GFF Helps Sri Lanka bridges literacy gaps

English For Village Program

English is used all over the world by speakers of many languages because it has multiple uses and benefits. In order to build up language skills in Ekiriygala Village Students, GFF HELPS Srilanka conducted the English for village program. Learning a foreign language enhances ones cognitive and analytical abilities. There are several factors that make the English language essential to communication in many situations. Week by week, the creative sessions and activities are prepared. GFF HELPS Srilanka team collaborates with Ekiriyagala Sanasa Primary Society and Sanasa Campus. Every Thursday and Friday, the program is conducted with Ekiriyagala Students. We received newcomers for the program. There are primary grades and secondary grades students. Offered activities like helping to improve their reading skills, writing skills, and vocabulary abilities. The children were individually guided to deliver essays and practiced paragraph reading. They learned grammar lessons as well.

This program is conducted by an English tutor, Mrs. Tamasha at Ekiriyagala SANASA cooperative society for the kids in Ekiriyagala and nearby villages. The number of kids is increasing day by day and they are actively participating in the sessions.

Mobile Library

Reading is a good therapy to improve own focus, memory, empathy, communication skills also language skills. In order to build up the confidence in reading English and stories among Ekiriyagala village students, GFF HELPS Srilanka collaborates with Samasa Campus and Sanasa Primary societies, and successfully conducted the Mobile library. In Ekiriyagla Village, there are primary and secondary students engaging with GFF HELPS Srilanka Mobile Library. The main purpose is to build up warm and happy associations with books, increasing the likelihood that kids will find more and more knowledge. Currently, There are 150+ Storybooks, and week by week kids are receiving the books from the GFF HEPLS Srilankan Coordinator. Reading increases vocabulary and can be a good self-esteem to build good communication skills.

It is very especially important for children to read as much as possible because the effects of reading are cumulative. Recently got newcomers for the Mobile Library and they are really interested in the Facility. They are gradually improving their reading skills through the mobile library. GFF HELPS Srilanka hopes to expand the Mobile Library to more Sanasa Primary Societies.

Capacity Development Workshop

GFF HELPS Srilanka collaborates with Higher Education Institute Society Linkages Cell (HEI-SL-Cell), Center for Cooperatives and Community Studies (CCCS) & Sanasa Campus. The workshop was based on Usage of Smartphones in an Appropriate Manner for the Udovita Village and young ones in the village and rural community members in order to fill the discrepancies due lack of technical knowledge.

The main objective of the workshop was to implement a Capacity Development Workshop about the Usage of Smartphones in an Appropriate Manner and also to promote the importance of technology in society. GFF HELPS Sri Lanka aims to provide necessary knowledge and workshop where it is needed. It is essential to have the knowledge to have a proper usage of social media and create awareness about E-Business, E-Communication, etc.

For that GFF HELPS Srilanka and Sanasa Primary Society had a meeting to plan and discuss the Capacity Development Workshop. So we hope to conduct it on the 29th of September 2022 with 45 young people in Udovita Sanasa Primary Society Cooperative Building.

Joe FisherGFF Helps Sri Lanka bridges literacy gaps