GFF Helps Sri Lanka bridges literacy gaps

English For Village Program

English is used all over the world by speakers of many languages because it has multiple uses and benefits. In order to build up language skills in Ekiriygala Village Students, GFF HELPS Srilanka conducted the English for village program. Learning a foreign language enhances ones cognitive and analytical abilities. There are several factors that make the English language essential to communication in many situations. Week by week, the creative sessions and activities are prepared. GFF HELPS Srilanka team collaborates with Ekiriyagala Sanasa Primary Society and Sanasa Campus. Every Thursday and Friday, the program is conducted with Ekiriyagala Students. We received newcomers for the program. There are primary grades and secondary grades students. Offered activities like helping to improve their reading skills, writing skills, and vocabulary abilities. The children were individually guided to deliver essays and practiced paragraph reading. They learned grammar lessons as well.

This program is conducted by an English tutor, Mrs. Tamasha at Ekiriyagala SANASA cooperative society for the kids in Ekiriyagala and nearby villages. The number of kids is increasing day by day and they are actively participating in the sessions.

Mobile Library

Reading is a good therapy to improve own focus, memory, empathy, communication skills also language skills. In order to build up the confidence in reading English and stories among Ekiriyagala village students, GFF HELPS Srilanka collaborates with Samasa Campus and Sanasa Primary societies, and successfully conducted the Mobile library. In Ekiriyagla Village, there are primary and secondary students engaging with GFF HELPS Srilanka Mobile Library. The main purpose is to build up warm and happy associations with books, increasing the likelihood that kids will find more and more knowledge. Currently, There are 150+ Storybooks, and week by week kids are receiving the books from the GFF HEPLS Srilankan Coordinator. Reading increases vocabulary and can be a good self-esteem to build good communication skills.

It is very especially important for children to read as much as possible because the effects of reading are cumulative. Recently got newcomers for the Mobile Library and they are really interested in the Facility. They are gradually improving their reading skills through the mobile library. GFF HELPS Srilanka hopes to expand the Mobile Library to more Sanasa Primary Societies.

Capacity Development Workshop

GFF HELPS Srilanka collaborates with Higher Education Institute Society Linkages Cell (HEI-SL-Cell), Center for Cooperatives and Community Studies (CCCS) & Sanasa Campus. The workshop was based on Usage of Smartphones in an Appropriate Manner for the Udovita Village and young ones in the village and rural community members in order to fill the discrepancies due lack of technical knowledge.

The main objective of the workshop was to implement a Capacity Development Workshop about the Usage of Smartphones in an Appropriate Manner and also to promote the importance of technology in society. GFF HELPS Sri Lanka aims to provide necessary knowledge and workshop where it is needed. It is essential to have the knowledge to have a proper usage of social media and create awareness about E-Business, E-Communication, etc.

For that GFF HELPS Srilanka and Sanasa Primary Society had a meeting to plan and discuss the Capacity Development Workshop. So we hope to conduct it on the 29th of September 2022 with 45 young people in Udovita Sanasa Primary Society Cooperative Building.

Joe FisherGFF Helps Sri Lanka bridges literacy gaps
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The SOGG Learning centres of Bong, Chibbo and Pudung have been in function for more than a decade. The Open Learning and Information centres are used not only by the students but the community as a whole for various productive purposes. For awareness programs, training sessions, health camps, etc- these centres act as the main venue- where beneficiaries gather under one roof and a host of activities are organized.

For the smooth and efficient functioning of the centres, maintenance is deemed necessary. GFF Helps India has been on the forefront for the upkeep of the centres. In the month of August, SOGG learning centres of Bong and Chibbo received support from GFF Helps India for maintenance work- plastering of the centre walls as well as repair of main gate. The staff of respective SOGG learning centres volunteered in the process that has helped to achieve good results, which is a reflection of strong team work and good coordination among the beneficiaries. It has also helped instill a sense of ownership- that will help in the proper use of the centres and the resources.


