GFF Helps Nepal August update with their projects


Mr. Saom, who is also the Asia Pacific Coordinator of the Glenn Family Foundation (GFF), visited Nepal on August 14, 2023. During the visit, the GFF Nepal Representative and Mr. Saom visited various areas for the project. We successfully coordinated with the Executive Director and Finance Manager of the Child Development Society, as well as the school authorities of Shree Balkumari School. Two projects were confirmed: chess and Scrabble for students. These games aid in learning English and fostering creative thinking. Both are mentally demanding and require intense concentration. We extend our gratitude to Niraz Koirala,a close friend of Mr. Saom, for connecting us with a resource person for chess and Scrabble. Furthermore, on another day, we traveled to Shreejanshil School to meet relevant individuals. During the meeting, we discussed upcoming projects, including a Health Camp for autistic children, providing necessary materials to enhance their fine and gross motor skills. Additionally, plans were finalized for a Refreshment Tour for the children.


On Monday, August 14, 2023, GFF Helps organized a significant and engaging sharing session program that brought together local women from the community and students from the community school. This event provided a platform for all participants to openly share their life experiences and express their individual areas of interest. They enthusiastically discussed their dreams, aspirations, and the paths they hope to tread in the future – what they want to achieve and who they aim to become.

The discussions extended to the participants’ expectations from GFF Helps Nepal, demonstrating the valuable bridge that the organization has formed between their aspirations and the support they receive. Through heartfelt conversations, participants conveyed their hopes for guidance, education, and opportunities that GFF Helps can bring into their lives.

Amid this atmosphere of shared stories and aspirations, a special highlight of the event was the presentation of souvenirs from Sir Saom to the dedicated women of the community. This gesture of gratitude recognized their significant contributions to the leaf plates project. These women’s dedication and hard work have not only helped advance a sustainable initiative but have also showcased the power of collective efforts in bringing positive change to their community. Overall, the sharing session encapsulated the spirit of unity, aspiration, and collaboration – values that GFF Helps, and its beneficiaries hold dear as they journey towards brighter futures together.


On Wednesday, August 3, 2023, GFF Helps Nepal organized an educational program on social media. Twenty-six adult women participated in the program, all of whom come from the women’s school under Ward 12 of Budanilkhantha Municipality. The program was led by Mr. Chandra Dev Bhatta, who also serves as the Coordinator of the Social Work Department at Triton College.

Mr. Chandra Dev shared insights into how social media assists people in staying connected and exchanging ideas, thoughts, and opinions within a safe and secure environment. He emphasized its role in keeping individuals informed about current events and trends. Social media has become a catalyst for social change, supporting women’s empowerment by bringing global attention to women’s rights, challenges, and stereotypes worldwide. Furthermore, a specialized program was organized for local women to educate them about the importance of social media. This initiative helped them understand how to showcase their skills, sell products, and promote their creations using online platforms.

Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal August update with their projects