GFF Helps Nepal stewards towards Literacy beyound words

GFF Helps Nepal: Empowering Mothers through Adult Literacy Classes

The Adult Literacy Class is an ongoing project by GFF Helps Nepal, which began in September 2023 to teach English to the mothers of SEEP (Self Education and Empowerment Program). SEEP, launched by our partner organization CDS (Child Development Society) in 2008, focuses on educating and empowering women. Currently, mothers from SEEP and the local community benefit from these classes conducted by GFF Helps Nepal Representatives. In June 2024, the mothers learned the names and spellings of Nepal’s seven provinces and their capitals in English, an essential lesson given the establishment of these provinces in 2015. Additionally, they learned spellings of frequently visited places to navigate the Pathao app for booking transportation, as well as how to fill out bank cheques and deposit slips. They also learned about Nepal’s seasons, their spellings, and the corresponding English months. A class test followed by feedback helped mothers gauge their progress, with results recorded for future reference. In April 2024, new mothers from the Kapan area joined the class, starting with the alphabet, days of the week, and English months. Understanding the English calendar was challenging, so a bilingual calendar was introduced. Group activities promoted peer learning and cooperation, and revision sessions were held at month’s end. Feedback on class effectiveness and suggestions for improvement were gathered to plan future lessons. In March 2024, the focus was on writing and pronouncing English greetings, filling out bank cheques, and recording voice messages using a messaging app. Worksheets were incorporated into practice routines to enhance learning, with feedback sessions helping identify areas for improvement. Peer-to-peer learning and collaboration were encouraged throughout the program. The Adult Literacy Program, targeting two-women groups from SEEP, included practical lessons such as filling cheque deposit slips and learning numerals in Devanagari and English, with printed worksheets on days of the week, English months with Nepali pronunciations, and tracing English alphabets. This continuous effort by GFF Helps Nepal and CDS aims to empower mothers with practical English language skills, significantly improving their daily lives and fostering a supportive learning community.

Empowering Women through Celebration, Health, and Entrepreneurship: GFF Helps Nepal’s Initiatives

GFF Helps Nepal, in partnership with CDS (Child Development Society), organized a “Women’s Day Celebration Program” for the mothers of SEEP (Self-Education Employment Program) who are also enrolled in the Adult Literacy Class at the CDS training hall. The event, attended by 17 participants, included speeches, a documentary on the inspirational Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, games, and a cake-cutting ceremony. Notebooks and pens were distributed to the mothers as a token of appreciation.

On April 16, 2024, the ‘Health Checkup Project’ provided health checkups for mothers in the adult literacy class. The 12 participants had their blood pressure, blood sugar levels, height, and weight checked. They received information on leading a healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, and health counseling. The initiative was facilitated by GFF Helps Nepal representatives and Mrs. Samikshya Tiwari, the Health and Program Coordinator of CDS.


On February 9, 2024, GFF Helps Nepal conducted the ‘Pickle Making Project’ for two mother groups from SEEP. Ten mothers, along with GFF Helps Nepal Representatives and facilitator Mrs. Radhika Thapa, participated. Ingredients were prepared a day ahead, and on the project day, mothers peeled, cut, and mixed the ingredients under Mrs. Radhika’s guidance. The pickles were then stored in containers, and the total cost calculated.

Following the success of the initial session, the ‘Pickle Making Project-II’ took place on April 9, 2024. This project supports women in becoming successful entrepreneurs, preserving food, and boosting the local economy. Mothers learned new recipes and techniques for pickle-making from Mrs. Radhika Thapa, enhancing their skills and financial independence.

GFF Helps Nepal Empowers Students with Hygiene, Motor Skills, and Career Guidance Programs

GFF Helps Nepal conducted a ‘Handwashing Program’ for Grade 6 and 7 students of Shree Balkumari School at the CDS training hall. The event was attended by 49 students, 2 teachers, Samikshya Tiwari, the health in-charge of CDS, and GFF Helps Nepal Representatives. The program included an interactive session on the importance of handwashing, a video demonstration of proper techniques, and practical exercises guided by Mrs. Samikshya. Liquid handwash was also distributed to the school.

