Green education and women empowerment for GFF Helps Nepal

Supporting School for Specially-Abled Children

The GFF Helps Nepal team had previously conducted a Psychosocial Intervention at Srijanshil School for Special needs children from February-June of 2022. The same has been documented in terms of assessment of all the students, which were converted into Case Studies for future reference of each child. additional support was provided by Mr. Rampukar Shah (Clinical Psychologist) and Mr. Krishna (School Principal). Regular follow-up sessions with children from the school and regularly supporting school authorities in website update which was created and supported by GFF Helps Nepal team. The websites are regularly updated.

Vegetable Gardening Project with Community School

A Chinese proverb states: “He who plants a garden plants happiness”.

The vegetable gardening project intends on imparting young learners to experience out of the classroom gardening hands on knowledge. Class eight students from Bal Kumari community school have been taking the lead in this educational project While, Phase I focused on cleaning and uprooting, Phase II took longer as the process of sowing took longer.

Social and Emotional Learning Project Supporting Adolescence from Community Schools

Adolescence stage of one’s life is crucial for one’s developmental growth or degrowth. As, pointed out by Yeager who finds, effective programs for adolescents focus on mindsets and climate. Taking the model of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) this project focuses on making classroom environment more positive. Allowing children to accept themselves and the difference that they share. While, tending to the bigger picture of making young people contributors to their communities. Ms. Mei Quie Sherpa conducts the SEL Sessions with class VI students. The ongoing sessions are based on World Bank SEL model for young adolescence. For the past three days sessions were focused on Self-Awareness exploring of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Women Empowerment Project

Women in today’s modern Nepal have been both appreciated and challenged to be independent and earn a living. With the objective to empower women with underprivileged backgrounds. GFF Helps teamed-up to work on a cushion cover making project for a pre-order of over 100 with women across Kathmandu Valley. While, the women team were given a limited time of two weeks to completed this order, the results are commendably successful. Each of our four women who completed this challenge were given their payment and have indeed received a hefty satisfaction and joy along with it.

Emotional Learning at Children Homes Bourghandi

The weekly emotional learning session at Bourghandi Children has been ongoing. We have seen fruitful results as more and more number of children have been taking interest in our sessions. The month of September focused on understanding waste management and becoming responsible individuals for the society. While, our major focus being on emotional learning activities such as: Painting, singing

Fruit Tree Plantation in Bal Kumari Basic School

GFF Helps Team organized a Tree Planting Activity with the children of Shree Bal Kumari Basic School on 21st August 2022. The prime objective of this project was to impart in community school students the hands on learning experience outside of the classroom. It is expectant that sowing goods seeds will bear fruits of joy and abundance. Four different types of fruits seeds have been planted in the school ground they are namely: orange, guava, Japanese persimmon and kumquat.

Supporting CDS Day Care Centre

In the month of September, GFF Helps Nepal has been able to provide support to our PNGO CDS in taking care of children at Day Care Centre. One of the meals for the children was provided by Ms. Sulochana Thapa (GFF Helps Volunteer). Supporting the Day Care Staff when necessary and tending to the needs of the children has been constant as a means maintaining harmony between the PNGO’s partnership in Nepal.

Joe FisherGreen education and women empowerment for GFF Helps Nepal
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GFF Helps Nepal emotional projects in Specially-abled Children, Schools and Partner NGO

Supporting Specially-abled Children

The children of Chandragiri Municipality attend school everyday. They are taught basic speech, movement and disciplined by the staff working in this school. Apart from the daily routine, GFF Helps planned to organize a musical therapy session with these children in order to cater to their emotional well being. The children enjoyed singing along with the dance session. This therapy helps in releasing and exploring the children’s emotions, helps with active listening, use of both gross and fine motor movements, recalling of song, non – verbal and verbal communication, self – management of behaviour. This session also help them to improve their social interaction and improve relationships with their peers and teachers.

Supporting Health Clinic

As the saying goes “Health is Wealth”. GFF Helps Nepal has been supporting the Child Development Society Health Clinic as a regular part of a work-day in the office. As, certified in Basic First Aid training, the GFF team has been taking care of patients suffering from physical injuries such as: sprain, cuts, wounds and allergies, with the knowledge from the first aid training received from Nepal Red Cross in the month of December of 2022. The beneficiaries mostly consists of students from Bal Kumari school or children and parents from the CDS Day Care Centers and the local people from in around the office region.

