcano. Together with the 20 children, we had successfully reached the goal of this day which was to learn about volcanoes by making a volcano model.The children will also be fascinated with the eruption aspect of volcanoes wherein, they will be able to observe how the eruption changes the original form of their volcano model.

Why is it important for children to learn this? It is important for children to learn through this activity because most of them have not seen a volcano first hand. Many children may be unfamiliar with what volcanoes are.

What will they take away from this? They will take away the learnings from these experiments as some of them will be learning the experiments in their later years at school. They will get familiar on why and how the volcanoes erupt.

“This is my first time joining in a workshop and I am so proud
that I was able to make a miniature volcano and learn how it erupts, and how it affects the people surrounding it.”

Zion Cristoff Apolinario, a Grade 2 pupil


Teaching elements of a story to students is crucial for several reasons as it lays the foundation for their understanding and appreciation of literature and communication. It is easy to forget these elements and one may lose appreciation of stories if this happens. We included the Elements of a Story in the Mid-Year Workshop for Teenagers. We first conducted this activity in Muguing Village. The 14 teenagers learned about the three main Elements of a Story, identified the elements in a story, and make their own story with the three elements. They already learned this topic in high school, so they have prior knowledge. They made good stories and read them aloud. We also conducted this activity in GFF HELPS Philippines Office for selected ten teenagers from the town of Banga and Kalibo. Most of them already know the elements and easily identified them in the given stories. The parents of the teenagers send messages to thank us for the learnings.


The Philippine Teams achieved the goal of this workshop which was to make the teenagers aware of the language used by our special friends like the deaf-mute individuals. Learning sign language is a bit hard but it could be a great way for the participants to build up connection with the deaf kids/adults whenever they found one.

Lady Peace taught more than 100 basic words in American Sign Language, including self introduction, family, emotions, greetings, and many more. This would help the children expand their social life as they learn how to communicate with the deaf.

Meanwhile, Miss Pia, an invited newswriter, shared her knowledge on newswriting and newspaper labeling to teenagers. They were inspired to become a news writers in the future.


Every Thursday, we have our free coaching to participants for them to pass the national exam and get a stable job in the government in the future. What we always do is to study every area of the exam, divide it between Stef and I and sometimes hire a Guest Coach especially connected to a particular area, like Miss Pia, she is a Biology Graduate and she explains well the Environmental Protection and Issues in the Philippines that is one of the parts of the examination.

Helping our fellow Aklanons to become eligible to work in the Philippine government offices.


“Enhancing the opportunity of access to library resources.”
“Engaging students in authentic reading experiences”


In order for a middle-schooler to be accepted in the university, they have to pass the interview with random questions. The Team conducted an orientation via ZOOM, with 5 students one-on-one, and we throw them a lot of questions that is commonly asked during a school entrance interview. We taught them the proper behavior, proper arranging of thoughts, and techniques in answering interview questions. The 5 participants have passed and the university interview. They surpassed the other 68 aspiring students.


Students in Lapnag Primary School show great progress in playing Scrabble. Every Tuesday, during school days, we regularly visit the school and conduct sports project. We alternately play Chess and Scrabble every week. In the early weeks of the project, students can only make short and basic words. They still don’t know how to make use of bonus tiles and how to get high scores. Now, they can already make longer words, make use of bonus tiles, and think of how to make their scores higher. They always get excited to get bonus points and double their scores.

We also introduced Chess in Sigcay Elementary School before the school closed for vacation. They learned about the Chess pieces and the different moves. In Lapnag Primary School, they always play in groups with four to five members. They help each other to make different moves. Some of them still forget the movement of each piece, but we are always there to assist them. These children are becoming quick-witted not only in playing chess but for having tactics on how to move the chess pieces rightly for their advantage and to win the game.

