Solutions to plastic pollution under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution.

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team have successfully conducted Environmental programs inside and outside the school premise of Lapnag Primary School through games using Environmental game box, proper waste segregation, coloring activities, worksheets, school clean-up drive and planting activities and many more. Other activities were also done in Sigcay Elementary School.

These programs were done to raise awareness and kindness to our environment with the help of our school partners. We started announcing this program last May and officially started last June 6th. We are very thankful to our very participative and appreciative school children and teachers – Teacher Ronie of Sigcay Primary School, and Teacher Shearel, Teacher Mona and Teacher-In-Charge Rosalie of Lapnag Primary School for being with us in every project. Some of the fruit tree saplings were also donated by Teacher Shearel.

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“Assisting students to experiment through trial and error, find solutions to problems, work out the best strategies, and build new confidence and skills.”

Every Tuesday, students of Lapnag Primary School engage in playing Scrabble and Chess. We can see the eagerness of the students to learn, their determination to win, and their cooperation to help one another. Most of the time, they are playing in a group with four to five members. Sometimes, some students are very excited to play and forgot to follow the rules, but at the end of the game, we can see their genuine smiles. Their laughter means that they enjoyed the game no matter whether they win or lose. Now, they can make longer words in Scrabble and make different moves in Chess. We’ll continue to conduct the sessions until they master the games. Moreover, parents see our pictures, and one of the members of the GFF Aklan Workers’ Association and beneficiary of the Sewing Project, Mrs. Zenie Felipe, volunteered to sew pouches for the letter tiles of our Scrabble Boards. We are very thankful for their support.

ADOPT-A-VILLAGE: Health Seminar

Spreading awareness about Voluntary Blood Donation, Anti-Drugs, and Dengue.

Last March 2023, The GFF HELPS Philippines had a seminar in collaboration with the Municipal Agricultural Office, and this month, we collaborated with the Municipal Health Office to conduct seminars with the topics “Voluntary Blood Donation Program and Anti-Drugs Abuse Prevention Campaign” by Mr. Josh Brix Naig, RMT and “Dengue Awareness” by Ms. Marevi Esparagoza, RMT in the Village of Muguing, Banga, Aklan, Philippines.

Atleast 30 residents from Muguing Village attended the Health Seminar in collaboration with the Municipal Health Office of Banga. Mr. Josh Brix and Miss Marevi, both are Registered Medical Technologist delivered 3 topics in the said seminar. 2 Clinic Teachers from Muguing Elementary School and theVillage Nutritionist are also present. We also checked the participants’ weight and blood pressure before the seminar started.

The first speaker, Mr. Josh Brix fluently delivered his talk and gave awareness on the danger of using and abusing drugs, as well as the advantages of blood donating while the second speaker is Ms. Marevi T. Esparagoza, talked about Dengue Awareness: mosquito carriers, symptoms, and prevention. During her talk, the attendees learned that it is the female mosquito that bites and might carry the virus that causes Dengue. They also learned about the symptoms that they might neglect. The attendees were already aware of the things that they should do to prevent this virus from spreading, but Ms. Marevi reiterated those things.

As what our Municipal Doctor said, “Your foundation is a big help in community, especially in creating timely and relevant seminars like this, inviting various speakers from different departments.”


Helping our fellow Aklanons to become eligible to work in the Philippine government offices.

Last February and March 2023, we had our first ever FREE Coaching on Civil Service Examination where 10 individuals were given assistance in passing the examination — conducted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) — through thorough discussions and test-taking, covering almost all the areas in the examination, by the GFF HELPS Philippine Team Volunteers, Lady Peace and Stef, and with the assistance of a Mathematics Guest Coach, Miss Jonamae. It was a successful one. And this June, we will have our Phase 2, with newly-graduated students, and housewives, hoping to land a good job in the Philippine government offices once passed, together with our Math Guest Coach, Mr. Mike

The Civil Service Exam, otherwise known as the Career Service Exam, is an exam conducted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to determine which individuals are deemed fit to work in public service.


“Enhancing the opportunity of access to library resources.”
“Engaging students in authentic reading experiences”

As the days go by, we can see the progress of groups of children residing in Ugsod and Laserna Village. They have different learning styles, and we conducted different activities for them. Those older kids answer worksheets, while the younger kids have psychomotor activities. We observed how they handled each activity and shined. Most of them can now read and write well. Some are quite shy, but now, they are active during activities. They show cooperation and work with their groupmates during group activities. With our guidance, they reached far from where they are before. We also maintain our close relationship with their parents by contacting them during our schedules. We also spend time talking with them after the activity. We are thankful that they welcomed us into their homes and trusted us with their kids.


“Assisting students to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills such as literacy and numeracy.”

Remedial Classes are ongoing in the two schools: Sigcay Elementary School and Lapnag Primary School every Monday and Tuesday. The number of students during sessions varies because some were absent. We always prepare worksheets before each session and make sure that it will target the weakness of students. There has been obvious progress with the students under this project. Teachers reported that they have been more confident to read. They are very happy to see progress because the end of the school year is fast approaching. They have to send all of their students to the next level and not let anyone fail. They are thankful for our help and hope that we can continue working with the on the next school year.