Online Storytelling March 2022

“Teacher, where’s my price?” A usual thing that you can hear every session of the Online Storytelling. Parents said that their kids expect virtual prizes to be real one day. Our Online Storytelling to children ages 9-12 years old from Banga, Aklan, every Thursday and Friday afternoon is always productive.

GFF Helps Philippines have regular attendees that grew with them. They have formed a strong bond with these kids that they comfortably share their personal experiences during sessions. This month’s highlight is the story of “The First Woman in Space” as a celebration of Women’s Month. The children learned the role that women played in history. LP and Stifhany always make sure that stories were taken from reliable online sources and activities were engaging. They wanted to show their appreciation to the avid attendees, and they thought of giving them something. They are planning to make the virtual prizes real. They will purchase fruit bundles and deliver them to the houses of the kids. Everyone seems excited to receive their prizes, a sweet treat for their hard work.

“Gives students the power to express themselves through multi-literacy modes.”

The kids learned about “The First Woman in Space” and the roles that women played in history

Joe FisherOnline Storytelling March 2022