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GFF HELPS first entered Nepal in 2018 with our partner organization the Childhood Development Society (CDS) based in Kathmandu. Much like GFF, CDS work to uplift and empower vulnerable communities. So, by utilising CDS’ fantastic track record within Nepal, their team and wider networks, our partnership is a fantastic way to collaborate on working toward these mutual goals. We commend CDS for their incredible work and thank them for sharing their expertise with us.

Our work in Nepal is primarily focused on economic empowerment, education and health. Some of our current and past projects in Nepal include:

SEEP Program

The Self Education and Empowerment Programme (SEEP) created by CDS is a women’s training and microfinance initiative that has shown great success in helping to uplift underprivileged communities. GFF has worked to on several projects to support these groups such as running a health camp and a soap making project. A report on these groups written by our former volunteer Sophie Jones Williams, and an accompanying video can be found below.

SEEP Research Report – 2018

Online Storytelling and Teen’s Café

Online programs are a key part of our work in Nepal. These projects aim to be a fun environment for children to learn about and engage with key issues such as mental health and environmental sustainability. Teens Café and Online storytelling are two of these projects, which you can read more about on our blog.

Waste Management and Awareness

GFF has also collaborated with local NGO’s to help promote and run programs on waste disposal. Waste is a big issue in the Kathmandu Valley, so these projects have aimed to develop awareness around the problem and empower participants to do their bit in helping to solve it.

Read more about these and other Nepal Projects on our Nepal blog.

"One of the things that working with the beneficiaries of Bal Suraksha Abhiyan Trust taught me was that children have more resilience than most people believe or give them credit for and can endure a number of horrific hardships and still maintain a smile and pure enjoyment." 

Sophie Jones-Williams, GFF Representative, India and Nepal, 2018

"I learnt to appreciate that on the whole people are generally good and want to do what they can to help others. Almost every person I met during our stay was incredibly welcoming and couldn’t do enough to help us be comfortable in their country."

Joe Fisher, GFF Representative, India and Nepal, 2018
Emily RobertsonNepal