GFF Helps Nepal stewards towards Literacy beyound words

GFF Helps Nepal: Empowering Mothers through Adult Literacy Classes

The Adult Literacy Class is an ongoing project by GFF Helps Nepal, which began in September 2023 to teach English to the mothers of SEEP (Self Education and Empowerment Program). SEEP, launched by our partner organization CDS (Child Development Society) in 2008, focuses on educating and empowering women. Currently, mothers from SEEP and the local community benefit from these classes conducted by GFF Helps Nepal Representatives. In June 2024, the mothers learned the names and spellings of Nepal’s seven provinces and their capitals in English, an essential lesson given the establishment of these provinces in 2015. Additionally, they learned spellings of frequently visited places to navigate the Pathao app for booking transportation, as well as how to fill out bank cheques and deposit slips. They also learned about Nepal’s seasons, their spellings, and the corresponding English months. A class test followed by feedback helped mothers gauge their progress, with results recorded for future reference. In April 2024, new mothers from the Kapan area joined the class, starting with the alphabet, days of the week, and English months. Understanding the English calendar was challenging, so a bilingual calendar was introduced. Group activities promoted peer learning and cooperation, and revision sessions were held at month’s end. Feedback on class effectiveness and suggestions for improvement were gathered to plan future lessons. In March 2024, the focus was on writing and pronouncing English greetings, filling out bank cheques, and recording voice messages using a messaging app. Worksheets were incorporated into practice routines to enhance learning, with feedback sessions helping identify areas for improvement. Peer-to-peer learning and collaboration were encouraged throughout the program. The Adult Literacy Program, targeting two-women groups from SEEP, included practical lessons such as filling cheque deposit slips and learning numerals in Devanagari and English, with printed worksheets on days of the week, English months with Nepali pronunciations, and tracing English alphabets. This continuous effort by GFF Helps Nepal and CDS aims to empower mothers with practical English language skills, significantly improving their daily lives and fostering a supportive learning community.

Empowering Women through Celebration, Health, and Entrepreneurship: GFF Helps Nepal’s Initiatives

GFF Helps Nepal, in partnership with CDS (Child Development Society), organized a “Women’s Day Celebration Program” for the mothers of SEEP (Self-Education Employment Program) who are also enrolled in the Adult Literacy Class at the CDS training hall. The event, attended by 17 participants, included speeches, a documentary on the inspirational Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, games, and a cake-cutting ceremony. Notebooks and pens were distributed to the mothers as a token of appreciation.

On April 16, 2024, the ‘Health Checkup Project’ provided health checkups for mothers in the adult literacy class. The 12 participants had their blood pressure, blood sugar levels, height, and weight checked. They received information on leading a healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, and health counseling. The initiative was facilitated by GFF Helps Nepal representatives and Mrs. Samikshya Tiwari, the Health and Program Coordinator of CDS.


On February 9, 2024, GFF Helps Nepal conducted the ‘Pickle Making Project’ for two mother groups from SEEP. Ten mothers, along with GFF Helps Nepal Representatives and facilitator Mrs. Radhika Thapa, participated. Ingredients were prepared a day ahead, and on the project day, mothers peeled, cut, and mixed the ingredients under Mrs. Radhika’s guidance. The pickles were then stored in containers, and the total cost calculated.

Following the success of the initial session, the ‘Pickle Making Project-II’ took place on April 9, 2024. This project supports women in becoming successful entrepreneurs, preserving food, and boosting the local economy. Mothers learned new recipes and techniques for pickle-making from Mrs. Radhika Thapa, enhancing their skills and financial independence.

GFF Helps Nepal Empowers Students with Hygiene, Motor Skills, and Career Guidance Programs

GFF Helps Nepal conducted a ‘Handwashing Program’ for Grade 6 and 7 students of Shree Balkumari School at the CDS training hall. The event was attended by 49 students, 2 teachers, Samikshya Tiwari, the health in-charge of CDS, and GFF Helps Nepal Representatives. The program included an interactive session on the importance of handwashing, a video demonstration of proper techniques, and practical exercises guided by Mrs. Samikshya. Liquid handwash was also distributed to the school.

On April 21, 2024, GFF Helps Nepal organized the “Hand Mobilization Project” at Srijanshil School for children with special needs in Naikap. The project aimed to improve fine motor skills and hand coordination in children with autism. Eleven participants were divided into two groups and engaged in activities involving different shapes and colorful glittery sticky papers to enhance their motor abilities, hand-eye coordination, sensory integration, and color recognition.

Additionally, GFF Helps Nepal conducted the RIASEC test for Grade 9 students at Bal Kumari School to help them identify their career interests and preferences. The test, based on the Holland Codes by John Holland, helps students understand their strengths and interests, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future educational and career paths. The test aims to develop self-awareness among students, guiding them in choosing the right stream in high school.

Joe FisherGFF Helps Nepal stewards towards Literacy beyound words