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Shape the Future

An awareness program was held on 19th June 2023 to make the people aware of Dengue Fever and its threat. The purpose of this program is to increase awareness of the people, to educate on prevention methods and to enhance early detection and diagnosis. Because Dengue fever has emerged as a significant public health problem worldwide, infecting millions of people annually. Because of its rapid spread and potential for severe disease, it places a burden on the community, significant health care systems, and the economy. Despite the efforts, the dengue diagnosis program remains high and finds the need for widespread prevention and awareness to combat this infectious disease.

On 17th June 2023 the Shape the future program was conducted by the Global Shapers Kandy Hub for the undergraduates of SANASA Campus with the collaboration of GFF. There were several programs were conducted. The purpose of this program was to make youth aware, confident and employable. Within the two programs number of listening and speaking activities were done. One was Logo Designing and another was self-confidence vs Carisma The primary objectives of the logo design activity were to emphasize the significance of self-confidence and charisma in personal and professional development, encourage creative and symbolic thinking, and provide students with a platform to express their unique qualities through logo design. In this collaborative activity, students were tasked with creating unique logos as a group, allowing them to showcase their individual skills, attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses. The active participation and enjoyment of all group members were evident throughout the project. In the subsequent activity focused on self-confidence and charisma, a coordinator delivered a speech on building self-confidence before the activity commenced. Students were then given the opportunity to make a one-minute speech on the topic, with participants selected randomly. This exercise proved to be invaluable in strengthening students’ self-confidence.

Throughout the activities, students actively engaged with enthusiasm and demonstrated a genuine enjoyment of the process. The interactive nature of the project allowed them to not only express their creativity but also foster meaningful connections with their peers. 

Awareness Program for Dengue Prevention

An awareness program was held on 19th June 2023 to make the people aware of Dengue Fever and its threat. The purpose of this program is to increase awareness of the people, to educate on prevention methods and to enhance early detection and diagnosis. Because Dengue fever has emerged as a significant public health problem worldwide, infecting millions of people annually. Because of its rapid spread and potential for severe disease, it places a burden on the community, significant health care systems, and the economy. Despite the efforts, the dengue diagnosis program remains high and finds the need for widespread prevention and awareness to combat this infectious disease.

The Kegalle district, particularly the rural communities of Paragammana and Akiriyagala, has been identified as high-risk areas for Dengue fever. In light of this, Mr. E.R.L. Sujeewa Eapa, a Public Health Inspector, conducted an educational campaign to raise awareness about Dengue control methods among the local population. This report aims to summarize the key points covered during the education program. The primary objective of the Dengue control education program was to address the lack of knowledge about preventive measures in the rural communities of Paragammana and Akiriyagala. By providing information on effective preventive measures, the program aimed to reduce the breeding and spread of Dengue mosquitoes and encourage prompt medical attention for those affected. The program covered important topics such as mosquito breeding, types of Dengue mosquitoes, symptoms of Dengue, preventive measures, and the importance of seeking medical attention promptly. By disseminating this vital information, the program aimed to empower the community to take proactive measures in preventing Dengue fever and minimizing its impact on public health. It is hoped that the educational efforts will lead to increased awareness, behavioral changes, and the adoption of effective preventive practices among the residents of Paragammana and Akiriyagala areas. Continuous support and follow-up initiatives are recommended to sustain the knowledge and ensure long-term Dengue control in the region.

World Environmental Day Celebration with Pre School Students

Preschool Students of Yasuko Ono Celebrate Environmental Day with Tree Learning and Cleanup Campaign

On the 5th of June 2023, commemorated Environmental Day by organizing a special event at Yasuko Ono Pre School to educate the students about the value of trees and promote environmental awareness. The students enthusiastically participated in various activities that highlighted the significance of trees and fostered a sense of responsibility towards the environment. The event culminated in a Sramadhana Campaign, where the students actively engaged in cleaning their surroundings and learned the importance of teamwork and shared responsibilities.

Under the guidance of GFF representatives, the preschool students explored into the world of trees, learning about their significance and the various parts that comprise them. Through interactive discussions and engaging visuals, the students grasped the crucial role that trees play in maintaining a healthy environment. They were encouraged to express their understanding by coloring and drawing trees, identifying the different components such as roots, trunk, branches, leaves, and fruits.

