Mobile Library March 2022

GFF Philippines continue to rotate books in school and among neighboring students. The books vary in level to suit the student’s comprehension. This year, they distributed 30 books to Capitan Tazan Memorial Primary School and 15 books to Sigcay Elementary School. Sometimes, they bring books to the children of their beneficiaries. They are always grateful for the help of the hardworking teachers and the support of parents. One of the highlights of this month is the regular reading workshop that they conduct for the neighboring students of Capitan Tazan Memorial Primary School. Their hard work was noticed by some parents living in the same community and they expressed their interest. They also want their children to join and asked permission from the owner of the house where they teach.

Stifhany and LP together with kids from Capitan Tazan Memorial Primary School. The kids prepared a big table and more chairs for their new friends.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than being loved and respected by your students.”

One of the mothers prepared a big table and more chairs because she’s expecting more participants. GFF Helps Philippines are overwhelmed by the love that these kids show to them. Children would always prepare snacks for them and stay with them until a vehicle would pick them up.

Joe FisherMobile Library March 2022