Yasuko Ono Preschool Supporting Session

GFF HELPS Srilanka actively collaborated with Yasuko ono Sanasa preschool which is situated in Sanasa Campus, Kegalle. GFF HELPS Srilanka representative supported the preschool engagement and arranged creative and interesting sessions for the kids. 45 kids actively participated in the sessions. The main aim is to develop the children’s mindset with innovative ideas and creative ideas. They learn color variations and art methods through the sessions. GFF HELPS Srilanka representative visits the preschool weekly and organizes the sessions for them by providing worksheets and motivating them to think individually and teaching them to color changes and color variations.

Mobile Library and Donation Program

To improve the reading skills and vocabulary of the kids, GFF HELPS Srilanka organized a mobile library and donation program for the village students. This program has been started on the 08th of June 2022. The kids in Ekiriyagala and nearby villages gathered at Ekiriyagala SANASA cooperative society to read books. By reading story books they improve their interest in the English language. There are more than 150 books in the GFF HLEPS Mobile library so anytime village students can access those books for their reference. The mobile library program is one of the ongoing successful projects in GFF HELPS Srilanka.

English For Village Program

The English for village program is conducted within Ekiriyagala village to uplift the English knowledge within the village students, GFF HELPS Srilanka organized the well organized English sessions for Ekiriyagala village students and nearby village students. There are more than 12 students and Mrs. Sumudu Basnayake who is a resource person teaching English for village program. Students improve their knowledge through the worksheets. All the sessions were prepared by GFF HELPS Srilanka in collaborating with English Department of Sanasa campus. The students have already completed building sentences by referring pictures, vowel reading, coloring letters and comprehension lessons. There is lack of knowledge about English language within the village students. To solve that educational issue GFF HELPS Srilanka is continuously collaborating with the village and providing necessary English knowledge for them.

The worksheets were prepared and distributed and the children were asked to complete the tasks and activities. Gradually they are developing and improving their writing skills and reading skills. To brainstorm, they used creative activities, coloring letters, and writing letters. They also practiced creating the letters in a creative way that helped them to remember the letters and their pronunciation. The resource person is Mrs. Sumudu Basnayaka who is a postgraduate of the University of Wayamba, Srilanka.

Sinhala Language Developing Session

Most Sinhalese speakers live in Srilanka. Sinhala is one of the oldest languages in the world and official and national language of Srilanka. GFF HELPS Srilanka Representative identified the lack of Sinhala writing skills within the village students of Ekiriyagala village. GFF HELPS Srilanka started Sinhala sessions for the village students to improve their Sinhala writing skills and knowledge. Every Fridays, GFF HELPS Srilanka provides the workshop for the 5 students in the Ekiriyagala village.

Mental wellbeing and meditation workshop

GFF HELPS Srilanka provided a mental wellbeing and meditation program for community members and students in Sanasa Campus. GFF HELPS Srilanka supported by Mrs. Piumani who is a certified yoga and meditation instructor in Kegalle. The main purpose was to provide workshop to reduce their stress situations and depression and anxiety. The regular exercises will help them to boost their strength and mental wellbeing. Every Thursdays GFF HELPS Srilanka conduct the physical sessions with 20 participants.