Online Storytelling 2021 – Enriching the children’s minds and hearts through stories.

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team continues to provide quality education through online storytelling with children ages 9-12 from Banga, Aklan, Philippines. We have been doing this online project for exactly a year now and we have catered almost 15-20 children from different parts of Banga Town since we started last June 2020.

Most of our stories go around moral, science, math, love for environment, love for people, love for themselves and love for animals. Children love to listen to stories that they are not familiar with, stories that would awaken their interests, stories that would help them discover their talent and enhance their skills, stories that would make them become more responsible children to their parents. All of these were appreciated by both parents and children as they show their thankfulness by participating well and creating outputs that show their creativity and talent.  

 As the children read and draw outputs together during the online storytelling session, we make sure that they learn well and do their best, the Team also makes sure that their answers and drawings were appreciated and modified into a better one. Their pronunciation was also observed and corrected whenever they read lines from the stories. These initiative from the Philippine will not only help children cope with COVID-19 quarantine effect but also give them opportunity to present themselves and to shared their thoughts to other children their age. 

As Jelai, a consistent 10-year old attendee give her thanks, “Thank you so much GFF and Teacher Peace for the wonderful stories and lessons that you teach us.” Hearing these lines will not only make us proud of the children but this make us feel humbled since children take it as a great help for them and to the other children attending our online storytelling sessions. 

 By Lady Peace R. Remaneses, LPT 

GFF HELPS Philippines  

Local Representative

Joe FisherOnline Storytelling 2021 – Enriching the children’s minds and hearts through stories.