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Disaster Awareness Program

On the occasion of World Environment Day, a Disaster Awareness Programme was organised by All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) in collaboration with Save the Hills on 5th June at DISHA hall, Kalimpong. All NGO’s and community development projects had been invited. Representing GFF helps India, Miss Surabhi Subba attended this programme which started from 10 am in the morning.

It was a very informative and thought-provoking awareness program since the topics of the program was all related to the rising waste disposal problems in Kalimpong and its effects on the land and impending challenges. AIWC General Secretary Mrs. Catherine Lobo, spoke about the mismanagement of waste disposal and explained how by implementing small conscious changes we can produce less waste. Dr. Sang Zimba, health officer of Kalimpong Municipality also spoke about similar issues and introduced the new corn starch biodegradable bag that is to be used instead of plastic bags from July onwards. We got to learn and understand a more on-ground perspective of the disastrous effects of plastic waste.

Environment Day Village Cleanup at Bong

Every year we celebrate World Environment Day (WED) on 5 June in order to encourage and raise awareness and action for the protection of the environment. This year we observed the World Environment Day by holding a village cleanup along with the 8 Self-Help Group (SHG) Members at Bong Village. All of us gathered and started the village cleanup at 1:30 pm in the afternoon. We formed a rally and shouted slogans such “Save Earth Save Lives”, to raise environmental consciousness in the village. The rally went through the village and simultaneously everyone was picking up garbage and waste along the way.

This year we wanted to start the environment day by putting effort to care for our existing surroundings, preserving it & keeping it clean. We ended the village cleanup at Sir Owen G Glenn Learning & Information Centre, by cleaning the learning centre and surrounding areas. Great efforts were put in by everyone, and we hope that the message conveyed through this clean up reaches everyone in the village.

Mobile Library

Mobile Library is one of the most important and long running projects of GFF Helps India. This project is carried out in all the three SOGG Learning & Information centres in Pudung. Bong, Chibbo, and in Debanjan Girls Academy. Every month we take a fresh set of books to the centres, since along with school education our aim is also help these children develop habits that will enable them to excel in their professional careers as well.

Miss Surabhi GFF Helps representative conducted the Mobile Library session in Debanian Girls Academy on 3rd June. She then visited Chibbo. Rudung, and Bong SOGG learning centres for Mobile Library on 22nd June, 23rd June and 27th June respectively and was accompanied by our intern Miss Vidisha Pradhan. A small activity was also carried out where the children were given the comics on environmental awareness made by students from all the three centres. They were then asked to explain the message in the comics to rest of the students. Our main objective for using the comics made by the children was to let them know that their drawings, messages in them are being heard and useful in bringing change.

“Reading is to mind what exercise is to body and prayer is to soul!” – Matthew Kelly

Anti-Plastic Drive

Plastic waste is a dangerous environmental issue that needs to be addressed urgently. It creates a large problem for wildlife, their habitat and the quantity and the plastic waste is being produced is unmanageable. Plastic has been so essential in our everyday lives that we are the major contributors of huge lumps of this waste. This Year’s Enviornment Day Theme was also “Say no to plastic”. Anti – Plastic Drive is an initiative of the Municipality of Kalimpong in collaboration with KANGON (Kalimpong All NGO Network) to make Kalimpong a plastic free place.

From 1st of July onwards single-use plastic is being completely banned in Kalimpong. The drive started at 9:30am in the morning and members of different NGO’s along with Municipality Chairman Mr. Ravi Pradhan and other members of municipality went around the shops in Kalimpong, handing them the pamphlet containing the new rules and requesting them to follow it. They were also made aware of the new biodegradable corn starch bags that is to be used. This anti-plastic drive was our collective effort to bring about change and make each other realise to hold ourselves accountable for the waste we create.

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GFF Helps Nepal Empowers Eco-Legacy

Leaf Plates Projects – Empowering Eco-Legacy

The Leaf Plate Project, conducted on June 19th, 2023, involved the active participation of women from the community. Prior to this significant day, we embarked on a market study to gather valuable insights on leaf plates.

