Srijanshil Rehabilitation & Special Education School For People With Additional Needs

GFF HELPS has been visiting Srijanshil Rehabilitation and Special Education School for the Disabled and working closely with the children. Through the method of storytelling, children with disability were engaged in creative sessions like painting, dancing, music and film screening.

The school was born with pure desire to serve the community. Durga Thapa is a mother of 20 year old Pradeep Thapa who was born differently abled. She recounts an incident when she reached home to find her son fully drenched in water as he could not drink water on her own. She found him shivering on the floor and helpless, she bursted into tears. She started empathising towards children with similar issues and inspired her to open the Special Ed school. With the help of her neighbours and villagers, she built the school from scratch. She sells masala (spices) and her husband works abroad. With such a large heart she has, Durga Thapa has also adopted a young orphan girl. Due to Covid-19, the school is closed and although Durga Thapa calls them, the teachers have left the school and one can wonder what has happened to the children with disabilities when they are made to sit in a room all day long.

GFF HELPS has supported the school with the repair of the school ground where the children can get access to more movement. The team also proposed to find teachers who can visit these children in their houses just to check on them from the health perspective and provide emotional support. This month, GFF HELPS provided financial assistance to help the school staff in the repair of the school ground.

People with Disabilities have equal human rights as everyone else. In addition, the day to day life of people with disability is even more difficult. However, there are still a number of issues for people with disability that are not properly addressed resulting lack of disable-friendly infrastructures and service delivery. Due to all these reasons the people with disability are facing hindrances in every steps of their daily life. However, amidst all the pain and suffering, these families show resilience, determination and love to fight all odds.

by Minket Lepcha, GFF HELPS Nepal Local Volunteer

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