First Aid Training workshop

The First Aid Training Workshop was conducted on 5th August Saturday from 8.30am to 4.30pm by Mr. Wimalasena, Officer of First Aid Society, Kegalle at SANASA Campus Kegalle. The community members of Akiriyagala, Students of Vocational Training Institution, Kegalle and SANASA Campus participated in.

The training consisted of; Introduction to First aid and Incident Management, Disorders of respiratory system, Unconsciousness and CPR, Wounds and bleeding Management, Bone and musculoskeletal injuries, Medical Emergencies and Lifting and transporting of causality management. During the Introduction to first Aid and Incident Management training, participants were aware of the First aid and how the immediate and initial assistance provided to a person who has been injured or suddenly taken ill. It is a crucial skill that can make a significant difference in preserving life, preventing further harm, and promoting recovery until professional medical help arrives. First aid training equipped individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively in emergency situations.

Next the training was done by explaining the importance of CPR and how it can help maintain blood flow to vital organs when the heart stops beating emphasizing that CPR buys time until professional medical help arrives. The participants were also taught how to recognize the signs of cardiac arrest, including unresponsiveness, absence of normal breathing, and lack of pulse. The participants practiced performing chest compressions. Compressions involve using the heel of the hand to push down hard and fast in the center of the chest, between the nipples.

It’s great that the participants learned about how to provide assistance to a person who has been rescued from drowning. The trainer demonstrated and participants practiced the method. The trainer used visuals and demonstrations to show participants the correct technique for the Heimlich maneuver and allowed them to practice on models or training aids. In addition to practicing on models, participants also engaged in scenario-based training. This involved simulating choking situations using role-playing or scenarios to help participants practice the Heimlich maneuver in a more realistic context. Proper wound care, immobilization of fractures, and how to mobilize a fractured person was demonstrated involving the participants.

The participants actively participated in the workshop, and demonstrated in groups what they learned. The participants thoroughly equipped the knowledge provided by the workshop because they participated in demonstrating the training activities.

English for Village & Mobile Library

Every week English for village program is conducted in two days, on Tuesday and Thursday. During these days listening, speaking, reading and writing activities were conducted. Students were encouraged to talk about giving different information. This interactive approach encouraged active participation, enhancing their English speaking skills and strengthening their confidence in using the language.

Small children were asked to make words using given set of letters. Through this activities they learned the formation of words.

A Drama was also introduced during the program. Students were divided into groups and pairs to read the drama script, which featured the humorous adventures of Andare. Each group was assigned specific characters to read. After reading the script, participants gathered in smaller groups to practice their assigned roles. They focused on improving their reading and speaking skills. The mobile library initiative played a key role in expanding the students’ language growth. By providing them with books, they were encouraged to read a paragraph and meet unfamiliar words. These challenging words were then discussed, leading to an expansion of their vocabulary. Storytelling sessions were also conducted with relation to the Mobile Library.

Art Session

The Art Session at Yusuko Ono preschool is conducted on every Tuesday for one hour. Session began with a communicating introduction to different themes related to the lessons on preschool.. They were encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences related to what they learned at class and reinforcing them through coloring.

The impact of the session was evident through the active participation and enthusiasm displayed by the students. Moreover, the color mixing activity provided a multidimensional learning experience, development creativity and thinking skills.

The storytelling sessions also conducted with relation to the Art sessions. Following the storytelling, the participants were provided with coloring sheets featuring an outline of a lion. They were encouraged to use a combination of colors to bring the lion to life and let their creativity shine. The coloring activity aimed to develop their artistic skills, color recognition, and attention to detail.

The participants displayed high levels of engagement throughout the activities. They actively listened to the story, eagerly asked questions, and expressed their thoughts.

Reading Club

Reading Club is conducted every Saturdays and Sundays as a voluntary service to enhance students’ reading skills. During the session, students were instructed to read at least one chapter from a given book and extract answers to specific questions provided. Once the reading task was completed, the students engaged in a collaborative discussion, sharing their answers and addressing any challenging vocabulary encountered

Following the question and answer exchange, the students were asked to provide a summary of the material they had read. This exercise encouraged them to not only comprehend the content but also extract it into a brief and clear form.