Following meticulous aftermarket research, we procured leaves to kickstart the project. The core objective was to tackle plastic waste and foster environmental sustainability. However, this initiative held a deeper cultural significance as well. In various cultures and traditions, leaf plates have played an integral role for centuries during religious ceremonies, festivals, and special occasions. By advocating for the use of leaf plates, we not only embraced sustainable practices but also upheld our cultural heritage and the traditional values associated with utilizing natural materials. Eleven inspiring women who enthusiastically joined the project fondly reminisced about their past experiences.


Awareness through Drama about Environment

On June 12th, students from classes 6, 9, and 10 of Shree Balkumari school actively participated in a drama event aimed at raising awareness about various important environmental factors.The event focused on highlighting new perspectives and ideas. A total of 27 students took part in the event, while 32 students from class 6 served as the audience. Distinguished guests, including Krishna Prasad Subedi, the Executive Directorof CDS, Pradeep Shrestha, the Program Manager, and the school principal, Indra Bahadur Rai, were present to encourage the children.

The students showcased their creativity through different dramatic presentations, emphasizing the significance of planting trees and waste management. They highlighted the importance of separating decomposable and non-decomposable items, as well as the negative impact of improper garbage disposal. The students eloquently demonstrated the consequences of throwing garbage irresponsibly. The event was conducted with clear language and meaningful content, ensuring that the message reached the audience effectively. The presence of esteemed guests added to the encouragement and motivation provided to the participating students.

World Environment Day: Plantation

“Cultivating Hope: Planting Trees for a Sustainable Planet”

On June 5, 2023, Glenn Family Foundation Helps Nepal (GFF) joined with the students of Shree BalKumari school to plant a diverse array of trees including juniper, guava, and orange. This collaborative effort holds immense significance in promoting environmental sustainability. By introducing these plant varieties, the project aims to enhance biodiversity conservation, prevent soil erosion, sequester carbon dioxide, ensure food security, and foster community engagement. The juniper trees contribute to soil stability, while the guava and orange trees aid in carbon sequestration and provide nutritious fruits for both humans and wildlife. This initiative serves as an educational platform for the students, instilling a sense of environmental responsibility and encouraging active participation in conservation efforts. Through this joint endeavor, GFF and Shree BalKumari School demonstrated their commitment to creating a greener and healthier environment, ultimately building a sustainable future for all.

Supporting our PNGO

Throughout this month, our organization has provided steadfast support to our partner NGO on various fronts. One notable area of assistance has been the health clinic, where we have facilitated basic treatments for students. Additionally, we have supported them by updating their social media. Moreover, we actively contributed to the success of the SEEP program held from 16th June 2023, extending our unwavering support to empower the community.

Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal Empowers Eco-Legacy
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Solutions to plastic pollution under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution.

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team have successfully conducted Environmental programs inside and outside the school premise of Lapnag Primary School through games using Environmental game box, proper waste segregation, coloring activities, worksheets, school clean-up drive and planting activities and many more. Other activities were also done in Sigcay Elementary School.

These programs were done to raise awareness and kindness to our environment with the help of our school partners. We started announcing this program last May and officially started last June 6th. We are very thankful to our very participative and appreciative school children and teachers – Teacher Ronie of Sigcay Primary School, and Teacher Shearel, Teacher Mona and Teacher-In-Charge Rosalie of Lapnag Primary School for being with us in every project. Some of the fruit tree saplings were also donated by Teacher Shearel.

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“Assisting students to experiment through trial and error, find solutions to problems, work out the best strategies, and build new confidence and skills.”