On April 21, 2024, GFF Helps Nepal organized the “Hand Mobilization Project” at Srijanshil School for children with special needs in Naikap. The project aimed to improve fine motor skills and hand coordination in children with autism. Eleven participants were divided into two groups and engaged in activities involving different shapes and colorful glittery sticky papers to enhance their motor abilities, hand-eye coordination, sensory integration, and color recognition.

Additionally, GFF Helps Nepal conducted the RIASEC test for Grade 9 students at Bal Kumari School to help them identify their career interests and preferences. The test, based on the Holland Codes by John Holland, helps students understand their strengths and interests, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future educational and career paths. The test aims to develop self-awareness among students, guiding them in choosing the right stream in high school.

Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal stewards towards Literacy beyound words
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GFF HELPS January 2024 updates

GFF HELPS January 2024 updates

GFF Helps Philippines


On 19th January 2024, in a fantastic display of talent and cultural diversity, students of English for Village program took the spotlight at the Ekiriyagala SANASA Community Hall. The highlight of the event was their performance of the folk drama ‘Nari Bena’ (The Fox, Son-in-law).

Joe FisherGFF HELPS January 2024 updates
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On 7th September Scrabble was introduced to over 50 eager students, alongside their English teachers, who have proven to be a valuable addition to their educational journey. This classic word game enhances vocabulary and spelling skills, fostering accurate communication. It also nurtures critical thinking and creativity, igniting their imaginations as they form meaningful words from a limited set of letters.

Active engagement in Scrabble has fostered increased confidence in the use of the English language among our students, leading to enhanced fluency and more polished articulation. Beyond these valuable academic gains, Scrabble serves as a platform for meaningful social interaction, enabling students to forge meaningful connections with their peers and teachers. Additionally, essential life skills, such as sportsmanship and resilience, will undoubtedly serve them well in their personal and academic journeys.

On the 6th of October, the final session of Scrabble was conducted, with nearly 20 students from Shree Balkumari participating. The winning student received a motivational reward in the form of a diary and a pen. Principal Indra Kumar Rai and Coordinator Bikash Sir delivered inspiring speeches, expressing gratitude to GFF for their timely support. Additionally, Mrs. Prachi Jain, the session facilitator, was recognized and appreciated with a token of love. This initiative transforms education into an enjoyable and memorable experience, equipping students with essential skills for academic success and real-world challenges.


With the generous support of GFF, Nepal actively engaged in the sign language project initiated by GFF Helps Philippines. Seven eager students from Shree Balkumari School, primarily teenagers, enthusiastically embraced the program. The essential materials for this initiative were thoughtfully provided, ensuring its effectiveness. Consequently, these students acquired the invaluable skill of sign language communication, enabling them to connect with individuals who rely on it in their daily lives.

The impact of the project was profound, empowering these students to communicate effectively through sign language. Their newfound ability allowed them to engage meaningfully with members of their community who depend on sign language. Beyond the practical benefits, the program also instilled empathy and a sense of inclusivity in the participants, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse communication methods.

Furthermore, to honour their commitment and achievements, the active participants were presented with diaries, pens, and certificates, recognizing their dedication to this meaningful endeavour.


On August 25th, the Chess project was inaugurated with the primary aim of fostering critical thinking, bolstering student confidence, and encouraging self-belief, thereby allowing them to both harness their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Chess, a mentally demanding game requiring intense concentration, was chosen as the vehicle for these valuable life lessons, as every move made in the game parallels choices made in life. National-level chess player Shurshut Dahal initiated the program, which saw enthusiastic participation from seventy-six students in grades 7, 8, and 9, under the guidance of school coordinator Mr. Bikash and Principal Indra Bahadur Rai. Mr. Dahal began with motivational videos and chess techniques, capturing the students’ interest and igniting their enthusiasm.


