GFF Helps Nepal strives towards Sustainable Development Goals 4

School Psychosocial Support Workshop

  • Professional facilitation by counsellor

    Teachers listening to the presentation

  • Addressing Mental health at school level

  • Educating the educators with psychosocial supporting skills


Community Teacher schools participation in the workshop, Kapan- CDS Office.

A School Psychosocial Support Workshop was conducted on 4th October 2021 targeting teachers  from 7 community schools of Kathmandu and Budhanikatha municipalities. Ms. Ganesh Maya Ruth Shrestha a counselor psychologist from Anandaban hospital Lalitpur, Kathmandu facilitated the session.

The workshop focused on orienting teachers dealing with children from vulnerable backgrounds from community schools. The session started with pre-test questionnaire discussion on the general understanding of psychosocial problems and support. 14 participants attended the workshop to understand the psychosocial problems, its identification at school level amongst children, development of effective communication skills, learning the basic psychosocial development theory of Erick Erikson. A virtual follow-up session is to take place in the month of November.

Teachers presenting their work

Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal strives towards Sustainable Development Goals 4
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Re-Introducing Sulochana Thapa

Hello Everyone! I am Sulochana Thapa   born in Darjeeling hills and brought up in   Kalimpong, India. Prior to the volunteering   programme with GFF Helps, I was working   with Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology   and the Environment in Darjeeling.  I have   specialization in Community Development,   Medical and Psychiatric Social Work and   worked with organizations such as Bosco   Mane (Working with street children),   Kidwai Memorial Instiitute of Oncology   (Working for children suffering with blood   cancer), Asssociation of people with   Disability (With a special focus on   differently abled children), Pravah (A youth   development organization), Hayden Hall   organization (Working with Mother and   Child Healthcare) Mercy Corps (Worked on school component of WASH). This is my second visit to Kathmandu, Nepal as a GFF Volunteer. Travelling across different places and serving communities gives me immense pleasure and energy to enjoy my work with Glenn Family Foundation Helps. I feel this volunteering programme provided by GFF Helps in Child Development Society, Nepal is a chance to give back to the community. I would like to put into practice the already gained knowledge and experience which I have acquired when I volunteered in 2019-2020. I am excited to start this new journey again and encouraged to conduct WASH awareness sessions with children, working on a project on Eco Brick to reduce plastic waste, assist in reporting and documentation of the organization, conducting training on gastro intestinal diseases and its prevention, conduct personal development workshops for school students.

Joe FisherRe-Introducing Sulochana Thapa
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Sustainable Sources to Serve the Society


Villagers contributing to labour to deliver the pipe to the villages

The Teen Ghare water project in Kavre is an initiation of the GFF Helps in collaboration with Child Development Society. The project incorporated a process of an effective selection of the place for water source, generous contribution of both the partners. and an effective channeling of the water ways into the fields of the community people.

The constant support from our benefactors and Panchkhal Municipality tying up for the upliftment of the project resonates sustainability of our contribution, especially at a time of the pandemic (health crisis) and impacts of climate change (water crisis), in Nepal.

Kavre Water Project has been a labourous project but the efforts have been fruitful since the locals are in partnership and in understanding with a sense of community work to empower not only themselves but, the generations to come.


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Social media and digital youth are an asset for any nation, when given the platform to utilize it effectively.

Youth engagement and leadership program  at a time such as the current pandemic crisis, is imperative given the number of dying opportunities and challenges.

Young people who access to internet in Nepal is  at  a constant rise.

Under the Youth Empowerment project, GFF Helps Nepal has opened space for young professional in the role of social media internship programs. As, Glenn Family Foundation believes in “Alte Pete” (Aim Higher), GFF Helps Nepal encourage youth to aim higher even at a time of crisis.

A young professional named: Abhishek Rai is currently enrolled as GFF Helps Nepal’s social media intern. The role of a GFF intern embarks the opportunity where the young mind can effectively coordinate with GFF team in terms of social media assistance.

GFF intern successfully led a virtual videography session under the mentorship of GFF Helps Advisor Ms. Minket Lepcha, for the GFF international team in the month of August.



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In the midst of the pandemic families of the daily wage workers have lost their livelihood. The ongoing lockdown has left them even more vulnerable in the face of this crisis. The lack of support from the local authorities is an issue, affecting the safety and health of both children and parents.

CDS staffs mobilised to distribute reliefs



On 24th, June the joint support of GFF HELPS NEPAL and CHILD DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (CDS) Nepal, reached out to over 30 families of daily wage earners, at CDS office Kapan.

Mother and child from marginalised communities come to CDS office to receive the relief

Keeping in mind nutrition and health deemed necessary to combat the third wave said to largely affect children. Hand tailored masks by the GFF women tailor group were handed out along with the food items at the time of distribution. Relief items were: Rice, sattu (gram flour), and for sanitation – soap and masks.







Over 260, hand-tailored masks prepared by the GFF women tailor group were also provided to the Bal Kumari school. The Child Development Society Education Officer Mr. Govinda BK hands over the masks to the school authorities to be distributed to the children.

Promoting the health and safety of children at the time of the crisis. It is infact the top priority of GFF Helps Nepal and Child Development Society.

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Multi Discipline Medical Camp – Nepal

Multi Discipline Medical Camp – Nepal

The fact that human beings are complex living beings demands that their body and mind be catered to during any medical visit or camp. This very fact guided us to organize a one-day multi-disciplinary medical visit at Srijanshil rehabilitation and special education school for the disabled located in Chandragiri. The school has almost 20 students with different yet unique needs, and most of them belong to a family of economically disadvantaged sections of society.

Joe FisherMulti Discipline Medical Camp – Nepal
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Community Mapping and Progression of Water Project

The water project that GFF Helps is supporting in Teneghare Kavre is one of the most ambitious one in that, if the project comes to fruition it can help each villager have their water needs satisfied without having the women to carry loads of water each morning and travel miles. The project will require involvement and support of the community stakeholders and the villagers to dig, build and establish water pipes in the village.

Willyn CarrascalCommunity Mapping and Progression of Water Project
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Mental Health Awareness Sessions

Mental Health Awareness Sessions

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal stressors of life have become more than bearable for a few vulnerable populations, that can result in chronic stress. If this chronic stress goes unattended or unidentified, it can lead to long term mental health problems, thereby reducing the productivity of the community people.

Joe FisherMental Health Awareness Sessions
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Evoking Imagination & Creativity through Digital Advocacy and Wallpainting

Evoking Imagination & Creativity through Digital Advocacy and Wallpainting
Balkumari school Crossword Wall
On 10th November 2020, the GFF HELPS Nepal team, CDS, and CSN held a meeting with a total of 28 students of Shree Balkumari Basic School to orient them about precautionary measures against COVID-19, cybercrime and the concept of mural painting.

Willyn CarrascalEvoking Imagination & Creativity through Digital Advocacy and Wallpainting
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