Two Day First Aid Training Workshop – Sri Lanka

Emergencies can take place anywhere – it can be where people live, their working environment, or any hazardous area! Hence, it is necessary to have the knowledge to act accordingly in such situations and to have an understanding of how to act with limited resources.  

One of the Glenn Family Foundation’s objectives is to promote and uplift the health and hygiene environment and knowledge in rural communities. The “Two Day- First Aid Workshop” was held on the 9th and 10th of August 2019, in the Uththamawi (Women’s College) Hall at SANASA Campus, Kegalle, Sri Lanka. The targeted 25 participants for the workshop represented academic staff, non-academic staff, labourers, campus drivers and students. The workshop was conducted by a well-experienced health professional, Mr. Wimalasena who is the First Aid Trainer of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society in Kegalle. 

The objective of this program was to develop a GFF First Aid Workshop to certify staff and students at SANASA Campus. It aims to deliver knowledge of the importance and awareness of basic First Aid skills for a safer community. A Health and Safety Officer was appointed at campus to ensure the First Aid Training ran effectively.

First aid Specialist Mr. Wimalasena introducing the course

Introduction to First Aid included: 

  • Basic life support (CPR) 
  • Management of wounds, bleedings and shocks 
  • Treatment of Hypoxia and burns 
  • Fractures and sprains 
  • Poison and snake bites,  
  • Medical emergency procedures 
  • Casualty lifting and transportation were included in the training 

The participants gained sufficient theoretical knowledge on First Aid with supporting practical sessions. The strong positive feedback from the participants reflected the importance of the knowledge transferred to them and how this training opportunity needed to be taught to the wider community. It was wonderful to see the second Health Workshop having an 86% growth in registrations for 2020! 

Participants practicing First Aid skills

Furthermore, the “Sick Room” – the previously appointed and under equipped First Aid room – at SANASA Campus, was restored with necessary medicines and belongings. Five First Aid boxes with quality equipment (according to the Sri Lankan and international health standards) were handed over to Campus library, restaurant, CCCS (Center for Cooperative and Community Studies). reception and the Ekiriyagala SANASA Primary Society where the English for Village programme is currently being held. 

The Glenn Family Foundation aims to pass the First Aid knowledge to the staff, students and finally the rural community. The initial 25 participants who received certificates will act as the health & safety leaders to respond to emergencies at campus. This workshop will be expanded into the surrounding villages once the Health & Safety team at SANASA Campus has grown to a sustainable capacity.  

Tharaka MunidasaTwo Day First Aid Training Workshop – Sri Lanka