An introductory session for women’s literacy classes was held on September 28 with the goal of empowering their learning experience. Literacy gives women the knowledge and skills they need to pursue work, participate in their communities, and make informed decisions. Adult literacy promotes gender equality by empowering women to stand up for themselves, take part in social and political life, and make contributions to the growth of gender equality and general societal advancement. In essence, adult literacy programs for women encourage empowerment, equality, and sustainable development by acting as a catalyst for good change. The class start date, the class times, and the participants’ areas of learning interest were only a few of the significant topics covered in this session.

A six-day adult literacy class has recently concluded with an encouraging turnout of nearly 18 women attending each day. These dedicated learners displayed remarkable enthusiasm and determination to acquire new knowledge, particularly when it came to English vocabulary. Over the course of the program, they not only learned to write their names in English but also significantly improved their pronunciation, making them more confident in discussing various locations in Kathmandu.

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Waste management is of paramount importance for several compelling reasons. It safeguards public health and the environment by preventing the spread of diseases, reducing pollution, and conserving valuable resources. Proper waste disposal and recycling practices mitigate the harmful impacts of waste on air, water, and soil quality, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and liveable planet. Furthermore, efficient waste management systems can generate economic opportunities, create jobs, and stimulate innovation in recycling and waste-to-energy technologies, aligning environmental responsibility with economic growth. Waste management is an essential cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for all.

The Waste Management program was done on the 5th of November 2023, sixteen total women participated in the session and actively took part in the discussion, the program was facilitated by Mr. Sharad Neupane who also worked on different social projects for Budhanilkhantha Municipality. The program was shortly started after an introduction where Mr. Neupane briefed all the women about the negative impact of using plastic and burning it.


Literate women have the knowledge and abilities necessary to seek careers, engage in community life, and make wise judgments. By giving women the confidence to advocate for themselves, participate in social and political life, and contribute to the promotion of both gender equality and society at large, adult literacy helps to advance gender equality. Adult literacy programs for women essentially operate as a catalyst for positive change, promoting equality, empowerment, and sustainable development. Among the important subjects discussed in this session were the start date of the class, the times of the classes, and the participants’ areas of interest in learning. These committed adult women showed incredible energy and a strong desire to learn new things, especially when it came to vocabulary in English. They greatly enhanced their pronunciation during the training and learned how to write their names in English, which gave them greater confidence while talking about other parts of Kathmandu. They have also made significant progress in knowing the names of the days, understanding Sunday and Monday in particular. Observing their excitement and advancement in acquiring new abilities has been quite fulfilling. By providing them with essential knowledge and skills, literacy programs for women are a transforming endeavor that ultimately boosts their self-assurance and independence. Women can access better economic prospects and significantly increase their family’s income and overall financial stability by developing their reading and writing skills. Education also promotes gender equality and advances the rights of women in society by challenging and dismantling rigid gender norms. Additionally, literacy has a tremendous impact on raising women’s health knowledge and empowering them to make wise decisions regarding their own and their families’ welfare. The advantages go beyond the individual because educated women actively participate in social advancement and communal development, which strengthens the fundamental foundation of their communities. In the end, these initiatives have the potential to create a ripple effect, as literate mothers are more likely to encourage their children’s education, setting the stage for a brighter and more prosperous future for all generations.


Since every move played in the mentally taxing game of chess replicates a decision made in real life, it was chosen as the vehicle for these important life lessons. Seventy-six kids in grades 7, 8, and 9 enthusiastically participated in the program, which was started by national-level chess player Sushruth Dahal. Mr. Bikash, the school coordinator, and Principal Indra Bahadur Rai provided supervision. Mr. Dahal captivated the pupils’ attention and sparked their passion right away with inspirational movies and chess strategies.