Every Tuesday, students of Lapnag Primary School engage in playing Scrabble and Chess. We can see the eagerness of the students to learn, their determination to win, and their cooperation to help one another. Most of the time, they are playing in a group with four to five members. Sometimes, some students are very excited to play and forgot to follow the rules, but at the end of the game, we can see their genuine smiles. Their laughter means that they enjoyed the game no matter whether they win or lose. Now, they can make longer words in Scrabble and make different moves in Chess. We’ll continue to conduct the sessions until they master the games. Moreover, parents see our pictures, and one of the members of the GFF Aklan Workers’ Association and beneficiary of the Sewing Project, Mrs. Zenie Felipe, volunteered to sew pouches for the letter tiles of our Scrabble Boards. We are very thankful for their support.

ADOPT-A-VILLAGE: Health Seminar

Spreading awareness about Voluntary Blood Donation, Anti-Drugs, and Dengue.

Last March 2023, The GFF HELPS Philippines had a seminar in collaboration with the Municipal Agricultural Office, and this month, we collaborated with the Municipal Health Office to conduct seminars with the topics “Voluntary Blood Donation Program and Anti-Drugs Abuse Prevention Campaign” by Mr. Josh Brix Naig, RMT and “Dengue Awareness” by Ms. Marevi Esparagoza, RMT in the Village of Muguing, Banga, Aklan, Philippines.

Atleast 30 residents from Muguing Village attended the Health Seminar in collaboration with the Municipal Health Office of Banga. Mr. Josh Brix and Miss Marevi, both are Registered Medical Technologist delivered 3 topics in the said seminar. 2 Clinic Teachers from Muguing Elementary School and theVillage Nutritionist are also present. We also checked the participants’ weight and blood pressure before the seminar started.

The first speaker, Mr. Josh Brix fluently delivered his talk and gave awareness on the danger of using and abusing drugs, as well as the advantages of blood donating while the second speaker is Ms. Marevi T. Esparagoza, talked about Dengue Awareness: mosquito carriers, symptoms, and prevention. During her talk, the attendees learned that it is the female mosquito that bites and might carry the virus that causes Dengue. They also learned about the symptoms that they might neglect. The attendees were already aware of the things that they should do to prevent this virus from spreading, but Ms. Marevi reiterated those things.

As what our Municipal Doctor said, “Your foundation is a big help in community, especially in creating timely and relevant seminars like this, inviting various speakers from different departments.”


Helping our fellow Aklanons to become eligible to work in the Philippine government offices.

Last February and March 2023, we had our first ever FREE Coaching on Civil Service Examination where 10 individuals were given assistance in passing the examination — conducted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) — through thorough discussions and test-taking, covering almost all the areas in the examination, by the GFF HELPS Philippine Team Volunteers, Lady Peace and Stef, and with the assistance of a Mathematics Guest Coach, Miss Jonamae. It was a successful one. And this June, we will have our Phase 2, with newly-graduated students, and housewives, hoping to land a good job in the Philippine government offices once passed, together with our Math Guest Coach, Mr. Mike

The Civil Service Exam, otherwise known as the Career Service Exam, is an exam conducted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to determine which individuals are deemed fit to work in public service.


“Enhancing the opportunity of access to library resources.”
“Engaging students in authentic reading experiences”

As the days go by, we can see the progress of groups of children residing in Ugsod and Laserna Village. They have different learning styles, and we conducted different activities for them. Those older kids answer worksheets, while the younger kids have psychomotor activities. We observed how they handled each activity and shined. Most of them can now read and write well. Some are quite shy, but now, they are active during activities. They show cooperation and work with their groupmates during group activities. With our guidance, they reached far from where they are before. We also maintain our close relationship with their parents by contacting them during our schedules. We also spend time talking with them after the activity. We are thankful that they welcomed us into their homes and trusted us with their kids.


“Assisting students to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills such as literacy and numeracy.”

Remedial Classes are ongoing in the two schools: Sigcay Elementary School and Lapnag Primary School every Monday and Tuesday. The number of students during sessions varies because some were absent. We always prepare worksheets before each session and make sure that it will target the weakness of students. There has been obvious progress with the students under this project. Teachers reported that they have been more confident to read. They are very happy to see progress because the end of the school year is fast approaching. They have to send all of their students to the next level and not let anyone fail. They are thankful for our help and hope that we can continue working with the on the next school year.

