Introducing Senuri Jayawardena

GFF Sri Lanka Volunteer

GFF HELPS Sri Lanka works in partnership with SANASA Campus in Kegalla, which is a non-profit co-operative sector university that offer certificate courses, diplomas and degrees in fields related to Science, Business Management, and Education. SANASA Campus has been developed as a community-based university following the participatory and community development principles and practices of the SANASA Movement; which follows a cooperative philosophy among its membership and to the community with the goal of uplifting communities in a way that encourages local empowerment and local ownership. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2019, GFF HELPS has successfully conducted number of projects such as English for Village program for school children in the area, IT skills development project which resulted in establishment of an IT department for the underprivileged youth and first-aid training workshops etc.

GFF Sri Lanka welcomes Senuri Jayawardena as GFF Sri Lanka Volunteer and she writes:

I am passionate about working towards promoting environmental conservation at grass-root levels through capacity development of the communities. As a graduate with Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science and Chemistry, I was of the belief that the change towards environmental sustainability should come from a policy level. But while volunteering as an active member of the Environmental Society at University of Peradeniya, and during my internship at UNDP Sri Lanka under Global Environment Facility, I realized the importance of focusing on the community, for sustainable development to be visibly impactful. Therefore by working with GFF HELPS, I hope to constantly strive to serve the people and help save the environment while improving my skills in project management.”

Joe FisherIntroducing Senuri Jayawardena