ESL Classes Community School- Education Project

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes with the students from Bal Kumari school has come to a three months of completion. The best performer were rewarded dictionaries (Nepali to English) as a means to encourage them. English language as a global language is crucial for learning as a life-skill. Within Nepal the students from community schools have a hard time learning English. The purpose of ESL classes was to support children’s emotional health alongside building a bond of trust and respect for one another.

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Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal emotional projects in Specially-abled Children, Schools and Partner NGO
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What does holistic education mean? – GFF Helps Nepal

Community school students of classes VI & VII receive ESL classes after school program

English as a second language class, has been conducted since the past two months at community school of Bal Kumari, Kapan. In collaboration with the school which was aimed at helping children have a better foundation at approaching English language. The classes were taken on weekdays after school for 45 minutes. With the vision of participatory learning, funlearning and hands-on learning methods. ESL- Educational Support Project Overall Learnings involved: Grammar, Poetries, Songs, Public Speaking, Letter Writing, Essays and weekly evaluation.

ESL Classes were conducted regularly on week days with classes 6 &7

Emotional Learning- Supporting Children’s Home

As the saying goes: A family that plays together stays together. The family-like environment at the Bourgandi Children’s Home has made the weekly session with the children at Bourgandi an eventful, fun filled learning space. The GFF Helps Nepal team is invested in creating a safe space for emotional support. This month the session comprised of : basic self defense training, games, storytelling, story listening and moral science lessons.

Eco-Brick Project


Aimed at taking action towards waste-management and creative means of recycling and reusing. The Eco-Brick project initiated by GFF Helps Nepal is intended to empower younger generations to take part in the global call for action against plastic waste and environmental degradation. The project beneficiaries being junior school community school students who were taken for an educational tour to a recycling factory located at Bhaktapur, named Doko Recyclers. The tour was divided into a presentation/ touring within the factory. From recycling plastics, glass, metal, furniture’s, books, papers, and degradable compost, the tour was a fruitful experience as a means of out-door learning.

Supporting Specially- abled Children

Regulary monitiring visit and support is provided to Specially-abled children to enhance the basic muscle movement of students at Srijanshil School. This month GFF Helps Nepal team supported the school staff to help children with their fine motor skills. While, supporting the school staff in documentation purposes.

Exercising of fine motor skills with children at Srijanshil School, Chandragiri.


Women Empowerment- Menstrual Health & Hygiene Session, Kavre


Women’s menstrual health is not a popular issue in the discussion in different parts of Nepal. The lack of knowledge on the matter has largely affected women’s health. GFF Helps Nepal has initiated to bridge the knowledge gap to help women learn and make efficient choices for themselves Referral mechanism and a means of awareness were aimed at providing the women group in the village of Pachkhal, Kavre.

Supporting PNGO with Editing and Health Clinic

Monthly supporting The Child Development Society Electronic Bulletin is a means of harmoniously working alongside the Partner NGO- The Child Development Society. This months EBulletin was edited and sent to the CDS publishing team. Working in coordination with the PNGO in editing and designing has been ongoing for the past one year. There is also a constant requirement of a resource person in the CDS Health Clinic where the representatives attend to patients and visitors at the clinic and attend to toddlers in the Day Care Centre .

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Nepal working towards Emotional Learning


In the capital city of Nepal, i.e. Kathmandu, many women have been given the opportunity to work, while it may not be true for most women within Nepal. The women empowerment project led by the GFF Helps Nepal is an initiative to fire the flames of embers rising within the women to rise from clutches of cultural and societal expectations.

While, several projects in the past were focused on helping women to be engaged with the aim of becoming self-dependent. In addition to the payments made to the women group for their hard-work in tailoring of eco-friendly accessories; honouring them with khada (cultural gesture of respect) and words of encouragement has been an eminent part of supporting the women in the process of this project.

 The most valuable time was spent with the women as Mr. Krishna Prasad (PNGO CDS Executive Director) and Mrs. Samjhana Dhakal (PNGO CDS- Finance Manager), encourages the women from this project.

Observing World Environment Day


On 5th June, students from Bal Kumari community school gathered on the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’. Several activities observing this special occasion, was conducted, such as: Clean-up campaign and group art work. Valuing the importance of the children’s educational classes in school, the sessions were conducted on two separate days one for each event. The excitement to both work and learn outside the classroom has always kept children interested and they have valued it. The students work in groups participating in art work as a part of observing and understanding the message of World Environment Day.

Sensitization on the theme – Only One Earth

Children from Bal Kumari school in-action to spread this message on World Environment Day.

