Broadening imagination with Mobile Library

A write only begins a book. A reader finishes it. Samuel Johnson

GFF Helps India and Philippines has been travelling with a bundle of books and reaching out to remote villages for the love of reading and seeding imagination in children’s mind.

A student of SOGG Pudung reading out a story

GFF Helps India team has been going for monthly visits to the SOGG Learning Centres of Bong, Chibbo and Pudung villages. The last visit was made on 29th & 30th October in Bong and Chibbo and 1st November in Pudung. On the day of our visit we exchange new set of books with the old ones and rotate it among the three centres. Since past few months we have been holding reading sessions along with the book distribution. Children were delighted to receive new set of books. Through this project children are developing their reading and explaining skills. However we have also felt the need of phonetics to be taught to the children for which we will be organizing a workshop in the near future.

Gff Helps Representatives with the participants of Bong

A student of SOGG Bong issuing a Mobile Library book.

Stifhany together with Teacher Monalisa Oloroso of Lapnag Primary School.

“Enhancing the opportunity of access to library resources.”

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team continues the collaboration with local schools by facilitating another phase of the Mobile Library Project. We have 90 children who benefited from this program, and it’s still increasing. We delivered 37 books for all levels to Agbanawan Primary School last October. The teachers have been sending us pictures of parents with the books that they get. We are happy to see them have access to storybooks that are seldom available in their area.  Since November is the Department of Education’s National Reading Month, we have prepared another 20 books, and delivered them to Lapnag Primary School early this month. The support that we give to the teachers and the parents during this temporary modular setup strengthens the connection between schools and stakeholders.




Joe FisherBroadening imagination with Mobile Library