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Shape the Future program for the Undergraduates

Skill development program helps students to be successful in the future job market. It is important to empower undergraduate with skill based training as the development of the economy depends upon them.

Under the guidance of the founder of shape the future program Miss Amali Kanchana, awareness program was conducted on 12th May for 6: 30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. via zoom. The purpose was to make the undergraduates of SANASA Campus aware of the program.

The members of the GSK (Global Shapes Kandy) team conducted the program and Mr. Tharaka also joined the program. The program was scheduled to hold on five Saturdays in two sessions 74 undergraduates of SANASA Campus Joined the Zoom meeting. Forty five undergraduates are selected for the program. We have arranged all the necessary requirements to conduct the sessions.

Introducing Susanthika Sumudumali and Chanchala Balasooriya as GFF HELPS SRI LANKA REPRESNETATIVE

Susanthika Sumudumali

GFF HELPS Representative Sri Lanka

I am Chanchala Balasooriya a final year student at SANASA Campus and completed the GIS and Remote Sensing Diploma at university of Kelaniya. As an undergraduate, I am interested in working for a reputed organization and enhancing my skills.

I am committed to dedicating my time and energy to support the community under the mission of making a positive difference in people’s lives. Becoming a member of the Glenn Family Foundation will be a perfect fit for me.

I’m Susanthika Sumudumali, an Undergraduate of Regional Science and Planning in Sanasa Campus, Kegalle, Srilanka, qualified Psychologist, and Counselor as well. I was a trainer in Work-Based Learning English for Village Program (Stage 1) in 2019. I am a person who likes to help others, interacts with the society in a very friendly manner, makes meaningful contributions to the community and is already engaged in such activities.

I embarked on my career journey with the Glenn Family Foundation, driven by a strong passion for project implementation and management. My dedication lies in helping others and finding solutions to their problems. I place a significant emphasis on community interaction wherever I work or engage, aiming to provide support and assistance to individuals using my passion as a guiding force.

Working with the Glenn Family Foundation HEPLS, my goal is to serve people and empower communities by encouraging individuals and implementing educational programs. I aspire to create a wave of inspiration and motivation that will resonate with future generations. Given my fervor and commitment, I firmly believe that I can bring substantial value to the organization.

Susanthika Sumudumali
GFF HELPS Representative
Sri Lanka

Art Sessions at “Yasuko Ono” preschool

As usual art session at Yusuko ono preschool was continued. Students colored a given picture of a rainbow according to the instructions. Coloring pictures is a fun and educational way to engage students. It allows children to express their creativity by choosing different colors and experimenting with various combinations. It encourages them to think outside the box and explore their imagination. These skills are important for activities like writing, tying shoelaces, and using utensils.

Coloring a rainbow provides an opportunity for children to learn and identify different colors. They can practice naming and associating colors as they fill in the different sections of the rainbow. Coloring activities can enhance a child’s ability to concentrate and focus on a task. As they color within the lines or follow specific instructions, they develop important cognitive skills like attention to detail and staying engaged.

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Mensural Health and Hygiene For Early adolescence girls

Raising awareness about menstrual health and hygiene for early adolescent children is very important as the early adolescence period, typically between the ages of 10 to 14, is a crucial stage in a child’s development, as they experience significant physical and emotional changes. We empower them to navigate this transformative phase with confidence, understanding, and respect for their bodies by providing them with the necessary awareness and knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene. Many young girls may feel confused, anxious, or ashamed when first encountering menstruation. By offering awareness sessions, we normalize the process, reassuring them that menstruation is a natural bodily function experienced by millions of individuals worldwide. so, we tried to provide them with knowledge and confidently accept the natural process, Samikshya Tiwari nurse facilitated the session and taught them practically by showing safety pad and mensural cup how to use and make it hygienic.

The program was organized on 9th May 2023. Female students from Shree Balkumari School and Gramshikshya school below 14years participated in the program. Altogether 51 children participated and shared their ideas and understanding on it.