The dates of the second and third sessions, which spanned four consecutive Fridays, were September 15 and October 6, respectively. Chess provides kids with several benefits, including improved critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning abilities that support cognitive growth. Their focus, judgment, and the important traits of patience and endurance in the face of difficulties have all improved as a result of the game. It relieves stress, improves memory, and promotes strategic thinking. Chess also encourages social interaction, good sportsmanship, and the growth of critical time management abilities. The last session, which is slated for the third week of November, is expected to solidify the students’ passion for this strategy and mental acuity game while also enhancing their intellectual and life abilities.

Finally, on November 24, all children from grades 7, 8, and 9 participated actively in the final friendly competition session. Out of the more than 50 students, three were selected as the game’s champions, and GFF Helps Nepal gave them encouragement in the form of a journal and pen. Additionally, Mr. Dahal received a thank-you gift for affection and a thank-you speech in appreciation for his time and labor.

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GFF Helps Nepal August update with their projects


Mr. Saom, who is also the Asia Pacific Coordinator of the Glenn Family Foundation (GFF), visited Nepal on August 14, 2023. During the visit, the GFF Nepal Representative and Mr. Saom visited various areas for the project. We successfully coordinated with the Executive Director and Finance Manager of the Child Development Society, as well as the school authorities of Shree Balkumari School. Two projects were confirmed: chess and Scrabble for students. These games aid in learning English and fostering creative thinking. Both are mentally demanding and require intense concentration. We extend our gratitude to Niraz Koirala,a close friend of Mr. Saom, for connecting us with a resource person for chess and Scrabble. Furthermore, on another day, we traveled to Shreejanshil School to meet relevant individuals. During the meeting, we discussed upcoming projects, including a Health Camp for autistic children, providing necessary materials to enhance their fine and gross motor skills. Additionally, plans were finalized for a Refreshment Tour for the children.


On Monday, August 14, 2023, GFF Helps organized a significant and engaging sharing session program that brought together local women from the community and students from the community school. This event provided a platform for all participants to openly share their life experiences and express their individual areas of interest. They enthusiastically discussed their dreams, aspirations, and the paths they hope to tread in the future – what they want to achieve and who they aim to become.

The discussions extended to the participants’ expectations from GFF Helps Nepal, demonstrating the valuable bridge that the organization has formed between their aspirations and the support they receive. Through heartfelt conversations, participants conveyed their hopes for guidance, education, and opportunities that GFF Helps can bring into their lives.

Amid this atmosphere of shared stories and aspirations, a special highlight of the event was the presentation of souvenirs from Sir Saom to the dedicated women of the community. This gesture of gratitude recognized their significant contributions to the leaf plates project. These women’s dedication and hard work have not only helped advance a sustainable initiative but have also showcased the power of collective efforts in bringing positive change to their community. Overall, the sharing session encapsulated the spirit of unity, aspiration, and collaboration – values that GFF Helps, and its beneficiaries hold dear as they journey towards brighter futures together.


On Wednesday, August 3, 2023, GFF Helps Nepal organized an educational program on social media. Twenty-six adult women participated in the program, all of whom come from the women’s school under Ward 12 of Budanilkhantha Municipality. The program was led by Mr. Chandra Dev Bhatta, who also serves as the Coordinator of the Social Work Department at Triton College.

Mr. Chandra Dev shared insights into how social media assists people in staying connected and exchanging ideas, thoughts, and opinions within a safe and secure environment. He emphasized its role in keeping individuals informed about current events and trends. Social media has become a catalyst for social change, supporting women’s empowerment by bringing global attention to women’s rights, challenges, and stereotypes worldwide. Furthermore, a specialized program was organized for local women to educate them about the importance of social media. This initiative helped them understand how to showcase their skills, sell products, and promote their creations using online platforms.

Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal August update with their projects
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GFF Helps Nepal Empowers Eco-Legacy

Leaf Plates Projects – Empowering Eco-Legacy

The Leaf Plate Project, conducted on June 19th, 2023, involved the active participation of women from the community. Prior to this significant day, we embarked on a market study to gather valuable insights on leaf plates.

