Yoga and Evening Walks for Boosting Immunity in India

Apart from taking nutritious food, physical activity is very important in order to stay healthy. Yoga being a practice for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing was originated in the ancient India. It is one of the ways to stay healthy during the times of COVID19. Children normally have an active life than most of the adults but given the situation in this pandemic, even the students are not as active as they used to be
during the pre-COVID19 era. They are now forced to stay indoors and there is not much movement in their daily lives.

So, GFF HELPS India introduced Yoga Classes for the children of Sir Owen G Glenn Learning and Information Centre, Bong, Chibbo and Pudung villages in the month of July. The class was instructed by local yoga instructors, Mrs. Sujata Mukhia and Ms. Januka Dahal in Chibbo and Pudung respectively who volunteered to teach the children. There are a total of 15 students of SOGGL&I Centre, Chibbo village and 22 students of SOGGL&I Centre, Pudung village who have been participating in the Yoga

In order to aid a good overall health of the students’ one of the concerned teachers of SOGG Learning & Information Centre, Chibbo, Miss. Dipty Tirwa initiated everyday evening walks for the students since the month of June 2020. She guides the students maintaining social distancing throughout the allotted time of the walk. An ex student of L&I Centre, Chibbo Mr. Sumesh Tirwa volunteered to teach the students few exercises as well. The students have been participating actively along with some mothers who join occasionally in the morning and evening walks. The aim is not only to keep the children active during the COVID era but also to habituate them with healthy lifestyle in the post-pandemic.

by Nikita Rai, India Local Representative

Willyn CarrascalYoga and Evening Walks for Boosting Immunity in India