Nepal working towards Emotional Learning


In the capital city of Nepal, i.e. Kathmandu, many women have been given the opportunity to work, while it may not be true for most women within Nepal. The women empowerment project led by the GFF Helps Nepal is an initiative to fire the flames of embers rising within the women to rise from clutches of cultural and societal expectations.

While, several projects in the past were focused on helping women to be engaged with the aim of becoming self-dependent. In addition to the payments made to the women group for their hard-work in tailoring of eco-friendly accessories; honouring them with khada (cultural gesture of respect) and words of encouragement has been an eminent part of supporting the women in the process of this project.

 The most valuable time was spent with the women as Mr. Krishna Prasad (PNGO CDS Executive Director) and Mrs. Samjhana Dhakal (PNGO CDS- Finance Manager), encourages the women from this project.

Observing World Environment Day


On 5th June, students from Bal Kumari community school gathered on the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’. Several activities observing this special occasion, was conducted, such as: Clean-up campaign and group art work. Valuing the importance of the children’s educational classes in school, the sessions were conducted on two separate days one for each event. The excitement to both work and learn outside the classroom has always kept children interested and they have valued it. The students work in groups participating in art work as a part of observing and understanding the message of World Environment Day.

Sensitization on the theme – Only One Earth

Children from Bal Kumari school in-action to spread this message on World Environment Day.

Students from both junior and middle school enjoy their time in learning via art and group work. Although papers were used in conducting these events, it will be reused as lessons for future activities.

Supporting Children’s Home (Bourgandi)

The GFF Helps Nepal team love to be a part of the lives of children who live in children’s home here in Nepal. Therefore, engaging with children and empowering them with the emotional and educational support has been the major aim to help them strive higher in their lives. Considering the need of the children, GFF Helps Nepal were able to provide with Nepali – to- English dictionaries for these children. Over eight children were present at the time of distribution, with few extra dictionaries were distributed later on.

Weekly sessions with the children and engaging them in several activities seeking to promote the children’s emotional and educational capabilities through these activities. Such as: English Language Classes, General Knowledge, Singing and music sessions, indoor games, meditation sessions, physical exercises and therapeutic listening sessions and group discussions.

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The importance of tending to the needs of children from a young age can bear fruits of immense strength and gratitude in the lives of these children.

Similarly, with the aim to support children of the Day Care Centre belonging to PNGO – The Child Development Society, GFF Helps Nepal team has been working to improve the lives of these children.

Joy and love has been feeding all of our souls as we work for children at the Day Care Centre in CDS Kapan. The most precious smiles are captured sometimes with a camera and sometime with our eyes. It steers our hearts with compassion and love.

It is always a joy to support children.


Students from BalKumari school investing in reading from a play titled _Grumpy Leprechaun_
A poem recitation session


Community school children of BalKumari Basic school in Kapan, have been receiving educational support from GFF Helps Nepal team. Regular English lessons have been conducted with middle school children. The sessions are kept light, enjoyable and very focused on improving -grammar, pronunciation, speaking proficiency, dialogue and overall English Language of the children.

Participatory Training with PNGO CDS

A two day’s Orientation on Basic Counselling skills for all the staff of PNGO was organized on 7th and 8th June 2022. During the orientation Resource Person and Psychologist, Mrs. Rama Karki facilitated the session with ease on key topics like therapeutic communication skills, quick screening skill, counselling methods, etc.

Since most of the staff of the PNGO work with vulnerable children and women from the brick kilns, sometimes the child needs psycho social support and women also require emotional support. In such cases, the staff can be a good listener and resolve issues at the ground level and refer the serious cases to the respective organizations.


The trainer also taught participants how to provide a safe space to vent about the children and women’s issues.

Joe FisherNepal working towards Emotional Learning