Evoking Imagination & Creativity through Digital Advocacy and Wallpainting

Balkumari school Crossword Wall
On 10th November 2020, the GFF HELPS Nepal team, CDS, and CSN held a meeting with a total of 28 students of Shree Balkumari Basic School to orient them about precautionary measures against COVID-19, cybercrime and the concept of mural painting.

Sharing this information was the need of the hour as these students can serve as the educator at their own home. Meanwhile, there are increasing cases of online harassment, now that young people are ever more online especially due to restricted physical mobility in the wake of COVID-19. The mural painting facilitated by an artist is a unique experience to help them think creatively and evoke their imagination. The whole idea behind the mural was the possibility of creating something new everyday rather than having a static painting on the wall which would not get uninteresting over a period of time. The mural was turned into a crossword puzzle box which allowed not only students to play on the wall but teachers finding creativity. They can teach mathematics, write word of the day and so on. The students and the teachers thanked the organising team and Sir Owen in particular for these enlightening sessions.

The Principal of Baal Kumari School says “I am so excited to implement our new teaching skills on this wall. I found the initiative to be so creative.”

Hamro palo: Digital Advocacy
This project has reached 20 adolescent girls from rural parts of Nepal. Digital Advocacy where Hamro Palo, GFF Helps Nepal and Child Development Society came together was also to show the intersectionality of women, how beautifully different we are and to inculcate the sisterhood among ourselves. At the end of the 8 days long online session facilitated by topic specific trainers, the adolescent girls will then be connected to related networks and local youths active in different areas. To celebrate the intersectionality of women and to help the young girls find solutions for themselves through creativity, for example expressing their problems and finding solutions through poetry, story writing, drawing, singing, dancing, weaving and many other self-expressions. We will have one-month of interaction between a mentor and mentees. So, this one-month journey will see both of the mentors and mentees discuss together online via phone or meet and then create some kind of creative expressions.

The total duration for this project is around 40 days starting from 1st December 2020, including the one-on-one mentorship period by young women where these adolescents will be placed as per their interest.

One of the teachers who helped these young girls come for the session writes “I’m sending this mail to thank you for providing this great opportunity to Manisha and Mingma. They are so happy and they learned a lot from you. Not only them but I also learned a lot from this session. Again, thank you so much from both of Mingma,Manisha and from me as well.”

by Minket Lepcha, Nepal Local Volunteer

Willyn CarrascalEvoking Imagination & Creativity through Digital Advocacy and Wallpainting