Mensural Health and Hygiene For Early adolescence girls

Raising awareness about menstrual health and hygiene for early adolescent children is very important as the early adolescence period, typically between the ages of 10 to 14, is a crucial stage in a child’s development, as they experience significant physical and emotional changes. We empower them to navigate this transformative phase with confidence, understanding, and respect for their bodies by providing them with the necessary awareness and knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene. Many young girls may feel confused, anxious, or ashamed when first encountering menstruation. By offering awareness sessions, we normalize the process, reassuring them that menstruation is a natural bodily function experienced by millions of individuals worldwide. so, we tried to provide them with knowledge and confidently accept the natural process, Samikshya Tiwari nurse facilitated the session and taught them practically by showing safety pad and mensural cup how to use and make it hygienic.

The program was organized on 9th May 2023. Female students from Shree Balkumari School and Gramshikshya school below 14years participated in the program. Altogether 51 children participated and shared their ideas and understanding on it.

Awareness of Human Trafficking

With an aim to spread education that “Human trafficking is an act against humanity”, an awareness program was conducted at Janakalyan Secondary School, Bouddha, Mahankal, Kathmandu, on May 16, 2023. The students of 6 and 9 took active part in the program. The program was focused on explaining all the dimensions of the issue and safety measures. It is important to offer awareness sessions on human trafficking to students, prevention and protection, and personal safety, recognize the sign and internet safety. Awareness sessions equipped students with the knowledge to identify potential traffickers, deceptive recruitment tactics, and situations that may lead to exploitation. We believe our session was able to empower them to protect themselves and their peers, reducing their vulnerability to trafficking.

They also learn about safe online practices, the importance of privacy settings, and how to recognize and to report suspicious activity. After the thematic counseling, two different sports such as balloon blast and musical chair was organized in order to motivate the participants to involve into the new challenges and focus on the self goals. Additionally, the sports had proven a message that “age doesn’t matter when self interest is high” as many made their participation with full energy and enthusiasm. Lastly, the program was ended with a brief feedback from all the attendees including the participants, counselors, CDS staffs and the organizers. it was right in this phase, prize distribution tasks was also done. The winners of the two sports Mrs. Ruma Giri (balloon blast) and Mrs. Ruma Khatri (musical chair) were awarded with a plant and a packet of corridor seed which symbolizes the moral of the program. That is to say, if the plant gets care, it will definitely grow well and provide necessary services such as oxygen, fruit and beauty to the environment.

Psychosocial First AID Session for CommunityWomen

The two-day “Psycho-social First Aid” program was held on May 21 and 22, 2023, at CDS Training Hall with the goal of introducing simple coping abilities to overcome the stressful circumstances. The program’s facilitators were Mrs. Sapana Basnet, the SEEP In-charge for the PNGO, and three psychosocial counselors from Budhanilkantha Municipality Wards 10, 11, and 12,respectively, Mrs. Bhawana Kharel, Mrs. Bhandhana, and Mrs. Kamala Lamsal. A total of 28local women participated in the program. The session’s major objective was to raise participants’ awareness of the fact that stress is a normal part of life and that it may manifest itself in a variety of ways, including social, environmental, familial, and mental components. While the first day of the session was devoted to the theoretical exchange of knowledge on subjects like the concept of stress, types of stress, effects of stress, and its links with other dimensions (i.e., mental, social, emotional, and physical), the second day of the session was used for practical applications. The beneficiaries were asked to participate in different games like sharing the meaning of names, lifting the mat with a single hand for a certain amount of time, and other similar activities. The session grew more motivating as a result of both academic and practical understanding. The beneficiaries’ interactions throughout the session, in which they revealed their own stressful events and coping mechanisms, was another area of attention. As a result, they were able to conclude that stress is common and part of everyday life based on the beneficiaries’ responses. Instead of placing the blame for the issue on oneself, a person should adopt methods to get out of their predicament, such as yoga, meditation, self-encouragement and calm thinking.

Supporting our PNGO

Where we get enrolled in our own projects all the time, we also assist our PNGO during need. On 13th May, 2023, there was “Annual Day” program . So for the program, we were asked for doing some volunteering tasks. As per the instruction of the PNGO staff, we were involved in management of wheelchairs for distribution, making decorative items, doing field visit, report writing and above all two videomaking.

We engaged in assisting at health clinic also. In the absence of the Health Clinic In-charge Mrs. Samiksha Tiwari, we provided some simple treatment to the patients who came across. Usually the students of Shree Balkumari School and people from local community come to seek treatment. This month we assisted the patients with certain treatment such as picking out the paper from her ear, putting on bandage. cleaning the wounds to stop excessive bleeding, giving steam for toddler who were having problem in breathing in guidance of the doctor, etc. This month, we helped the patients with specific treatments including removing the paper from the patient’s ear and applying bandages. In accordance with the doctor’s instructions, the wounds were cleaned to halt excessive bleeding and steam was administered to a kids who was having breathing difficulties.