Meet Stifhany Salvador – The Philippines Volunteer

Greetings from Aklan, Philippines!

Hello Everyone! I’m Stifhany Salvador, a Licensed Professional Teacher working as an ESL teacher and a new GFF HELPS volunteer here in The Philippines.

I grew up in an agricultural town filled with hardworking and hopeful people. Their lives may not be as abundant as those in high-end areas but they were able to make ends meet every day. We put great value on education and hope that children will be able to lift the family’s economic status. Every family wants the best for their children, but cannot afford educational resources and private tutors, making the children work on their own, without any assistance at all. I’ve seen all of these, and even if I want to help, I don’t have any, because I’m also one of them. This sad reality served as a driving factor for me to pursue teaching. I took a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. I am truly grateful for those who believed in me and extended their help until I was able to pass the Licensure Examination and claimed my license.

During my pre-service teaching for a year, I served in various National High Schools in my town. I have gained experience as an educator and lesson material creator. I took this advantage and tried to offer private tutorials for some unprivileged children and volunteered to offer younger children free classes in groups and teach them to read. I also have a small collection of books and I willingly offer them to be borrowed by some teenagers that I know.

I always find happiness in giving and thought that if only I have more to give, it would be great. I knew about GFF HELPS PHILIPPINES through a close family friend who also works in it. I’ve witnessed the programs that they offer to people and I thought they’re doing great deeds. Recently, I was invited by that friend to apply and I thought this is an opportunity to help the people of my town. I may not have anything to give, but I can be a way for them to receive help from the people overseas who have a benevolent heart.

I look up to those who choose kindness every day and I stand here as proof that we could reach far because there are hands who served as a ladder for us to climb and bridge for us to cross the greener field beyond. This engagement with GFF HELPS will be a milestone. I am looking forward to more philanthropic programs that I can be part of and the coaching that I will receive.

Joe FisherMeet Stifhany Salvador – The Philippines Volunteer