GFF Helps India supporting, creating awareness and spreading joy

Workshop on healthcare by Dr. Sonali Vaid in Bong, Chibbo and Pudung villages

Covid 19 awareness and basic healthcare

Dr. Sonali interacting answering to the participants.

GFF Helps India Reps going to the field location for Dr. Sonali’s workshop in Chibbo village

Dr. Sonali Vaid, a Public Health specialist has been volunteering to spreadawareness and knowledge on CoVID19 and basic healthcare. During her visit to Kalimpong, GFF Helps India representatives met Dr. Sonali who volunteered to visit Bong, Chibbo and Pudung. It was a good opportunity for the India team to take her to the villages and educate people on basic healthcare and CoVID19.

Silent Rally against Child Sexual Abuse

On 12th August 2021, the GFF Helps India Representatives participated in a silent rally against child sexual abuse. It was held within Kalimpong town for an hour where individuals and various organizations participated and GFF Helps India was there to support the cause. The numbers of child abuse cases have been increasing in Kalimpong district therefore the rally was organized by Kalimpong NGO Network to raise voices against the heinous act.






GFF Helps Reps taking part in the silent rally

Mobile Library Project

Children with their new library books.

The Mobile Library Project for children of Bong, Chibbo and Pudung villages which began in the year 2020 was put on halt due to the pandemic induced lockdown. As the lockdown eased, the GFF Helps India Representatives planned to rotate the books in the three villages. Just before the plan was executed, Kalimpong Government College’s National Social Service (NSS) approached GFF Helps India team to collaborate with them and donated a wide selection of books as well as indoor games (to reduce screen time for the children). This initiative has been a part of the ‘Fit India’ programme spearheaded by the Government of India. On 28th August 2021, the NSS team visited Chibbo village and donated 110 books for the Mobile Library Project. They are also willing to collaborate and work with GFF Helps India in the near future.

GFF Helps Rep with NSS team after the donation program

NSS team of Government College interacting with the children of SOGG Chibbo.


Joe FisherGFF Helps India supporting, creating awareness and spreading joy