Sri Lanka focuses towards youth education in October

English For Village Program – Ekiriyagala Village

In order to build up reading skills among the village students, GFF HELPS Sri Lanka actively collaborated with Ekiriyagala SANASA Society and the village to encourage Mobile library with the students. And to facilitate the lack of educational resources within the village, every week a reading sessions with the Ekiriyagala village students are conducted. GFF HELPS Sri Lanka Representative provides the story books for the village students. It has been observed that with such reading practices, they have considerably improved their reading skills and building their story-making abilities. Currently, there are ten secondary students engaged with the Mobile Library project.

GFF HELPS Srilanka conducted the English for village program to enhance the English language abilities of village students. Creative sessions were prepared weekly and activities were conducted according to the structured syllabus. GFF HELPS Sri Lanka team collaborates with Ekiriyagala Sanasa Primary Society and Sanasa Campus. Every Thursday and Friday, the program with Ekiriyagala village Students are conducted.

Alphabet, Colors, Numbers, and phonics were completed by the primary-grade students. And storytelling sessions, grammar lessons were completed by the secondary grade students. To measure the impact of the English for village program, a mock examination for the secondary grade students were conducted. This program is conducted by an English tutor, Mrs. Reshani Tamasha at Ekiriyagala SANASA cooperative society for the kids in Ekiriyagala and nearby villages.

English For Village Program – Udovita Village

On the 07th of October, Udovita SANASA Society was involved in the English for village project. The Srilanka representative was able to communicate with the Sanasa society and the young people in the village and decided to establish the English for village program in Udovita village. During the discussion, the participants were very excited and interested in GFF HELPS projects. In the meeting, a volunteer was interested to start the program with village students. Currently, the program is running with 20 village students. GFF HELPS Srilanka representative engages every week with the program and Udovita village people.

Mobile Library

Technology Capacity Development Workshop

According to GFF HELPS Sri Lanka and Sanasa Primary Society meeting, on the 29th of September, the Technology Capacity Development Workshop was conducted. The main objective of the workshop was to implement a Technology Capacity Development Workshop about the Usage of Smartphones in an appropriate manner and also to promote the importance of technology in society. GFF HELPS Sri Lanka collaborates with the Higher Education Institute Society Linkages Cell (HEI-SL-Cell), Center for Cooperatives and Community Studies (CCCS) & Sanasa Campus. The program was conducted at the Udovita Village with 30 young ones in the village and rural community members. The highest percentage for the training program has been recorded between the age groups of 20 and 29 54.2%. And the least amount is associated with the above 50 age group.

To measure the impact of the program, GFF HELPS Sri Lanka used an online survey. Finally, according to the views of the members of the overall training program, a number of 19 (79.2%) have commented on the program’s explanation. The program has received positive feedback. According to the available data, the 05th graph shows the awareness of the members regarding E-Business, WhatsApp Business, Cyber ​​Security, and the Internet after the program. A higher percentage has gained very good awareness about the above topics. Also, most people were very well informed about the Internet.

Joe FisherSri Lanka focuses towards youth education in October