Following meticulous aftermarket research, we procured leaves to kickstart the project. The core objective was to tackle plastic waste and foster environmental sustainability. However, this initiative held a deeper cultural significance as well. In various cultures and traditions, leaf plates have played an integral role for centuries during religious ceremonies, festivals, and special occasions. By advocating for the use of leaf plates, we not only embraced sustainable practices but also upheld our cultural heritage and the traditional values associated with utilizing natural materials. Eleven inspiring women who enthusiastically joined the project fondly reminisced about their past experiences.


Awareness through Drama about Environment

On June 12th, students from classes 6, 9, and 10 of Shree Balkumari school actively participated in a drama event aimed at raising awareness about various important environmental factors.The event focused on highlighting new perspectives and ideas. A total of 27 students took part in the event, while 32 students from class 6 served as the audience. Distinguished guests, including Krishna Prasad Subedi, the Executive Directorof CDS, Pradeep Shrestha, the Program Manager, and the school principal, Indra Bahadur Rai, were present to encourage the children.

The students showcased their creativity through different dramatic presentations, emphasizing the significance of planting trees and waste management. They highlighted the importance of separating decomposable and non-decomposable items, as well as the negative impact of improper garbage disposal. The students eloquently demonstrated the consequences of throwing garbage irresponsibly. The event was conducted with clear language and meaningful content, ensuring that the message reached the audience effectively. The presence of esteemed guests added to the encouragement and motivation provided to the participating students.

World Environment Day: Plantation

“Cultivating Hope: Planting Trees for a Sustainable Planet”

On June 5, 2023, Glenn Family Foundation Helps Nepal (GFF) joined with the students of Shree BalKumari school to plant a diverse array of trees including juniper, guava, and orange. This collaborative effort holds immense significance in promoting environmental sustainability. By introducing these plant varieties, the project aims to enhance biodiversity conservation, prevent soil erosion, sequester carbon dioxide, ensure food security, and foster community engagement. The juniper trees contribute to soil stability, while the guava and orange trees aid in carbon sequestration and provide nutritious fruits for both humans and wildlife. This initiative serves as an educational platform for the students, instilling a sense of environmental responsibility and encouraging active participation in conservation efforts. Through this joint endeavor, GFF and Shree BalKumari School demonstrated their commitment to creating a greener and healthier environment, ultimately building a sustainable future for all.

Supporting our PNGO

Throughout this month, our organization has provided steadfast support to our partner NGO on various fronts. One notable area of assistance has been the health clinic, where we have facilitated basic treatments for students. Additionally, we have supported them by updating their social media. Moreover, we actively contributed to the success of the SEEP program held from 16th June 2023, extending our unwavering support to empower the community.

Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal Empowers Eco-Legacy
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Mensural Health and Hygiene For Early adolescence girls

Raising awareness about menstrual health and hygiene for early adolescent children is very important as the early adolescence period, typically between the ages of 10 to 14, is a crucial stage in a child’s development, as they experience significant physical and emotional changes. We empower them to navigate this transformative phase with confidence, understanding, and respect for their bodies by providing them with the necessary awareness and knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene. Many young girls may feel confused, anxious, or ashamed when first encountering menstruation. By offering awareness sessions, we normalize the process, reassuring them that menstruation is a natural bodily function experienced by millions of individuals worldwide. so, we tried to provide them with knowledge and confidently accept the natural process, Samikshya Tiwari nurse facilitated the session and taught them practically by showing safety pad and mensural cup how to use and make it hygienic.

The program was organized on 9th May 2023. Female students from Shree Balkumari School and Gramshikshya school below 14years participated in the program. Altogether 51 children participated and shared their ideas and understanding on it.

Awareness of Human Trafficking

With an aim to spread education that “Human trafficking is an act against humanity”, an awareness program was conducted at Janakalyan Secondary School, Bouddha, Mahankal, Kathmandu, on May 16, 2023. The students of 6 and 9 took active part in the program. The program was focused on explaining all the dimensions of the issue and safety measures. It is important to offer awareness sessions on human trafficking to students, prevention and protection, and personal safety, recognize the sign and internet safety. Awareness sessions equipped students with the knowledge to identify potential traffickers, deceptive recruitment tactics, and situations that may lead to exploitation. We believe our session was able to empower them to protect themselves and their peers, reducing their vulnerability to trafficking.

