Sustainable Sources to Serve the Society


Villagers contributing to labour to deliver the pipe to the villages

The Teen Ghare water project in Kavre is an initiation of the GFF Helps in collaboration with Child Development Society. The project incorporated a process of an effective selection of the place for water source, generous contribution of both the partners. and an effective channeling of the water ways into the fields of the community people.

The constant support from our benefactors and Panchkhal Municipality tying up for the upliftment of the project resonates sustainability of our contribution, especially at a time of the pandemic (health crisis) and impacts of climate change (water crisis), in Nepal.

Kavre Water Project has been a labourous project but the efforts have been fruitful since the locals are in partnership and in understanding with a sense of community work to empower not only themselves but, the generations to come.


Shrawan Chimoriya – ground facilitator of CDS, Pradeep Shrestha Project Officer and Sunita Danuwar – Water Group President with her father visit the ground to inspect during pandemic

The 2020 pandemic restriction on work and lockdown equally contributed to its delayed completion. Although, the final completion to the project needs Municipality support, the infrastructure has been installed successfully.  However, as William Shakespeare said: “All’s Well That Ends Well”. The water project has been a success this year one, because of the rigorous and effective management by Child Development Society along with the local community and their authorities on the field. The proper contribution of the local and GFF Helps Nepal funding resources that was effectively collaborated made optimum utilization of the available resources.

Various vaults installed for the water to flow to 200 odd houses in Teen Ghare village.

Rings purchased to be dug under the ground to retrieve water.