On the 5th of September, every year in India, Teacher’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and therefore to appreciate the contribution made by teachers to society. Dr. Radhakrishnan was a renowned scholar, recipient of Bharat Ratna Award, first Vice-President, and second President of independent India. On the occasion of Teacher’s day, the students of SOGG Learning centres of Bong, Chibbo & Pudung honored their respective teachers by putting up a cultural performance, offering Khadas or traditional scarf and presenting a token of appreciation.

GFF Helps India representatives happened to be in Pudung for Mobile Library project, and they too were felicitated by the students. The sight of senior students guiding the juniors, team work and their contribution in the program is a marker of good guidance and teachings.


IL&FS is one of the largest talent development centres that attract young talent from the rural areas of Northeast India. The main aim of the centre has been to provide local people with skills development and employment opportunities. GFF Helps has been working in collaboration with IL&FS for many years- organizing awareness programs for the beneficiaries of SOGG Learning centres of Bong, Chibbo and Pudung. These programs help in empowering women, providing job security to young adults and employment opportunities in various sectors.

On the 9th of September, an awareness program under the leadership of Ms. Mamta Chettri of IL&FS was held, wherein more than 35 women members of different Self Help Groups took active part. Information on Nursing, Tailoring, Health and Wellness were covered and disseminated.

The participants of the session were keen on the training program offered by IL&FS. As a follow up of the session, the coordinatior of Chibbo Learning Centre will be further coordinating with the staff of IL&FS.


Although Kalimpong is a picturesque hill station, it is not devoid of social evils. To educate the local residents, a legal literacy program was held in Bong village on the 9th of September. The aim of the session has been to empower the poor and disadvantaged sections of society to seek and demand justice services. The key resource person of the program was Mr. Bishal Mangrati, Secretary of District Legal Services Authority. More than 40 local residents of Deorali, Bong took part in the session wherein many of their doubts were clarified.

Through this program, we hope the participants of the program can demand accountability, justice and effective remedies at all levels in unforeseen circumstances. Such useful information will help realize their problems and can thus procure justice through legal means.

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Green education and women empowerment for GFF Helps Nepal

Supporting School for Specially-Abled Children

The GFF Helps Nepal team had previously conducted a Psychosocial Intervention at Srijanshil School for Special needs children from February-June of 2022. The same has been documented in terms of assessment of all the students, which were converted into Case Studies for future reference of each child. additional support was provided by Mr. Rampukar Shah (Clinical Psychologist) and Mr. Krishna (School Principal). Regular follow-up sessions with children from the school and regularly supporting school authorities in website update which was created and supported by GFF Helps Nepal team. The websites are regularly updated.

Vegetable Gardening Project with Community School

A Chinese proverb states: “He who plants a garden plants happiness”.

The vegetable gardening project intends on imparting young learners to experience out of the classroom gardening hands on knowledge. Class eight students from Bal Kumari community school have been taking the lead in this educational project While, Phase I focused on cleaning and uprooting, Phase II took longer as the process of sowing took longer.

Social and Emotional Learning Project Supporting Adolescence from Community Schools

Adolescence stage of one’s life is crucial for one’s developmental growth or degrowth. As, pointed out by Yeager who finds, effective programs for adolescents focus on mindsets and climate. Taking the model of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) this project focuses on making classroom environment more positive. Allowing children to accept themselves and the difference that they share. While, tending to the bigger picture of making young people contributors to their communities. Ms. Mei Quie Sherpa conducts the SEL Sessions with class VI students. The ongoing sessions are based on World Bank SEL model for young adolescence. For the past three days sessions were focused on Self-Awareness exploring of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Women Empowerment Project

Women in today’s modern Nepal have been both appreciated and challenged to be independent and earn a living. With the objective to empower women with underprivileged backgrounds. GFF Helps teamed-up to work on a cushion cover making project for a pre-order of over 100 with women across Kathmandu Valley. While, the women team were given a limited time of two weeks to completed this order, the results are commendably successful. Each of our four women who completed this challenge were given their payment and have indeed received a hefty satisfaction and joy along with it.