They also learn about safe online practices, the importance of privacy settings, and how to recognize and to report suspicious activity. After the thematic counseling, two different sports such as balloon blast and musical chair was organized in order to motivate the participants to involve into the new challenges and focus on the self goals. Additionally, the sports had proven a message that “age doesn’t matter when self interest is high” as many made their participation with full energy and enthusiasm. Lastly, the program was ended with a brief feedback from all the attendees including the participants, counselors, CDS staffs and the organizers. it was right in this phase, prize distribution tasks was also done. The winners of the two sports Mrs. Ruma Giri (balloon blast) and Mrs. Ruma Khatri (musical chair) were awarded with a plant and a packet of corridor seed which symbolizes the moral of the program. That is to say, if the plant gets care, it will definitely grow well and provide necessary services such as oxygen, fruit and beauty to the environment.

Psychosocial First AID Session for CommunityWomen

The two-day “Psycho-social First Aid” program was held on May 21 and 22, 2023, at CDS Training Hall with the goal of introducing simple coping abilities to overcome the stressful circumstances. The program’s facilitators were Mrs. Sapana Basnet, the SEEP In-charge for the PNGO, and three psychosocial counselors from Budhanilkantha Municipality Wards 10, 11, and 12,respectively, Mrs. Bhawana Kharel, Mrs. Bhandhana, and Mrs. Kamala Lamsal. A total of 28local women participated in the program. The session’s major objective was to raise participants’ awareness of the fact that stress is a normal part of life and that it may manifest itself in a variety of ways, including social, environmental, familial, and mental components. While the first day of the session was devoted to the theoretical exchange of knowledge on subjects like the concept of stress, types of stress, effects of stress, and its links with other dimensions (i.e., mental, social, emotional, and physical), the second day of the session was used for practical applications. The beneficiaries were asked to participate in different games like sharing the meaning of names, lifting the mat with a single hand for a certain amount of time, and other similar activities. The session grew more motivating as a result of both academic and practical understanding. The beneficiaries’ interactions throughout the session, in which they revealed their own stressful events and coping mechanisms, was another area of attention. As a result, they were able to conclude that stress is common and part of everyday life based on the beneficiaries’ responses. Instead of placing the blame for the issue on oneself, a person should adopt methods to get out of their predicament, such as yoga, meditation, self-encouragement and calm thinking.

Supporting our PNGO

Where we get enrolled in our own projects all the time, we also assist our PNGO during need. On 13th May, 2023, there was “Annual Day” program . So for the program, we were asked for doing some volunteering tasks. As per the instruction of the PNGO staff, we were involved in management of wheelchairs for distribution, making decorative items, doing field visit, report writing and above all two videomaking.

We engaged in assisting at health clinic also. In the absence of the Health Clinic In-charge Mrs. Samiksha Tiwari, we provided some simple treatment to the patients who came across. Usually the students of Shree Balkumari School and people from local community come to seek treatment. This month we assisted the patients with certain treatment such as picking out the paper from her ear, putting on bandage. cleaning the wounds to stop excessive bleeding, giving steam for toddler who were having problem in breathing in guidance of the doctor, etc. This month, we helped the patients with specific treatments including removing the paper from the patient’s ear and applying bandages. In accordance with the doctor’s instructions, the wounds were cleaned to halt excessive bleeding and steam was administered to a kids who was having breathing difficulties.

