GFF HELPS Webinar: ‘Steps to Becoming An Online Teacher’

The GFF HELPS Philippines hosted a 2-hour webinar about Online Teaching to twenty-five (25)
employed and unemployed individuals who came from different areas of Western Visayas, Philippines
with Ms. Lady Peace R. Remaneses as the Resource Speaker.

The widespread of Covid19 has terribly affected the Philippine’s unemployment rate, rising to 17.7% (April 2020) or 7.3 million people. Due to this, we decided to provide a webinar on how to become an online teacher in hopes that we could share valuable information for those seeking employment or extra source of income.

The participants had gained ideas on how online teaching works and it gave hope to some like Ms. Gladys Maglunob, who had her teaching journey discontinued by a teaching company due to lack of enrolees. “I was already hired to teach, my equipment/materials were all ready. I was about to start as a private tutor, but due to the company’s ineffective marketing and Covid19 situation, no students had enrolled.” shared the 23-year old licensed teacher. During the Open Forum, she mentioned that she’ll give online teaching another shot. We also shared a few resources including links to ESL companies, tips & tricks for application and all the important information to know before applying as an online teacher. The GFF PH Team hopes that the webinar on Online Teaching would lessen the unemployment rate of the Filipinos especially to the people living in Aklan, Philippines.

by Lady Peace Remaneses, Philippines Local Representative

Willyn CarrascalGFF HELPS Webinar: ‘Steps to Becoming An Online Teacher’