Sewing Success – Philippines 2021

The GFF HELPS Philippines couldn’t be any happier of what the Sewing Project’s women are currently doing after holding the National Certificate in Dressmaking in March 2021 and after having the opportunity to use and own the GFF Sewing Machines starting July 2021. These women are housewives residing in the different villages in Banga, Aklan, Philippines and most of them were solely depending on their husband’s income just before they became part of this Sewing Project last December 2020.

 Joelita, a dressmaker licensee wearing her sewn apron along with her daughter in Banga, Aklan, Philippines

These mothers’ enthusiasm in making a living and supporting their families alongside with their husbands are getting stronger and this is a great blessing to them especially that they could earn money at home by making patterns of facemasks(for kids and adults) and selling them by bulk or by pieces, making tote bags, curtains and aprons, repairing worn-out garments like trousers and dresses and many more. Some outputs like pajamas made by the mothers are for their children since their children also needs new clothing to address their growth. Some of these are just the skills that they had learned from the Dressmaking Online Class with their Dressmaker Trainor Jem Ambag, but these women never stop on learning and enhancing their skills in Sewing.

This pandemic had also taught them to appreciate what they have and to expand their network by marketing their sewing outputs and products on Facebook to gain more customers and clients. They also make sure to satisfy their clients’ needs by making their best in sewing garments.

“The Sewing Project Women are making use of what they have.”

The GFF Philippines have taught them to make use of what they have, make more of what they can do while doing their best to support their families. Our women from the Sewing Project Phase 1 are great examples of patient and perseverance, since they had showed great patience and persevered through a lot during this entire project and now, they are reaping the fruits of their hard work.  The GFF Philippine Team is looking forward to Sewing Project Phase 2 so that a lot of women would be of benefits.

Joelita, a dressmaker licensee sewing curtains in Banga, Aklan, Philippines


Joe FisherSewing Success – Philippines 2021