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School of Disable Children: Social and Emotional Learning

Self care program for mothers of community

On the 18th of April, 2023, a visit program to Shrijanshil school in Naikap was successfully conducted. This visit was organized to provide support to the school and its children in the form of various materials that can help them in their development. The supporting materials included stationery items, a football, and puzzle blocks, which will aid in the children’s motor activities and contribute to their physical health by promoting exercise. The program was a great success, and the school authorities were very grateful for timely support provided by GFF. The materials provided will be beneficial to the children in several ways. Firstly, the children will develop their social skills and teamwork abilities through activities such as playing football together or solving puzzles collaboratively. This will assist them in forming meaningful relationships with their peers and understanding the importance of working together, the use of puzzle blocks will also improve cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving, as they will need to use their critical thinking skills to solve the puzzles. This will aid in their overall academic performance and help them to develop strong problem-solving abilities.

With the aim of enhancing awareness on the importance of caring selves, the program was organized on 11th April, 2023 in co-ordination with the Child Development Society (CDS). The program was targeted towards the local women who have been investing all of their time in caring the family and involving into the domestic works thus ignoring to prioritize themselves. For increasing the effectiveness of the goals, three major activities were focused such asthematic counseling, sports and feedback. All these were done according to the schedules. During the initial phase, the counselor of Budhanilkantha Municapility- 12,Mrs. Kamala Lamsal provided short counseling through her presentation and the counselor of Budhanilkantha Municipality-10. Ms. Bhawana also gave her active participation. Similarly, the program had developed the open space for the interested participants to share their experience and knowledge on the subject matter. Hence, the thematic counseling had covered all the contents regarding what, why and how to take care of self along with its benefit to others.

After the thematic counseling, two different sports such as balloon blast and musical chair was organized in order to motivate the participants to involve into the new challenges and focus on the self goals. Additionally, the sports had proven a message that “age doesn’t matter when self interest is high” as many made their participation with full energy and enthusiasm. Lastly, the program was ended with a brief feedback from all the attendees including the participants, counselors, CDS staffs and the organizers. it was right in this phase, prize distribution tasks was also done. The winners of the two sports Mrs. Ruma Giri (balloon blast) and Mrs. Ruma Khatri (musical chair) were awarded with a plant and a packet of corridor seed which symbolizes the moral of the program. That is to say, if the plant gets care, it will definitely grow well and provide necessary services such as oxygen, fruit and beauty to the environment.

One Day Meal Support at CDS Day care

GFF Helps Nepal has always been initiating the child- friendly tasks and the beginning of the New Year 2080 was also guided with the same vision. Within the CDS Day-care premises, the meal program was conducted on 17th April,2023. The core goal of the program was to access a nutritious and balanced meal to the children, which is essential for their growth and development. Futhermore, providing a meal at a day care center can also help to promote healthy eating habits among children. Children who are exposed to a variety of healthy foods are more likely to develop a taste for them and are more likely to continue eating them throughout their lives. In addition, a short warm-up program was done to ensure proper digestion. Overall, providing one day meal at a day care center can have a positive impact on the health, well-being, and development of children.

Supporting our PNGO

GFF Helps Nepal has always been devotedly assisting CDS in every initiatives possible. Within the month of April, GFF team had volunteered in day-care and on two programs conducted by CDS such as second session of SEEP and Wheel- chair distribution. Usually, the GFF team had been assisting the CDS day-care by helping the staff in controlling and looking after the kids and playing with them to make the environment child- friendly. The second session of SEEP program was organized on 7th April, 2023 at CDS premises in which the Ward Chairperson Mr. Shambhu Bhattrai handed over the second installment to the Women’s Group such as Sagarmatha Women Saving Group and Himal Women Saving Group. The main tasks done by GFF team was by helping in arranging materials , capturing pictures and distributing the snacks to the participants.

Similarly, the wheel-chair distribution program was organized on 13th April, 2023 which was attended by the sponsors and the other guests. Altogether 8 wheel chairs were provided to the students of Shrijanshil School. In the program, the GFF team had assisted in arranging the chairs, providing snacks to the guests, capturing the pictures and videos along with the actual statement of the sponsor which was laterprovided to the CDS Executive Director Krishna Sir.

