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Reading Workshop & Mobile Library
“Enhancing the opportunity of access to library resources.”
“Engaging students in authentic reading experiences”

There are two groups of kids located in different towns that GFF Philippines visit once a week. This month, Stefany and LPchanged location and visited the students from Capitan Tazan Memorial Primary School located in Ugsod Village in the town of Banga. These kids are related to each other and live in the same neighborhood. The opening of classes already started, and these kids were also going to school for a half-day class. In the afternoon, they spent time with us and do many activities to enhance their vocabulary.
We prepared worksheets for them and they mainly focus on vocabulary and letters. This is a good reinforcement for them after going to school. One of the mothers commented that instead of playing after school, they are looking forward to an after-class workshop with us. They are very happy that their kids had this free workshop something that only privileged children could afford. An after-class workshop that will further help them in their studies, will cost them a good amount, but we are giving it for free. That made them responsible and active. 

“Healthy Meals: Healthy Bodies and Minds”

Mr. Vincent with his family at their wide vegetable garden in Ugsod Village, Banga, Aklan, Philippines.

The Vegetable Garden Project Phase 3 continues to give nutrition and living to our families who are members of GFF HELPS Aklan Workers ’Association  in Banga Town, Province of Aklan. It has been their everyday routine to weed, to water and to involve their children in taking care of the vegetables since Summer Time of this year- wherein some of the seeds got withered but somehow survived and were taken notice by our farmers. Now that the rainy season is coming, most of our farmers are thinking of a solution to where they could still continue planting their vegetables despite unpleasant weather – perfect timing is the secret. Most of them had reserved matured seeds out from matured vegetable fruits that they could plant anytime on a fertile soil. We are grateful that our members are doing their best to not waste any of our seeds.


“Teach hands-on skills as it gives learners an opportunity to try out new methods and fail in a safe environment.”

Stifhany, LP, together with the kids holding their reflection paper and mud volcano.

The kids poured ingredients inside the mud volcano under the instruction of LP.

The Group Workshop was inspired by the Summer Program initiated and facilitated by Willyn and Michael last 2019. It was held in different towns in Banga, Aklan. When the pandemic started, everything was halted. We decided to do it again but in smaller groups. Ten students have been selected for this workshop and all of them are living in Tabayon Village in the Town of Banga. Seven kids participated in the activity. The Workshop was divided into 5 days and depending on the available schedule of the kids, we will conduct each day. The First Day of the Group Workshop was successfully conducted. The topic was about Volcanoes, their types, and examples. The kids participated in an energizer activity, proceeded with the discussion, and made their volcanoes. They are monitored and instructed throughout the activity. The kids were assured that a failure to make a volcanic eruption is okay. In the end, they successfully made active volcanoes and were fascinated with the eruption. They wrote their reflection on the activity. Testimonials of the parents and the kids were collected and all of them were satisfied by the outcome.

Online Storytelling
“Gives students the power to express themselves through multi- literacy modes.”

The kids enjoyed reading the funny story of the girl who had her first wriggly tooth. They also shared memories of their first loose tooth.

Kids have been busy preparing for the opening of classes. They will be engage into different setting and lessons. Most of their classes will be half-day and they are not allowed to go out until 12 noon. But, the kids have been hooked into Thursday afternoon that they would still join Online Storytelling. One mother said that Thursday afternoon and the stories have been the only thing that they are looking forward to during the pandemic. Somehow, they got used to the time and the session. We are very glad for our avid attendees. The Storytelling Gala that we will be having soon will be a great opportunity for them to meet children from other countries.