“Assisting students to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills such as literacy and numeracy.”

Remedial Classes are ongoing in the two schools: Sigcay Elementary School and Lapnag Primary School. These two schools remained because the other schools were busy and do not have classes during our schedule. The villages where these schools are located are also adjacent to each other. We can easily monito progress of students from school to school. Teacher Ronnie in Sigcay Elementary School noticed the progress of the students in Grade 1 that he talked to us to include some of his students too. He selected the non-readers and slow-learners. What’s interesting is that they are all boys. It is a challenge to us to teach this group because they are competent and always argue with each other. During the first meeting, we assessed their needs and brought worksheets that will target their weakness. During sessions, we encouraged them to spell and read the words. They also have to identify the pictures from their worksheets. They are always excited to see us every Monday. Progress of these students will be recorded for their teacher’s record.


Helping our fellow Aklanons to become eligible to work in the Philippine government offices.

The Civil Service Examination is a test to determine those qualified to work in public service. Having Civil Service Eligibility means one can apply for permanent jobs in the government, and be entitled to a number of benefits such as competitive salaries, career growth, and insurance among many others.

The GFF HELPS Philippines initiated a Free Review for the test takers of the Civil Service Examination. The First Phase of the project started last February 9th and ended on March 16th. It was a fruitful 7-week review. We had a Guest Coach that helped them to solve Math equations. It was a special day and the reviewees learned a lot.

The reviewees took the exam on March 26th. We are very excited for them during the exam. Some of them sent selfies before and after the examination. We are now waiting for the results that will come out on June.

The second examination for this year of the Civil Service Commission will be in August 13th. We prepared a Phase 2 of the Free Review that will start this June 1st up to August 3, 2023. It will be a 10-week review every Thursdays. We are now gathering interested reviewees. Preparation is ongoing: invited speakers, materials, and etc.


“Enhancing the opportunity of access to library resources.”
“Engaging students in authentic reading experiences”

These months were full of holidays. Schools are also busy with different activities so they have to postpone their classes. The school year is fast approaching so teachers are seizing the remaining school days. During these times, we can’t go to school, so we conduct a house-to-house visit to the students. We have the students of Capitan Tazan Memorial Primary School that lives in the same neighborhood. During the peak of the pandemic, we regularly visit them because they are only in their houses. Now that schools are open, we seldom visit them. We always contact their parents during holidays if they are available and we make sure that we can have an enjoyable time together. The kids missed us a lot. Their parents keep on saying that they always look forward to the day that we can visit them. We promised that we will visit them during holidays or when school year ends.

We also have another group of kids in Laserna Village in Kalibo Town. Reading alone wouldn’t be fun, especially for children. That’s why, we as their mentors need to be flexible enough to teach them not only in reading but with a twist to make it exciting and memorable. To test their skills in art making, we prepared art materials such as coupon bonds, scissors, pre-cut colored paper, and glue. We let them write their names first on the coupon bond. Then, they select the color of the pre-cut colored paper they wanted to use. They need to fill the coupon bond like a mosaic or assemble the pieces to create larger and more beautiful letters. While doing this activity, they enjoy cutting the pre-cut colored paper based on their chosen shapes and then pasting it on the coupon bond. This activity teaches them not only how to follow directions carefully but it allows them to showcase their talents in art making.


“Assisting students to experiment through trial and error, find solutions to problems, work out the best strategies, and build new confidence and skills.”

Summary of Chess Session with Sigcay and Lapnag Kids

Chess game knows no age. It could be played by children, teenagers, adults and even senior. Some of them see it as pasttime, but for many it is educational. It helps somebody to be creative, strategic, logical, wise and sport, thus, the goal of GFF Philippine Team why we teach this sport to two schools in Banga. We are hoping that their logic and strategic thinking will be improved as well as showing participation and sportsmanship throughout the 10 weeks time in this project. The team also prepares powerpoint presentation for Chess so that the children could learn the basics. The are also thankful to the teachers especially in Sigcay School, the Principal, Mr. Norman Remaneses said, “This is a great help for our students to learn about Chess that the curriculum doesn’t teach.”

Summary of Scrabble Session with Lapnag Kids

Scrabble makes the children in Lapnag Elementary School learn English words and their meanings. The game is interactive and informative. We made sure that everyone was included and received fair attention from us. As the Philippine Team introduced what it is all about, we can sense their excitement and eagerness to play and learn. Even though it is quite new to play this kind of game, they’re very active and cooperative. Scrabble doesn’t only give them time and a chance to cooperate and play with each other, it also enhances their capability to think, create, and form a series of words in Scrabble. Moreover, because of this game, the children learned to value teamwork, fairness, and sportsmanship as key elements in winning.

ADOPT-A-VILLAGE: Health Seminar

Bringing Right Information to the Villages from the Right Authorities

Earlier this year, we have been in partnership with the Muguing Village and the Agricultural and Health sector in Banga Town. This is to make our goal a reality by providing seminars in the villages. Recently, we had our Rabies, and African Swine Fever Awareness conducted by the Agricultural Office and this upcoming June we are in collaboration with the Health Department to conduct a seminar on “Dengue Awareness” (the original topic that we wanted was on “Heat Stroke and Nose Bleeding Awareness but the doctor advised another helpful topic to be discussed.”). We have been making letters of intent, meeting the doctors and other authorities that we will be needing in the said seminar. The Town Doctor said, “Your programs are very helpful but I would advise you that Dengue Awareness is more important to discuss with but we can also talk a few minutes about Heat Stroke.” With this being said, we are grateful for the doctor since this topic is relevant to the weather here in the Province of Aklan. Right now, more on processing the letters so that we could be approved to handle such seminar in Muguing Village. We are looking forward to have this seminar with the teachers, parents and other concern individuals in Muguing Vilage as soon as possible.