Vegetable Garden Project – Phase II: Continuing the ‘Healthy Meals: Healthy Bodies and Minds’ Aim

The GFF HELPS Philippines is embracing the feat of the Vegetable Garden Phase I in December 2020 with fifty (50) beneficiaries in Banga, Aklan Philippines.

Many beneficiaries had benefited the said project and the great results in terms of earning money and consuming healthy vegetables fresh from the beneficiaries’ gardens made the Philippine Team to start its second phase in February in Banga, Aklan – with thirty (30) beneficiaries, with different kinds of vegetable seeds suitable for the Philippines’ dry season, garden tools and equipment and workbooks and handbooks for both children and parents – to improve their crops even more.

Before the team decided to purchase new sets of seeds and gardening tools, we did consider its compatibility to the area of beneficiaries and the coming Summer Season. This was made to achieve the quality of the project when it ends. When we contacted our first batch of participants who were part of the previous project, they were really glad to be part of this phase 2, that their garden plots would be full of healthy vegetables again, that their children would enjoy weeding, watering ang taking care of seedlings one more time, that they could sell or share some produce to their neighbors as well,  that they would eat health meals just like the past 4 months. These kinds of words expressed by the grateful beneficiaries made us even more grateful since we knew that this project is one of the contributors to the beneficiaries’ welfare especially this pandemic.

During our house to house delivery to the villages, every family and children welcomed us with a great smile since our faces seemed familiar, they knew that we had something for them and for their families. Mrs. Raco, a mother of four, was currently teaching her children with their learning modules outside their house when we came. Without the feeling of being disturbed, she welcomed us with a warm greeting: “Ma’am, you’re here! Thank you for coming back!” and when I handed the seed packs, the workbooks and handbooks and garden tools, she happily uttered:

“Thank you so much for including us in this Vegetable Garden Project Phase II, you never know how helpful it is for us especially to my young children.”

by Lady Peace Remaneses, Local Representative


Willyn CarrascalVegetable Garden Project – Phase II: Continuing the ‘Healthy Meals: Healthy Bodies and Minds’ Aim