Health Awareness Program

GFF HELPS Srilanka has been collaborating with Kegalle Base Hospital for the second time. On the 14th of February 2023, GFF HELPS Srilanka supported by Mr.I.S.Rajapaksha who is 23 years experienced health education officer in Kegalle Base Hospital conducted the Health Awareness Program for the mothers and fathers in Ekiriyagala Village. The main purpose was awareness of the mental health lessons, child mental health, nutrition development, health diseases, family planning, child upbringing lessons, and health challenges of the school community during the economic downturn. There were 45 participants for the program. After the session, GFF HELPS Sri Lanka received positive feedback from the beneficiaries.

Thank you so much for giving this opportunity for us. I truly appreciate Ms. Amali’s support and guidance. We learnt lot of things from the session,
we learnt the importance of the upbringing our children in proper way. We are very grateful for this opportunity.

Mrs. Kumari

Mental Well-being and Meditation Program

GFF HELPS Srilanka organized a mental wellbeing and meditation program for the first time on the 04th of February 2023, GFF HELPS Srilanka supported by Mrs. Piumani who is a certified yoga and meditation instructor in Kegalle. The main aim was to provide a mental wellbeing and mediation program for community members, Sanasa staff directly for their mental health, those that regularly exercise is less reactive to stressful situations, reducing levels of cortisol, and experiencing less depression and anxiety. Exercise will help to boost their confidence and strengthens their belief that they can achieve goals all essential to good mental health. Every weekend GFF HELPS Srilanka has been conducting the sessions with 30 participants.

English For Village Program

GFF HELPS Srilanka conducted the English for village program to enhance the English language abilities of village students. Week by week, creative sessions and activities according to the structured syllabus were prepared. GFF HELPS Srilanka team collaborates with Ekiriyagala Sanasa Primary Society and Sanasa Campus. Every Thursday and Friday the program with Ekiriyagala village Students are conducted. To build up confidence and improve English language skills, GFF HELPS Srilanka has an ongoing English for Village Program for primary-grade and second-grade students at the Ekiriyagala Sanasa Kegalle, Sri Lanka. Day by day they are improving their English knowledge and vocabulary skills.

The worksheets were prepared and distributed and the children were asked to complete the tasks and activities. Gradually they are developing and improving their writing skills and reading skills. To brainstorm, they used creative activities, coloring letters, and writing letters. They also practiced creating the letters in a creative way that helped them to remember the letters and their pronunciation. The resource person is Mrs. Sumudu Basnayaka who is a postgraduate of the University of Wayamba, Srilanka.

Mobile Library and Donation Program

GFF HELPS Srilanka actively collaborated with Ekiriyagala SANASA Society and the village, and conducted the Mobile library. Every week reading sessions were conducted with the Ekiriyagala village students due to the lack of educational resources within the village. GFF HELPS Srilankan Representative provides the story books for the village students. By reading, they have been improving their reading skills and also improving in their story-making abilities. GFF HELPS Sri Lanka organized a book donation drive for the SANASA Campus staff and the undergraduates. GFF could collect 150+ story books for the Mobile Library. This program was initiated in Ekiriyagala village as a part of the English for Village program. The kids in Ekiriyagala and nearby villages gathered at Ekiriyagala SANASA cooperative society to read story books. While reading, they remembered different characters and settings that belong to a given story. Reading is a workout for their brain that improves memory function.

Art and Craft sessions for Yasuko Ono Sanasa Preschool

GFF HELPS Srilanka has been collaborating with Yasuko Ono Sanasa International Preschool for the first time, GFF HELPS Srilanka organized and conducted Art and Drawing sessions for the preschool kids in Yasuko Ono Sanasa Preschool. On the 07th of February, the program started with 45 students. They actively participated for the weekly sessions. The main aim was to enhance the creativity and also increase the emotional intelligence. Drawing is an important outlet for children and helped them to illustrate new ideas and helped them to think creatively.