Awareness of Human Trafficking

With an aim to spread education that “Human trafficking is an act against humanity”, an awareness program was conducted at Janakalyan Secondary School, Bouddha, Mahankal, Kathmandu, on May 16, 2023. The students of 6 and 9 took active part in the program. The program was focused on explaining all the dimensions of the issue and safety measures. It is important to offer awareness sessions on human trafficking to students, prevention and protection, and personal safety, recognize the sign and internet safety. Awareness sessions equipped students with the knowledge to identify potential traffickers, deceptive recruitment tactics, and situations that may lead to exploitation. We believe our session was able to empower them to protect themselves and their peers, reducing their vulnerability to trafficking.

They also learn about safe online practices, the importance of privacy settings, and how to recognize and to report suspicious activity. After the thematic counseling, two different sports such as balloon blast and musical chair was organized in order to motivate the participants to involve into the new challenges and focus on the self goals. Additionally, the sports had proven a message that “age doesn’t matter when self interest is high” as many made their participation with full energy and enthusiasm. Lastly, the program was ended with a brief feedback from all the attendees including the participants, counselors, CDS staffs and the organizers. it was right in this phase, prize distribution tasks was also done. The winners of the two sports Mrs. Ruma Giri (balloon blast) and Mrs. Ruma Khatri (musical chair) were awarded with a plant and a packet of corridor seed which symbolizes the moral of the program. That is to say, if the plant gets care, it will definitely grow well and provide necessary services such as oxygen, fruit and beauty to the environment.

Psychosocial First AID Session for CommunityWomen

The two-day “Psycho-social First Aid” program was held on May 21 and 22, 2023, at CDS Training Hall with the goal of introducing simple coping abilities to overcome the stressful circumstances. The program’s facilitators were Mrs. Sapana Basnet, the SEEP In-charge for the PNGO, and three psychosocial counselors from Budhanilkantha Municipality Wards 10, 11, and 12,respectively, Mrs. Bhawana Kharel, Mrs. Bhandhana, and Mrs. Kamala Lamsal. A total of 28local women participated in the program. The session’s major objective was to raise participants’ awareness of the fact that stress is a normal part of life and that it may manifest itself in a variety of ways, including social, environmental, familial, and mental components. While the first day of the session was devoted to the theoretical exchange of knowledge on subjects like the concept of stress, types of stress, effects of stress, and its links with other dimensions (i.e., mental, social, emotional, and physical), the second day of the session was used for practical applications. The beneficiaries were asked to participate in different games like sharing the meaning of names, lifting the mat with a single hand for a certain amount of time, and other similar activities. The session grew more motivating as a result of both academic and practical understanding. The beneficiaries’ interactions throughout the session, in which they revealed their own stressful events and coping mechanisms, was another area of attention. As a result, they were able to conclude that stress is common and part of everyday life based on the beneficiaries’ responses. Instead of placing the blame for the issue on oneself, a person should adopt methods to get out of their predicament, such as yoga, meditation, self-encouragement and calm thinking.

Supporting our PNGO

Where we get enrolled in our own projects all the time, we also assist our PNGO during need. On 13th May, 2023, there was “Annual Day” program . So for the program, we were asked for doing some volunteering tasks. As per the instruction of the PNGO staff, we were involved in management of wheelchairs for distribution, making decorative items, doing field visit, report writing and above all two videomaking.

We engaged in assisting at health clinic also. In the absence of the Health Clinic In-charge Mrs. Samiksha Tiwari, we provided some simple treatment to the patients who came across. Usually the students of Shree Balkumari School and people from local community come to seek treatment. This month we assisted the patients with certain treatment such as picking out the paper from her ear, putting on bandage. cleaning the wounds to stop excessive bleeding, giving steam for toddler who were having problem in breathing in guidance of the doctor, etc. This month, we helped the patients with specific treatments including removing the paper from the patient’s ear and applying bandages. In accordance with the doctor’s instructions, the wounds were cleaned to halt excessive bleeding and steam was administered to a kids who was having breathing difficulties.

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