GFF HELPS first entered Nepal in 2018 through our pioneer Representatives Sophie Jones-Williams and Joe Fisher. We had the pleasure of meeting community members and learning about the issues they face through a local NGO, Childhood Development Society (CDS), who run a range of educational programmes for youth and adults. One particular project that we were interested in was their Self Education and Empowerment Programme (SEEP) – a women’s training and microfinance initiative that had shown great success. Sophie had already visited several similar groups in India and was eager to learn how they had achieved such success. Sophie and Joe spent three months with CDS and visited a few of their groups. Joe’s documentary and Sophie’s research reports are below.

It is incredible to see the potential that is unlocked when an illiterate adult is given the opportunity to be empowered by basic literacy and business skills training. We commend CDS for their incredible work and thank them for sharing their knowledge with us.

In 2019, our GFF Representatives Sulochana Thapa from India and Shona Warren from Australia will get to know this community more closely and see what they can do to help.


SEEP Research Report – 2018

"One of the things that working with the beneficiaries of Bal Suraksha Abhiyan Trust taught me was that children have more resilience than most people believe or give them credit for and can endure a number of horrific hardships and still maintain a smile and pure enjoyment." 

Sophie Jones-Williams, GFF Representative, India and Nepal, 2018

"I learnt to appreciate that on the whole people are generally good and want to do what they can to help others. Almost every person I met during our stay was incredibly welcoming and couldn’t do enough to help us be comfortable in their country."

Joe Fisher, GFF Representative, India and Nepal, 2018
Emily RobertsonNepal