The sport’s project Scrabble and Chess this month embraced the knowledge and skills to the hearts of the students. As we guided and played with them, they were enjoying and learning at the same time. We’re fond and comfortable with each other’s presence that’s why they’re treating us with humble respect and admiration. We can see the progress happening to them not only with the socialization they had created upon playing with each other but also the cooperation, teamwork, and dedication to fulfill their part in the game. We, as their mentors or their teacher believes that these young students will gain more learnings and experiences that will play a great role in shaping their nature, helping them nurture their talents and skills, and fulfilling their eagerness, perseverance and opportunities to learn.



On the 25th of August, the Chess project was introduced with the objectives to help and motivate the students to think critically, build confidence to influence students to believe in themselves, and develop confidence in their strengths. Also, they could work on their weakness. Chess is a mentally demanding game that needs intense concentration. In addition, since every choice made affects how the game will go, it is also a game of life. So, it was commencement by a national-level chess player Shurshut Dahal. A total of Seventy-six students from classes 7,8 and 9 participated in the first session along with school coordinator Mr. Bikash and principal Indra Bahadur Rai. Mr. Dahal started the program with motivational videos along with the technique of chess. Almost all students show their interest in the game and play with enthusiasm.

The second session was conducted on the 15th of September which was on Friday from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. every four consecutive Fridays. Chess to students offers numerous advantages. This intellectually stimulating game enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning, contributing to cognitive development. As per the students, it has improved concentration and decision-making skills and also taught them to be patient and perseverance in the face of challenges. It enhances memory, encourages strategic thinking, and provides stress relief. Moreover, chess promotes sportsmanship, social interaction, and time management skills.


Introducing Scrabble to over 50 enthusiastic students, alongside their English teachers, has proven to be a valuable addition to their educational journey. This classic word game offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond the confines of the classroom. Firstly, it acts as a potent tool for enhancing vocabulary, as students are motivated to explore and employ a diverse range of words. Moreover, Scrabble contributes significantly to improved spelling skills, reinforcing the importance of accurate and effective communication.

Furthermore, the game’s strategic nature fosters critical thinking skills as students meticulously plan their moves, make decisions, and adapt to changing circumstances on the board. Scrabble also serves as a platform for nurturing creativity, challenging participants to form meaningful words from a limited set of letters, thus igniting their imaginations. In addition to enhancing cognitive abilities, Scrabble aids in memory development, as players must commit words to memory and recall them during the game.

Through active participation, students have become more confident in using the English language, resulting in improved fluency and articulation. Beyond these academic benefits, Scrabble promotes social interaction, allowing students to bond with peers and teachers over a shared interest while instilling valuable life skills such as sportsmanship, resilience, and the appreciation of effort. Ultimately, Scrabble transforms education into an enjoyable and memorable experience, preparing students for academic success and the challenges they will encounter in the real world, equipped with a rich vocabulary, strategic thinking abilities, and effective communication skills.


Taekwondo Foundation Day & Teachers Day Celebration at Chibbo SOGG Learning Center

Chibbo SOGG Learning Centre celebrated their teacher’s day along with celebrating their 5th Foundation day of the Taekwondo club on 16th of September. SOGG (Sir Owen G Glenn) Learning and Centres are our partner Glenn Project in India. The Chibbo taekwondo club has partnered with Chibbo SOGG Centre, where the children from the village are able take lessons and pursue Taekwondo. The presence of the Taekwondo club in the village had made a very positive impact in the village as children have learned to live a disciplined life by incorporating the values of this sport. GFF Helps India extended their support in the Chibbo Taekwondo Club Foundation Day and has been supporting them since its inception. The event started from 10 a.m. and the students where they performed dances and songs for the teachers and managing committee members. The teachers also gave motivational and encouraging speeches to the students.

Debanjan Girls Academy Share Football Cup

Debanjan Girls Academy is a residential place for girls from underprivileged background and nurture them in the field of football. GFF Helps has been actively partnering with Debanjan Girls Academy for the past two years through our various projects of Mobile Library, Newspaper Project and awareness programs on health & hygiene. Debanjan Girls football academy, share football club and Darjeeling Football association had organised an all-girls free football league for girls from marginalised communities. The finals of football tournament were held at Carmichael ground on the 20th of September. In the DSGA Football Champions Cup, several girl groups from Darjeeling, Pokhrabung, Gorubathan had come to compete in the football match where they got the opportunity to compete in a bigger platform and gain more exposure. Therefore, our help and presence in the event was very essential. GFF Helps supported them organize this program and attended it too. It was a wonderful experience watching young girls pave their way into the field of sports.