Emotional Learning at Children Homes Bourghandi

The weekly emotional learning session at Bourghandi Children has been ongoing. We have seen fruitful results as more and more number of children have been taking interest in our sessions. The month of September focused on understanding waste management and becoming responsible individuals for the society. While, our major focus being on emotional learning activities such as: Painting, singing

Fruit Tree Plantation in Bal Kumari Basic School

GFF Helps Team organized a Tree Planting Activity with the children of Shree Bal Kumari Basic School on 21st August 2022. The prime objective of this project was to impart in community school students the hands on learning experience outside of the classroom. It is expectant that sowing goods seeds will bear fruits of joy and abundance. Four different types of fruits seeds have been planted in the school ground they are namely: orange, guava, Japanese persimmon and kumquat.

Supporting CDS Day Care Centre

In the month of September, GFF Helps Nepal has been able to provide support to our PNGO CDS in taking care of children at Day Care Centre. One of the meals for the children was provided by Ms. Sulochana Thapa (GFF Helps Volunteer). Supporting the Day Care Staff when necessary and tending to the needs of the children has been constant as a means maintaining harmony between the PNGO’s partnership in Nepal.

Joe FisherGreen education and women empowerment for GFF Helps Nepal
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Art is the way forward for GFF Helps Philippines

Online Storytelling

Kids have been going to school now, and most of them do not have classes in the afternoon. Our schedule is befitting this situation, and we still maintain the number of attendees. The presentation was changed a little as activities are constructed in a way that they will exhibit their critical thinking. We skipped games and formulated activities based on real-life situations. They spend most of their time thinking and reasoning. Most of the kids are in a higher level already and they liked the activities. The younger ones are coping with the changes but still showed great understanding. We are happy to hone the minds of these kids into thinking critically.

“Gives students the power to express themselves through multi-literacy modes.”

Reading Workshop & Mobile Library

“Enhancing the opportunity of access to library resources.”
“Engaging students in authentic reading experiences”

We continue to visit the students from Capitan Tazan Memorial Primary School located in Ugsod Village in the town of Banga. These kids are related to each other and live in the same neighborhood. The opening of classes already started, and these kids were also going to school for a half-day class. In the afternoon, they spent time with us with activities to enhance their vocabulary. We saw how they improved every day, and this motivated us to collaborate with schools. We noticed that most students in the Elementary level especially in the lower section, are non-readers. The Government implemented Remedial Classes for these kids under their assigned teachers. We understand the work that teachers do every day and how they struggle to juggle all. We sent a Letter of Intent to the School Principal of Banga Elementary School to volunteer as Remedial Class Teachers for a specific section. It was approved and we will begin in the later part of this month. We are always happy with the trust that the schools have in us.

“Enhancing the opportunity of access to library resources.”
“Engaging students in authentic reading experiences”

Group Workshop: Arts and Crafts Day

The Group Workshop was inspired by the Summer Program initiated and facilitated by Willyn and Michael last 2019. It was held in different towns in Banga, Aklan. When the pandemic started, everything was halted. We decided to do it again but in smaller groups. The Episode 2 of this Group Workshop is Arts and Crafts Day. We invited kids from the Town of Kalibo and the Town of Banga. The Flores Family lent us a wide and comfortable place for free in their place in Banga, Aklan. The kids participated in making different crafts made from scratch materials. They also watched informative videos about the different seasons and made a drawing of their favorite ones. We also had a reading workshop outside the Bermuda grass where we sat and read books. The kids showed exemplary skills in comprehension and craftsmanship despite most of them being levels 0-1.

Joe FisherArt is the way forward for GFF Helps Philippines
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Storytelling Gala Session

It was during the pandemic that the storytelling session had begun and it was these stories that got us together. All respective representatives and volunteers got together and they started narrative storytelling sessions online in their respective countries. It has been two years that the pandemic has lessened but the relationships that we made during those times has got us really good bonds with children. Some of them stayed and some of them grew together with us. It was in the month of August that ‘A storytelling Gala session’ was organised where all the four countries came together along with their children and they shared stories of their culture wearing their traditional dresses. This was a perfect example of unity in diversity and they learned each other’s food, dress and songs.

GFF Helps India has been an active collaborator with the SOGG Learning centres of Bong, Chibbo & Pudung. They have been working in tandem on various thematic areas. Particularly in the field of education, GFF Helps India and GFF Helps Nepal have been organizing collaborative story telling session that targets the children of SOGG Learning centres since 2020. The main aim was to engage the children during the lockdown, when schools had been closed for a prolonged period of time. Other goals of the session have been to spark children’s imagination and stimulate curiosity, to help them build confidence and develop oratory & listening skills.