Students from both junior and middle school enjoy their time in learning via art and group work. Although papers were used in conducting these events, it will be reused as lessons for future activities.

Supporting Children’s Home (Bourgandi)

The GFF Helps Nepal team love to be a part of the lives of children who live in children’s home here in Nepal. Therefore, engaging with children and empowering them with the emotional and educational support has been the major aim to help them strive higher in their lives. Considering the need of the children, GFF Helps Nepal were able to provide with Nepali – to- English dictionaries for these children. Over eight children were present at the time of distribution, with few extra dictionaries were distributed later on.

Weekly sessions with the children and engaging them in several activities seeking to promote the children’s emotional and educational capabilities through these activities. Such as: English Language Classes, General Knowledge, Singing and music sessions, indoor games, meditation sessions, physical exercises and therapeutic listening sessions and group discussions.

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The importance of tending to the needs of children from a young age can bear fruits of immense strength and gratitude in the lives of these children.

Similarly, with the aim to support children of the Day Care Centre belonging to PNGO – The Child Development Society, GFF Helps Nepal team has been working to improve the lives of these children.

Joy and love has been feeding all of our souls as we work for children at the Day Care Centre in CDS Kapan. The most precious smiles are captured sometimes with a camera and sometime with our eyes. It steers our hearts with compassion and love.

It is always a joy to support children.


Students from BalKumari school investing in reading from a play titled _Grumpy Leprechaun_
A poem recitation session


Community school children of BalKumari Basic school in Kapan, have been receiving educational support from GFF Helps Nepal team. Regular English lessons have been conducted with middle school children. The sessions are kept light, enjoyable and very focused on improving -grammar, pronunciation, speaking proficiency, dialogue and overall English Language of the children.

Participatory Training with PNGO CDS

A two day’s Orientation on Basic Counselling skills for all the staff of PNGO was organized on 7th and 8th June 2022. During the orientation Resource Person and Psychologist, Mrs. Rama Karki facilitated the session with ease on key topics like therapeutic communication skills, quick screening skill, counselling methods, etc.

Since most of the staff of the PNGO work with vulnerable children and women from the brick kilns, sometimes the child needs psycho social support and women also require emotional support. In such cases, the staff can be a good listener and resolve issues at the ground level and refer the serious cases to the respective organizations.


The trainer also taught participants how to provide a safe space to vent about the children and women’s issues.

Joe FisherNepal working towards Emotional Learning
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Completion of Phase III – Self Care Session under Psychosocial Intervention

Phase-III of the psychosocial intervention based on a Self Care Session was conducted on 8th of April, 2022. The session which was conducted at Srijanshil Rehabilitation and Special Educational School for the Disabled – SRSESD, where more than 22 participants participated in the session. The session focused on enhancing self-care and refilling of ones mind with thoughts of affirmation, motivation, praise and celebration of self and one relation to others.

GFF Helps team along with Mr. Rampukat (Clinical Psychologist) and Srijanshil school staff

Out door activity during the Self-Care Session

Self-Care Session conducted by Mr. Rampukar. Phase-III of psychosocial intervention




Ram Pukar Shah in the session




An expertise and effective session facilitated by Mr. Ram Pukar Shah, Clinical Psychologist with Kanti Children Hospital. The three phases of Psychosocial Intervention is completed. Followed by Lobbying for the children with no disability cards and case study documentation of children’s mental disabilities. Carried by follow-up sessions in the next 6 months.


Mandevi Nakarmi

“I learnt about yoga exercises and the need to practice such exercises. These trainings are helpful in the long run. I felt at ease after attending this self care training.”



Samikchya Thapa

I am very happy and I am very impressed with this session. Many a times there are things which we wish to do, but aren’t able. I got the opportunity to share things which I wanted to. There are times when one gets alone and thoughts swirl in my mind. But, today I have learnt in which moments and instances what must be done. My experience was too good.



Durga Rana Magar

I am travelling from Thankot as my brother’s guardian. I am very happy and satisfied with the Self Care training provided by you in Srijnsheel School for the Differently Abled Children, in New Naikap. 

Handouts that were given to the parents with the objective to help them receive a future reference in knowing their struggles and finding out solutions

Appreciation and Praise Practice


Key Highlights

Self Care of parents and care takers

Eliminate anxiety

Minimize frustration

Stress Reduction

Diverse parents









Joe FisherCompletion of Phase III – Self Care Session under Psychosocial Intervention
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A reading session conducted by Ms. Sulochana with the junior most children from the Children’s Home.

