The 7-week Free Coaching on Civil Service Examination has finally ended last Thursday, March 16th, 2023. This program was attended by almost 10 participants, who are living in the different towns of Aklan Province, some are l job orders or working temporarily in the government. Due to the lack of the eligibility, they cannot be employed regularly or cannot be promoted in their respective fields. Once they pass the Exam this March 26th, they will be qualified to be employed regularly or to get promoted in the future. This program was done every Thursday at the GFF HELPS Office Kalibo. The PH Team is very proud of the participants’ diligence in coming to the office once a week to personally attend the said program. We followed a weekly schedule where Stef and I discuss every topic assigned to us. We were the one teaching them the areas of the exam. We also provided them some worksheets, test papers, handouts and answer sheet similar to that of the Civil Service, we also invited a Mathematics Teacher to teach the Math area of the Exam. We are yet to have the result on May depending on the releasing date of the Civil Service Commission in the Philippines. We are hoping that our participants will all pass the Exam so that they can get a permanent job in the future. 

Helping our fellow Aklanon to become eligible to work in the Philippine government offices.

Most of our programs ran for 6 to 1 year. This includes our Remedial Classes which started almost the same time when the government-funded school opened after two years of pandemic. We visited the four different schools in Banga Town and teach different children with Math, Science and English along with the e different worksheets we provided. We also lend books to schools and to the children during our Mobile Library Project and interviewed the parents, children and teachers about our programs -they were very grateful with all the books they had during the pandemic, when the schools were all closed, they read our books. Maica expressed her joy that she is always excited reading all the books over and over again. She said, “My favorite book is ‘The Little Bunny’ and the lesson I learned that I am unique and have many talents like the little bunny in the story.”

The parents were also very thankful for the Online Storytelling, which had developed the children’s creativity, took away their shyness and improved their English competencies. The participants of the Free Review for Civil Service were also grateful for the opportunity given to them, this is their ticket to employment once they pass the eligibility exam on March 26th 2023. (The result of this exam will be in May 2023.) Likewise, with the participants of Workshops: Crochet and Calligraphy, and Baking class – they had gained new skills that will lead to a livelihood when taken right.

These are some of the projects results that we have evaluated and we are looking forward to more quotations from the participants in the coming days.

Remedial Classes are ongoing in the four schools: Banga Elementary School, Muguing Elementary School, Sigcay Elementary School, and Lapnag Primary School. The progress of the children was witnessed by the teachers and parents. Some students were pulled out by their classroom teachers already because they showed improvement. They were replaced by other students who need remediation too. Some students who still need attention and remediation remained in the remedial class. We assessed why they are showing poor improvement and saw that their learning style is different as compared to others. They learn more when they are playing and not through worksheets. We changed our teaching approach and introduced them to educational games. It is more challenging for us because they are energetic kids and like to play around. We are always finding ways to help these learners who are misunderstood as “lazy” and “naughty”.

Assisting students to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills such as literacy and numeracy.”


The GFF HELPS TEAMS are composed of hardworking women from different races and backgrounds. Our beneficiaries and members of the GFF AKLAN WORKERS’ ASSOCIATION were mostly women. To celebrate milestones and extraordinary roles of women in all spheres of society, we made cards with messages. These cards were given to teachers who work with us and women who are member of the association. We went to their schools and houses to personally give the card and greet them. This is just a small act but they were touched by our genuineness. They left a heartfelt message to GFF HELPS and to Sir Owen. To all the women in the whole world who are making positive changes, “Thank you for being the woman you are!”

“Celebrate women’s milestones and their extraordinary roles in all spheres of society.”