GFF Philippines have conducted storytelling sessions for their Philippino children and their sessions are always moral based and ends with an activity so that the children can remember the moral of the story. The children were very keen and excited to meet children from other countries.

GFF Sri Lanka is gradually going into the foray of telling stories through their English for Village Programme or Mobile Library. In the GFF HELPS Sri Lanka team, there were six students and they performed various kinds of performances. They wore Sri Lankan National costumes. Students have sung the Sinhalese song” Mage Ratata Dhalada Himi Saranai” Song (My country is the shadow of Dalada) and One student performed storytelling of the country song, another one delivered a speech about Srilanka, and there was a brief introduction about Sri Lanka. Finally one student played a Sri Lankan traditional music by using the traditional instrument in Sri Lanka.

On the 27th of August, a Grand Story Telling session was held online for the children of India, Nepal, Philippines and Sri Lanka, at the behest and guidance of a well known story teller- Ms. Minket. The aim of the session was to help children explore and understand the cultures of other participating countries, to inculcate the spirit of community and to help bring about positive influence inside the participant’s heart. 

The participants presented aspects of their respective cultures. Team India, represented by the children of Chibbo Learning centre performed a mime (guided by Mr. Raymond- an assistant teacher of SOGG centre Chibbo), a dance and made a short and succinct presentation on India. Mr. Jimmy, Ms. Priya & Ms. Vanessa (Freight System), Mr. Saom attended the session and . The curiosity filled and the occasion was graced by Sir James Keir, Ms. Priya and Ms. Vanessa (Freight System). Mr. Saom opened the session and gave a brief introduction about the storytelling while Miss Minket Lepcha moderated the session. They all appreciated the children’s efforts. The session was full of fan fare and excitement. As a marker of appreciation, the children were given a certificate of participation. 

Sessions like story telling have been a useful marker to assess the children’s progress and over the years, the children have learned about team work, polished their presentation skills, language skills which was evident on the grand story telling session. We hope to organize similar events for the children that will lead to their intellectual growth and help them develop social skills. 




Joe FisherStorytelling Gala Session
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Sri Lanka focus on empowering children with stories

English for Village Programme

Reading daily is one of the best habits that can improve reading skills and we can mediate our minds by reading books. Children can improve their English through reading our library books. By reading it helps to develop one’s imagination, and can improve one’s memory and focus. Reading helps to enhance the imagination and can improve vocabulary skills. In order to collect books for the Mobile Library, GFF HELPS Sri Lanka organized a book donation drive for the SANASA Campus staff and the undergraduates. Reading books expands the knowledge. To build up interest in reading English books GFF HELPS Srilanka conducted the Mobile Library with Ekiriyagala Village students. The book donation drive was held for the first week of June. With the support of the SANASA staff and undergraduates, GFF could collect 150+ story books for the Mobile Library. Nowadays at Ekiriyagala Sanasa Society, Kegalle.GFF HELPS Srilanka conducting the mobile library for Ekiriyagla village students. These books has come out to be great asset for our project. 

Physical Storytelling Sessions

GFF HELPS Sri Lanka have regular sessions as Physical Storytelling sessions so we had a Storytelling session about the explanation of the Sri Lanka country song. The children prepared on the Story about the beauty of Sri Lanka and history of Sri Lanka. With weekly practice, during the International online storytelling Gala session, our children practiced the Sri Lanka country Song and students performed it very well. It is a Sinhalese song and to perform it students used the English meaning of the song. Students are doing the storytelling sessions face to face, through that they can share the opinions and helps to improve the teamwork skills. This engagement helped to improve their pronunciation skills and reading skills. GFF HELPS Sri Lanka has been conducting the physical storytelling sessions at Ekiriyagala Sanasa Society, Kegalle. 

