Good health is a vital part of a happy and successful life. The right to Health is a fundamental right of every individual across all countries. In order to bridge this gap, Glenn Family Foundation supports free medical camps that are provided to underprivileged people where free checkups and free medicines are provided. The Rotary Club of Darjeeling organised a Free Medical Camp at Chotta Mangwa on the 23rd of April 2023. GFF Helps team members were the integral part of this important event.

Chotta Mangwa is a beautiful and scenic village that is located on a ridge at the top of the Mangwa hill (above Teesta bazar). Unfortunately, there are no hospitals in the village and to avail medical facilities the nearest medical Centres are either in Takling village or Takdah Cantonment and if there are bigger cases, then they are further referred to Kalimpong and Darjeeling District hospitals. By organising this health camp many people were able to receive free medical check-ups without having to travel long distances and bear the brunt of transportation costs. The number of patients who attended the medical camp was around 350 approximately. The main objectives of a free medical camp are to provide free medical care and treatment to underprivileged people, raise awareness and educate people about healthcare along with referring severe cases to operations for further treatment. The Free Medical Health Camp was able to accomplish these objectives, since along with free medical checkups, the patients were also given free medicines. Medical checkups are important as they can identify underlying illness and further prevent it. Since many patients came to receive medical treatment, they became aware of their health issues. The doctors also recommended some patients with severe cases for follow-up sessions. Moreover, this time, there were different doctors of different medical specialisations each an expert in their own field. The reason for including diverse medical professionals was so that the medical camp could cater to the myriad of problems faced by the villagers. On the demand of the villagers for a psychologist in order to treat their mental health issues we also had a psychologist on the team.

There were 14 doctors (from Darjeeling and Siliguri) along with 8 team members from Jamgon Kongtrul Eye Centre, 8th Mile Kalimpong. They have been doing medical camps with us before and have collaborated again for this important camp. Some of the severe cases were referred to District Hospital in Darjeeling and some of the needy cataract patients were sent to the Jamgon Kongtrul Eye hospital in Kalimpong for further treatment. Overall, the medical camp was a huge success, and for it to be so there was a team of people working together who ensured that everything went smoothly. The members of the Rotary Club were present in the medical camp helping with the registration, sugar &pressure checkupsand also distributing the free medicines. The six Samajas of the ChotaMangwa village, namely Paropkar Samaj, Sunagava Samaj, Gram SewakYuwa Sang Samaj, Ghatani Samaj, Navin Pragati Samaj, and Makhamali Samaj also extended their full support in the medical camp. Members of the SOGG Saichik Welfare Society Kalimpong also volunteered in the medical camp. The Free medicines that were distributed in the Medical Camp were sponsored by YUMA Nursing Home & Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd of Darjeeling. Mr. Saom Tshering Namchu (Project Director GFF) and his family had personally sponsored the lodging of the 14 doctors, four paramedics, and 18 Rotarians. Along with this, he had also organised dinner and breakfast for all the overnight guests (doctors and Rotarians and GFF volunteers) in his Quo Vadis Farm. Transportation for the doctors (3 vehicles) and the SOGG Sacihik Welfare Society, Kalimpong (2 vehicles) was provided by GFF Helps. The medical camp started at 8 am in the morning and lasted till 4 pm in the evening. Towards the end, there was a small thanksgiving ceremony for the medical professionals as they had given us their valuable time and for providing their services. 6 new stretchers were distributed to the 6 Samajas of the villages, which were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Darjeeling.