Re-Introducing Sulochana Thapa

Hello Everyone! I am Sulochana Thapa   born in Darjeeling hills and brought up in   Kalimpong, India. Prior to the volunteering   programme with GFF Helps, I was working   with Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology   and the Environment in Darjeeling.  I have   specialization in Community Development,   Medical and Psychiatric Social Work and   worked with organizations such as Bosco   Mane (Working with street children),   Kidwai Memorial Instiitute of Oncology   (Working for children suffering with blood   cancer), Asssociation of people with   Disability (With a special focus on   differently abled children), Pravah (A youth   development organization), Hayden Hall   organization (Working with Mother and   Child Healthcare) Mercy Corps (Worked on school component of WASH). This is my second visit to Kathmandu, Nepal as a GFF Volunteer. Travelling across different places and serving communities gives me immense pleasure and energy to enjoy my work with Glenn Family Foundation Helps. I feel this volunteering programme provided by GFF Helps in Child Development Society, Nepal is a chance to give back to the community. I would like to put into practice the already gained knowledge and experience which I have acquired when I volunteered in 2019-2020. I am excited to start this new journey again and encouraged to conduct WASH awareness sessions with children, working on a project on Eco Brick to reduce plastic waste, assist in reporting and documentation of the organization, conducting training on gastro intestinal diseases and its prevention, conduct personal development workshops for school students.

Joe FisherRe-Introducing Sulochana Thapa