Our Work

The Glenn Family Foundation has a long history in India, with our work in the country ongoing for over 10 years. This has primarily been in the Kalimpong district, located in the Hills of West Bengal. Key projects have included building infrastructure for and supporting victims of child labour, equipping medical centres and schools, and rolling out sanitation in villages.

The Foundation, in partnership with a local NGO, has also established three Learning Centres in Kalimpong where children can access free tutoring from qualified teachers, get assistance for getting into vocational studies and a range of other extra-mural activities. These centres also serve the broader community by offering health workshops, adult literacy courses and facilitating visits from welfare agencies.

Through the HELPS program, we supplement our work in the area by running various projects. These projects are focussed on education and preventing the amount of children dropping out of school and going into child labour. The Glenn Family Foundation learning centres are an important way for volunteers to interact with and run projects within communities.

Volunteer Representatives are sourced locally from within India and assist in all these learning centre activities as well as initiate their own projects. They also conduct surveys and research that further informs us of the ongoing needs. Past programs have included yoga classes, football coaching and first aid workshops.

Our current HELPS volunteers in India are Melissa and Nikita. Read about some of their current projects on our India blog.

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