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GFF Helps Nepal connects with women and nature in March

The community clean-up campaign in Faika, Kapan served as a fantastic platform for individuals to take an active role in promoting sustainability and making a meaningful contribution towards building a cleaner and healthier planet. Student’s efforts in keeping our surroundings clean and promoting environmental awareness for a brighter, more sustainable future. Equipped with gloves and masks, these students selflessly dedicated their efforts to cleaning up the area, collecting a significant amount of litter, and making a visible difference to the surroundings. Through this initiative, aimed to raise awareness about the critical need for environmental sustainability and the role each one of us can play in achieving it. In community clean up campaign in Faika Kapan, aimed at promoting environmental awareness and ensuring a cleaner, greener future. The event witnessed a tremendous turnout, with 25 enthusiastic and socially responsible students from Shree Balkumari School volunteering their time and energy towards this noble cause.

Women Empowerment – Women’s Day celebration

The international Women’s Day celebration was important event that brought together women from different walks of the to celebrate their achievements and contributions to society. It was a platform for women to connect, network, and build relationships with each other, and to acknowledge the vital roles that women play in our families, workplaces, and communities.

The events was organized by our team in collaboration with CDS, SEEP project, and Day care Mothers, and was a resounding success. The highlight of the event was the initiative taken by the SEEP Project mothers, who planted beautiful flowers, representing the growth and empowerment of women in our society. At the same time, we were encouraged by the resilience and strength of the women we met at the event, and the powerful connections that were formed. We believe that events like this provide a space for women to come together and support each other, and we will continue to work towards empowering and uplifting women every day.

Psychosocial Counselling Support

GFF Helps Nepal Representative Link Psychosocial counselor of Budhanilkhantha municipality Ms. Kamala Lamsal with Bal Kumari public school. Discuss on future plans on the roles and responsibilities of the counselors and school in supporting children struggling with issues.

According to the coordinator of Balkumari most of the children are seen to have a negative social and family environment, including lack of family and love. Identification of issues and supporting the general issues while referring major and intense issues to transcultural psychosocial organization Nepal.

The psychosocial counsellor will refer the children below 10 to a child psychologist. Identified list of the children given by school will be supported by the counsellor once the school reopens. Two session with four of the students of Shree Balkumari has been completed where counsellor ma’am has been working on identifying the problem for the purpose of improving wellbeing, alleviating stress and enhancing coping skills.

Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal connects with women and nature in March
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Positive Parenting Session: A Collaborative Initiative

The positive parenting project is a collaborative initiative undertaken to address the issue in parenting recognized by the school authorities. With the objective to help support both parents and their children in developing healthy relationships, and in bringing positive change in the lives of families. A two days session was conducted on the 9th and 10th February, 2023. These sessions were conducted by two facilitators Mr. Shiva Gurung (CDS Protection Officer) and Ms. Kamala Lamsal (Community Psychosocial Counsellor). The session was conducted in the CDS head office located in Kapan, Kathmandu. There were over 28 participants, the feedback from most participants was positive.

Psychosocial Follow-Up Session at Srijanshil school for CWD

Summarizing the psychosocial intervention work which was conducted from February to July of 2022, and a follow-up session which took place on 20th February of 2023. The Psychosocial Intervention was aimed at supporting the care givers of children with disabilities in a school very remotely located within Kathmandu city. The scarcity of effective and efficient resource individual in guiding and supporting family care givers has been an underlining issue in Nepal. To bridge the deficit in the system of social support, GFF Helps has been regularly taking visits and building connections to help family care givers get psychosocial support.

Youth Empowerment Project

Under the youth empowerment project, there have been over four individuals who have supported and who have been supported by GFF Helps Nepal. Ms. Anu, Mr. Abhisek and Mr. Paras who worked as an intern each with a period of six months and currently Mr. Pradeep has been interning with us. Youth empowerment is a project set to empower young people to learn and grow in several skills such as: technical work in editing and videomaking, field work, team work, coordination, cooperation and overall collaboration skills. In a short period of 6 months, not only do they get to showcase their individual skills but also learn skills and tools for personal as well as community betterment.


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