Sri Lanka focus on empowering children with stories

English for Village Programme

Reading daily is one of the best habits that can improve reading skills and we can mediate our minds by reading books. Children can improve their English through reading our library books. By reading it helps to develop one’s imagination, and can improve one’s memory and focus. Reading helps to enhance the imagination and can improve vocabulary skills. In order to collect books for the Mobile Library, GFF HELPS Sri Lanka organized a book donation drive for the SANASA Campus staff and the undergraduates. Reading books expands the knowledge. To build up interest in reading English books GFF HELPS Srilanka conducted the Mobile Library with Ekiriyagala Village students. The book donation drive was held for the first week of June. With the support of the SANASA staff and undergraduates, GFF could collect 150+ story books for the Mobile Library. Nowadays at Ekiriyagala Sanasa Society, Kegalle.GFF HELPS Srilanka conducting the mobile library for Ekiriyagla village students. These books has come out to be great asset for our project. 

Physical Storytelling Sessions

GFF HELPS Sri Lanka have regular sessions as Physical Storytelling sessions so we had a Storytelling session about the explanation of the Sri Lanka country song. The children prepared on the Story about the beauty of Sri Lanka and history of Sri Lanka. With weekly practice, during the International online storytelling Gala session, our children practiced the Sri Lanka country Song and students performed it very well. It is a Sinhalese song and to perform it students used the English meaning of the song. Students are doing the storytelling sessions face to face, through that they can share the opinions and helps to improve the teamwork skills. This engagement helped to improve their pronunciation skills and reading skills. GFF HELPS Sri Lanka has been conducting the physical storytelling sessions at Ekiriyagala Sanasa Society, Kegalle. 

English is one of the most spoken languages around the world. To compete with globalized countries, we have to learn English. English has become more dominant around the world. To build up the confidence and improve the English language skills , GFF HELPS Srilanka have an ongoing English for Village Program and every week , English sessions for primary grade and secondary grade students at the Ekiriyagala Sanasegalle, Sri Lanka are conducted. Day by day they are improving their English knowledge and vocabulary skills. So many interesting activities and sessions are prepared weekly. The worksheets prepared are also distributed and the children are asked to complete the tasks and activities. Gradually they are developing and improving their writing skills, reading skills. The children play creative games to build curosity, coloring letters and writing letters. They also practicing to create the letters in a creative way so that the children remember the letters and pronunciation.

Mobile Library and Book Donation Program

My country is the shadow of Dalada

My god is the refuge of Dalada

It is a home filled with happiness

I have inherited all these by birth

At the top of the golden pillar of Dalada Madura

The whole country wakes up with lightning

At the top of the golden pillar of Dalada Madura

The whole country wakes up with lightning

Two thousand years of history

Seeha reawakens in glory

It is here that we are united as one

Fears were removed from the mind

In the shadow of the Lord, Jaya Dada joined

Victory drums were played, and victory songs were sung

Lord Shiva was victorious

Victory drums were played, and victory songs were sung.

International Online Storytelling Gala Session

On 27th of August, all the respective countries participated in the International Online Storytelling session and the GFF HELPS Srilanka team also participated. All students in every country did awesome and fabulous work. Students got new experience within the Gala Session. They really enjoyed the session. And they learnt new things about other countries.

In the GFF HELPS Srilanka team, there were six students and they performed various kinds of performances. They wore Srilankan National costumes. Students have sung sinahlese song” Mage Ratata Dhalada Himi Saranai” Song (My country is the shadow of Dalada) and One student performed storytelling of the country song, another one delivered the speech about Srilanka, there was a brief introduction about Sri Lanka, finally one student played a Sri Lankan traditional music by playing traditional instrument in Sri Lanka.

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