GFF Helps Nepal team Ms. Sulochana Thapa and Ms. Mei Quie Sherpa have been supporting the children from the child home in terms of their emotional development and upgrading them in terms of the character development and educational sessions that help enhance their wellbeing. This month we conducted reading sessions with the juniors and and reflection and relaxation session with the entire groups of children. Regular Friday session with children based on games, moral science, reading session and relaxation activities to improve the emotional and mental health of children.


Key Highlights

– Regular Friday Sessions
– Reading Exercises
-Reflection Sessions
– Games for refreshment
-Relaxation exercises for Mental Health


The sessions comprises of games and other activities to uplift the spirits of children living in the orphanage.

The sessions comprises of games and other activities to uplift the spirits of children living in the orphanage.

Joe FisherS U P P O R T T O B O U R G A N D I C H I L D R E N H O M E
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GFF Helps Team meets the ladies who has been sewing bags

It is quite difficult for several ladies to work after getting married. Due to family responsibilities and cultural norms of becoming a home-maker. However, these three ladies have broken the stereotype and are part of this project where they work for themselves besides having to shoulder a mountain of responsibilities. Reusable bags are eco-friendly and the materials of the product are adaptive to all kinds of printing, which is the major marketing strategy for selling. Apron’ making materials is being prepared by Mrs. Anju. The first phase of canvas items production is complete.

Sulochana Thapa, GFF Helps Volunteer is measuring and cutting cloth for Aprons in process.

Key Highlights

– Women Empowerment
– Financial freedom
– Skill upgrading
– Youth engagement




Detailed measurements being taken for preparation of the items.

Bags and Apron made of canvas reusable items in the process of designing.

Mrs. Samina and Mrs. Sanikala are a part of this project while, in terms of marketing these will be sold with of these ladies along with other women with potential to sell. Designing of the canva items with floral images and selling across of the materials with the support of the women group is ongoing at present.

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Mei Quie Sherpa, GFF Helps Nepal Representative addressing the students on Mental Health Workshop

A good mental health and the impacts of bullying is negatively correlated. The session indented to focus on understanding the impacts of bullying on mental health. Children of Bal Kumari school Kapan will be engaging in the further sessions, where similar issues
faced by children in their lives, will be discussed with the help of a mystery book. These issues will be written by anonymous and discussed in the class openly. Unmasking the unhealthy experiences and giving it a channel to address those grieving moments within the safe circle of school and classrooms.


Key Highlights
Addressing bullying
Support to mental health

The adolescent children of Baal Kumari School


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Completion of Management Session with teachers & parents of Srijanshil School for special needs

The psychosocial intervention Phase -II

The psychosocial intervention Phase -II has begun at Srijanshil Rehabilitation and Special Educational School for the Disabled – SRSESD. With, the effective facilitation from Mr. Rampukar (Clinical Psychologist) both teachers, parents along with the school principal Mr. Krishna Lamsal, rendered their time and embraced the session with their full attention. The session comprised of courses on how to be an effective psychosocial support and prepare ways of managing the delayed developmental growth in the children. The upcoming session is to focus on Self-Care in the first week of April.

  • Assessment & Diagnosis Session has been completed
  • Preparation of Individual Case studies
  • Training to teachers & Parents Management Session
  • Self Care Training
  • Advocacy& Lobbying
  • Follow-up sessions


Mrs. Krishna Maya Bhujhel who is the mother of Kushal Bhujhel comments, “It was good session I will be coming again for the Self-Care session. I am happy!…..I learnt to teach my child small steps in making him self-dependent.”





Suriya Gamal’s elder brother Mr. Roshan Gamal’s says, “I desire my brother to learn and grow like most active children. But, shouldering livelihood and household responsibilities gives me very limited time to come for training courses….I learnt that every other person has to undergo schooling for years before becoming more capable. I need to be more patient as the changes will come slow, is what I have understood with today’s course..”

Joe FisherCompletion of Management Session with teachers & parents of Srijanshil School for special needs
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GFF Representative Mei Quie Sherpa interacts with children

Children homes in Kathmandu are filled with children with emotionally painful histories. Although their basic needs are met such as – food, water shelter,
clothing and education. A psychosocial support mechanism is seen to be missing in these helping homes. GFF Helps Nepal team Ms. Sulochana Thapa and Ms. Mei Quie Sherpa have been supporting the children from the child home in terms of their emotional development and upgrading them in terms of the character
development and educational sessions that help enhance their wellbeing.

Nurturing young minds
Learning with fun
Freedom of expression

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