English is one of the most spoken languages around the world. To compete with globalized countries, we have to learn English. English has become more dominant around the world. To build up the confidence and improve the English language skills , GFF HELPS Srilanka have an ongoing English for Village Program and every week , English sessions for primary grade and secondary grade students at the Ekiriyagala Sanasegalle, Sri Lanka are conducted. Day by day they are improving their English knowledge and vocabulary skills. So many interesting activities and sessions are prepared weekly. The worksheets prepared are also distributed and the children are asked to complete the tasks and activities. Gradually they are developing and improving their writing skills, reading skills. The children play creative games to build curosity, coloring letters and writing letters. They also practicing to create the letters in a creative way so that the children remember the letters and pronunciation.

Mobile Library and Book Donation Program

My country is the shadow of Dalada

My god is the refuge of Dalada

It is a home filled with happiness

I have inherited all these by birth

At the top of the golden pillar of Dalada Madura

The whole country wakes up with lightning

At the top of the golden pillar of Dalada Madura

The whole country wakes up with lightning

Two thousand years of history

Seeha reawakens in glory

It is here that we are united as one

Fears were removed from the mind

In the shadow of the Lord, Jaya Dada joined

Victory drums were played, and victory songs were sung

Lord Shiva was victorious

Victory drums were played, and victory songs were sung.

International Online Storytelling Gala Session

On 27th of August, all the respective countries participated in the International Online Storytelling session and the GFF HELPS Srilanka team also participated. All students in every country did awesome and fabulous work. Students got new experience within the Gala Session. They really enjoyed the session. And they learnt new things about other countries.

In the GFF HELPS Srilanka team, there were six students and they performed various kinds of performances. They wore Srilankan National costumes. Students have sung sinahlese song” Mage Ratata Dhalada Himi Saranai” Song (My country is the shadow of Dalada) and One student performed storytelling of the country song, another one delivered the speech about Srilanka, there was a brief introduction about Sri Lanka, finally one student played a Sri Lankan traditional music by playing traditional instrument in Sri Lanka.

Joe FisherSri Lanka focus on empowering children with stories
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GFF Helps India engages with Education, Cleanliness and


GFF Helps India in collaboration with the Partner Organization (PO) SOGG L&I Centre started the Newspaper Project on the 1st of August 2022, in SOGG L&I Centre, Bong & Pudung Village and on the 18th of August in SOGG L&I Centre, Chibbo. Keeping in mind one of the main aims of the PO i.e. to provide information to the community, the newspaper project was started. There are two newspapers issued every day, The Telegraph (National) in English and Himalaya Darpan (Local) in Nepali. This project not only targets the students of the centres but also the community at large.

People have already started to benefit from the project. Students read the newspapers after their school while the elderly people read during the day time. The local and national news and information has now reached the Centres and is available to all.

“Gives students the power to express themselves through multi- literacy modes.”


During the monsoon season, plants & weeds tend to grow in a faster pace. Timely maintenance needs to be done in order to keep the environment clean and safe for children from insects and snakes. Hence, GFF Helps India Team in collaboration with SOGG Chibbo organized a cleanliness drive on the 13th of August, in SOGG Centre Chibbo.

Cleanliness drives are held regularly in all the SOGG centres. The students and parents have been aware of the importance of keeping the centre premises clean. Therefore the parents and students themselves volunteer to clean and make the drive successful every time. This kind of community involvement has built attachment towards the Centre and GFF.


India celebrated its 75th Independence Day on 15th August 2022. Like every year this year too, GFF Helps India in collaboration with SOGG Centres celebrated the occasion in the respective Centres. In Pudung, students and teachers along with the Centre Incharge and the Coordinator gathered in the Centre early morning and hoisted the National flag. National Anthem “Jana gana…” was sung. The teachers of the centre shared information about the special day. At the end the students were distributed sweets to remark a happy and a proud day. Similarly in the other Centres as well the Independence Day was celebrated. This way the students have been able to learn and gain knowledge.


With the increase in use of technology in every sphere of life and to cope up with the digital era, the need of internet connection and digital library in the Centres was felt. On the same day of the 75th Independence Day, the Digital Library Project was inaugurated by GFF Helps India in SOGG Centre, Chibbo. Digital libraries provide the students with the convenience of learning at their own comfort. Children and students of our villages do not own computers and laptops at an individual level. With the increase of school assignment, forms and other information that can only be found in the internet, it is necessary that we provide the facility at the Centres. The facility can be benefited by everyone in the village. We will be also brining a teacher who will guide the student in learning how to use computer and internet. Hence, we are now towards making our partner organization well equipped not only for the students but for the whole community.

