Film Presentation (Theme: History of freedom movement in India)

We at GFF helps believe that learning should be fun and aid an individual to better understand the world around them. One of our projects this month was to engage the students from the villages of Bong and Pudung with the history of the freedom struggle of India. This theme was specifically chosen since the Independence Day of India falls on 15th of August. A detailed film on the struggles of freedom fighters for the independence of India and the progress we have made in the field of science, economy, sports till date, was shown to the children. Along with this we instructed the students to write essays on their learning, as we will be holding an essay writing competition amongst the students. This is a fun exercise that will help the children to retain the information and enhance their writing skills as well.

Table Tennis Training Camp

On the 5th of August an auspicious TT Board opening ceremony was held at the Pudung SOGG Learning and Information Centre. Mr. Anand Kumar Pradhan, chief patron of Kalimpong Table Tennis Association (KTTA) generously donated the TT Board and GFF Helps India sponsored the TT Bats and Balls. All the students, Managing Committee members of Pudung, teachers of the learning center, KTTA members were present in the program. We believe that this is a golden opportunity for the students and residents of Pudung village, therefore GFF Helps India has been started the TT Training camp at the Pudung SOGG center. The training camp will initially take place for 4 weeks and will be extended further are getting feedbacks from the students.

Professional TT players from KTTA come down every weekend and teach the students the TT sport. We believe that this has a potential of creating a long lasting positive impact for the entire village.

Mobile Library

Our Mobile Library project has been going on for 3 years since 2020. Every month GFF Helps Representative, Ms. Surabhi visits our partner Glenn Project in India which is the Sir Owen G Glenn (SOGG) Learning and Information centres; present in the three villages of Pudung, Bong and Chibbo. In the Mobile Library, Ms. Surabhi holds a reading session with the kids as she reads out some fables, and chapters from the encyclopaedia.

The children are also asked to come and read in front of their peers. This activity helps them to gain more confidence in public speaking as well as the skill of storytelling. The children are always excited to receive and read fresh new books every month.

Health Checkup Project (BP and Sugar Tests)

The health project has been undertaken by GFF Helps since 2020 in the villages of Bong, Pudung and Chibbo. It is still being continued till date and has been a big help to the residents of these villages. Monitoring BP and Sugar Test is very rare in the rural areas since you need to travel all the way to the town area to visit clinics and hospitals for the checkup. Hence, many have lost their lives because of lack of BP and Sugar Tests.

GFF Helps India is supporting this project by providing all he equipment’s for conducting these tests to the area coordinators of Pudung, Chibbo and Bong who are our partner Glenn Project in India. This month GFD Helps Representative Ms. Surabhi handed out sugar strips and lancets to the area coordinators. These health check-ups have been of immense help to the villagers and thus they do not have to go far away to get their checkups for BP and sugar level. This helps them keep a constant track of their health and maintain their wellbeing.