Stories braiding through Nepal, India and Philippines

The online storytelling session is a collaborative project of GFF Helps Nepal and India since 2020. The former volunteer of GFF Helps Nepal introduced this project during the CoVID19 lockdown keeping in mind children’s mental health. Children from different places of India and Nepal attended the sessions. The 2nd season of the online storytelling session began in June 2021. Since then both the teams of India and Nepal has been conducting the sessions alternatively. The storytelling sessions include important lessons and activities apart from storytelling. In India a school counselor Ms. Prashanna Sherpa has volunteered to conduct the sessions. She mostly engages children with fun activities. Children look forward to her fun session every weekend.

“Gain knowledge through mindfulness and active learning”.

Counselor and and children during the session.

Ms. Prashanna conducting the online storytelling session.

Ms. Prashanna Sherpa interacting with the children during a session.

A group of children from India and Nepal team became a part of  group storytelling in the month of November. The session focused on enhancing children’s capacity speak in a second language (English). The storytelling session allows children to use their imagination and widen it’s scope. Children have been both avid listeners and fantastic storytellers’, as children from both countries meet and interact virtually on Saturdays’ a bond of friendship and connectedness has been another special thing about the storytelling sessions.

Group Storytelling Session

Young Storytellers

Widening the scope for imagination

Children from India and Nepal participate in a group storytelling. Using their creative imagination, they engage virtually but, connect through stories of their own.

GFF Helps Intern- Ms. Asbina Rai engages in the storytelling session with the children.


The GFF HELPS Philippines Team continues to provide a quality education through online storytelling with child

ren ages 9-12 from Banga, Aklan, Philippines, every Thursday and Friday in the afternoon. October has been memorable as we conducted a series of stories that focuses on animals. This was done intentionally to reiterate the value that animals brought to us. October is the month for World Animal Day, and we prepared an activity for selected kids. The stories were meant to celebrate this event. We made upturns by designing activities that will ignite excitement and focus from our participants such as unscrambling words and guessing games. It was effective as the children engaged enthusiastically. Virtual prizes such as fruits and snacks are provided to add up the motivation. We always make sure that motivation is not only intrinsic or something that comes from their own will, but also extrinsic or driven by prizes and awards. These two kinds of motivation, if used effectively, will work wonders.

“Gives students the power to express themselves through multi-literacy modes.”

The kids enthusiastically participate in the guessing game activity from the story “Meet the Animals: Flamingo.”