GFF Helps Nepal Empowers Eco-Legacy

Leaf Plates Projects – Empowering Eco-Legacy

The Leaf Plate Project, conducted on June 19th, 2023, involved the active participation of women from the community. Prior to this significant day, we embarked on a market study to gather valuable insights on leaf plates.

Following meticulous aftermarket research, we procured leaves to kickstart the project. The core objective was to tackle plastic waste and foster environmental sustainability. However, this initiative held a deeper cultural significance as well. In various cultures and traditions, leaf plates have played an integral role for centuries during religious ceremonies, festivals, and special occasions. By advocating for the use of leaf plates, we not only embraced sustainable practices but also upheld our cultural heritage and the traditional values associated with utilizing natural materials. Eleven inspiring women who enthusiastically joined the project fondly reminisced about their past experiences.


Awareness through Drama about Environment

On June 12th, students from classes 6, 9, and 10 of Shree Balkumari school actively participated in a drama event aimed at raising awareness about various important environmental factors.The event focused on highlighting new perspectives and ideas. A total of 27 students took part in the event, while 32 students from class 6 served as the audience. Distinguished guests, including Krishna Prasad Subedi, the Executive Directorof CDS, Pradeep Shrestha, the Program Manager, and the school principal, Indra Bahadur Rai, were present to encourage the children.

The students showcased their creativity through different dramatic presentations, emphasizing the significance of planting trees and waste management. They highlighted the importance of separating decomposable and non-decomposable items, as well as the negative impact of improper garbage disposal. The students eloquently demonstrated the consequences of throwing garbage irresponsibly. The event was conducted with clear language and meaningful content, ensuring that the message reached the audience effectively. The presence of esteemed guests added to the encouragement and motivation provided to the participating students.

World Environment Day: Plantation

“Cultivating Hope: Planting Trees for a Sustainable Planet”

On June 5, 2023, Glenn Family Foundation Helps Nepal (GFF) joined with the students of Shree BalKumari school to plant a diverse array of trees including juniper, guava, and orange. This collaborative effort holds immense significance in promoting environmental sustainability. By introducing these plant varieties, the project aims to enhance biodiversity conservation, prevent soil erosion, sequester carbon dioxide, ensure food security, and foster community engagement. The juniper trees contribute to soil stability, while the guava and orange trees aid in carbon sequestration and provide nutritious fruits for both humans and wildlife. This initiative serves as an educational platform for the students, instilling a sense of environmental responsibility and encouraging active participation in conservation efforts. Through this joint endeavor, GFF and Shree BalKumari School demonstrated their commitment to creating a greener and healthier environment, ultimately building a sustainable future for all.

Supporting our PNGO

Throughout this month, our organization has provided steadfast support to our partner NGO on various fronts. One notable area of assistance has been the health clinic, where we have facilitated basic treatments for students. Additionally, we have supported them by updating their social media. Moreover, we actively contributed to the success of the SEEP program held from 16th June 2023, extending our unwavering support to empower the community.

Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal Empowers Eco-Legacy