Joe FisherGFF Helps India engages with Education, Cleanliness and
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One step at a time, to empower the younger generations from community schools into becoming conscious of their emotional health. The assembly on Children’s Mental Health took place on 26th August, 2022 the audience present at the site were the entire school students and staff from Bal Kumari school. These students who are in-fact beneficiaries of ESL- educational project under GFF Helps Nepal, took the lead on sharing awareness on Children’s Mental Health and why it matters? The assembly aimed at improving the students in both public speaking and pronunciation in English Language. While, supporting the overall objective to spread knowledge Students from class VI perform an assembly on Children’s Mental Health Matters on mental health with the entire school. The use of posters illustrating imageries such as: An Ice-Berg (on the surface and within water displays actions and emotions respectively); two minds one filled with a beautiful garden , while the other filled with thunderstorms; posters that shows a cartoon boy with a message saying: It is okay to be sad, anxious, worried, confused, angry; the final poster shared the message on using words that are loving, healing, kind, caring and life giving. The ESL (English as a Second Language) and mental health sessions are inter-related focusing on both of GFF Helps Nepal -Education and Emotional Learning Projects.

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GFF Helps Nepal emotional projects in Specially-abled Children, Schools and Partner NGO

Supporting Specially-abled Children

The children of Chandragiri Municipality attend school everyday. They are taught basic speech, movement and disciplined by the staff working in this school. Apart from the daily routine, GFF Helps planned to organize a musical therapy session with these children in order to cater to their emotional well being. The children enjoyed singing along with the dance session. This therapy helps in releasing and exploring the children’s emotions, helps with active listening, use of both gross and fine motor movements, recalling of song, non – verbal and verbal communication, self – management of behaviour. This session also help them to improve their social interaction and improve relationships with their peers and teachers.

Supporting Health Clinic

As the saying goes “Health is Wealth”. GFF Helps Nepal has been supporting the Child Development Society Health Clinic as a regular part of a work-day in the office. As, certified in Basic First Aid training, the GFF team has been taking care of patients suffering from physical injuries such as: sprain, cuts, wounds and allergies, with the knowledge from the first aid training received from Nepal Red Cross in the month of December of 2022. The beneficiaries mostly consists of students from Bal Kumari school or children and parents from the CDS Day Care Centers and the local people from in around the office region.

ESL Classes Community School- Education Project

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes with the students from Bal Kumari school has come to a three months of completion. The best performer were rewarded dictionaries (Nepali to English) as a means to encourage them. English language as a global language is crucial for learning as a life-skill. Within Nepal the students from community schools have a hard time learning English. The purpose of ESL classes was to support children’s emotional health alongside building a bond of trust and respect for one another.

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Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal emotional projects in Specially-abled Children, Schools and Partner NGO
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Eco Brick- Environmental Project with Schools and Children’s Home

Conducting session on Eco Brick with the students of class XII in Tri – Jyoti School

Session on Eco Brick with the children of Bourgandi Nepal Children Home

Most of the localities in Kathmandu is seen littered with plastic and all other types of waste. This is due to the poor waste management system and lack of awareness. GFF Helps has been conducting sessions on plastic waste

management with the children of Shree Bal Kumari Basic school, Tri -Jyoti School and Bourgandi Nepal children home in order to generate awareness and intending that the children learn from these sessions and pass on the knowledge to their peers and parents. Children have been engaged in making Eco Bricks from the discarded plastic waste in order to turn into something useful later on.

With the help of such sessions, children have been able to understand how to focus on reducing waste, reuse bags in order to avoid single use plastics and not to burn plastic in the open roads which in turn results in damaging effect on human health. The children have been able to understand how plastic has affected us in everyday life. In order to stay healthy and live a long life, it is necessary to take care of our environment which in turn affects the whole ecosystem.


Joe FisherEco Brick- Environmental Project with Schools and Children’s Home
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