Emotional Learning

GFF Helps Nepal and GFF Philippines works towards emotional learning with their creative ways of engaging with various partners who can create a better mental well being of the community.


Mrs. Ruth Shrestha conducts the Virtual Psychosocial Follow-Up Session

A Virtual Follow-up Session on School Psychosocial Support was conducted on – 17th November, 2021. The session time being 5:30pm- 6:30pm, was effectively conducted by Mrs. Ganesh Maya Ruth Shrestha (Counsellor Psychologist) on the virtual platform Zoom . The enthusiastic participation of teacher participants from community schools, was put into excellent engagement during the session.  excellent ability to engage our teachers and understanding their dedication towards their students was embraced by the participants.

A testimonial was shared by Mrs. Shanta Sharma, (teacher from Janaklyan Secondary School), on how after the workshop, the training was able to help her communicate with a young students going through a turmoil of emotions. The virtual session was a part of the project’s accountability and evaluation.

Ms. Rojina a nurse in a community school participates in the session

Ms. Sulochana Faciliates the session alongside Ms. Ruth


Effective Project Evaluation Session







Five Fruit Tree Saplings were selected for plantation. Namely_ POMEGRANATE, MANGO, GOOSEBERRY, GUAVA & PAPAYA.

Senior most students from Tri-Jyoti Higher Secondary School Participate in the tree plantation activity.

An awareness session on the Importance of Tree Plantation was conducted by GFF Helps at Tri- Jyoti School; Dated: 26th, October. This session was followed by a Tree Plantation Activity on 19th of November. A TREE PLANTATION ACTIVITY took place within the premises of Tri-Jyoti Higher Secondary School, Kapan. The senior most students participated in planting  over five fruit trees within the premises of the school. GFF Helps Nepal with the support of the school principal Mr. Ganesh Mishra and senior teacher Mr. D.B. Basnet, was successfully able to execute this project into action.


This activity also enhanced the mental well being of students as nature has always healed humans.

GFF Helps volunteers, students and school teachers, digging into mud intentionally to bear real fruits.

The plantation activity took place within the school premises.

School Principal Mr. Ganesh Mishra and senior teacher Mr. D.B. Basnet involve with the students as tree plantation takes place within the school premises.








‘Flex Your Pet’ Photo Essay Writing

These are Atasha and Althea flexing their pet puppy, Blight in Agbanawan, Banga, Aklan



“Hi! We are Atasha and Althea. This is our pet Blight. She’s still a puppy. We feed her in the morning, afternoon and evening. We also bathe her. She always plays with us. Early in the morning, she will go to us and invite us to play. We would always play with her too.”





“Children love their pets—and for good reason.”

As COVID-19 took over the world, many people are quarantined or isolated resulting in untoward consequences for the mental health of youth. The loss of our daily routines and the threat of more serious casualties to come has put a serious emotional strain on all of us. But, there’s a creature that has been an emotional support during this quarantine. Our beloved pets saved us from these constraints. World Animal Day was celebrated last October 4th and encompasses the whole month. In connection to this, GFF Helps Philippines made a one-time activity entitled My Beastie: Flex Your Pet Photo-Essay Writing. The selected eleven (11) participants sent their short essays together with a photo of their beloved pets.

Flex Your Pet Photo Essay Writing – These are the “Thank you” posters for the participants of our photo-essay writing.

The activity was successful as GFF Helps Philippines were able to compile all the entries. To show their appreciation for the works of these kids, they made a simple poster of thank you for them that was posted on their official FB page. The simple tokens will be handed to them afterward.

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