Sewing Project: First Output – Facemasks for the Beneficiaries of Solar Project

Our women have been making efforts to improve their skills and livelihood by patiently learning sewing lessons online. Their willingness to learn despite having zero-knowledge, age, internet connection, and limited time since they are all housewives, are worth praising.

The GFF HELPS Philippines Women’s Empowerment Programme is running a Sewing Project intended for the housewives living in different villages in the Town of Banga, in the Province of Aklan, Philippines. This project started in December 2020 where five (5) women, all are housewives, received sewing materials like sewing machines, cotton cloth, different kinds of rulers, scissors, needles, threads necessary to start the sewing lessons. The project aims not only for knowledge and skills but also to make them pass the Skills Examination in Sewing so that they could earn a National Certificate addressing each of them as “Licensed Dressmaker.” The said certificate is valid all over the Philippines and even abroad and that qualifies them to make use of their sewing skills anywhere they go.

With the great help of Ms. Jemaima Ambag, the Licensed Trainor in Dressmaking, these five (5) women have been learning enthusiastically in every online class conducted every Monday and Thursday afternoons, discussing different outputs like face masks, tote bags, ladies’ blouses and skirts. As a novice in this kind of work, some women have been able to sell a number of pillowcases and curtains to their neighbours. The women’s first output was the fifty (50) cotton facemasks with filter. Each facemask follows a uniform pattern, with accurate measurement of men and women facial features including its size and shape. Then, followed by carefully sewing in its every side to make it more presentable and comfortable. The recipients of these beautiful face masks will be the beneficiaries of Solar Project, living in the far-flung area in Madalag Town, to where the Team will be visiting in March. When the team mentioned that their first output would be the face masks for the people of Madalag, the women were happy and pursued the making of facemask in just a week. They were very proud of their first output since it will be used by the needy.

“It feels good to make something (face masks) to be given to other people especially in Madalag, Aklan.” says Ate Marissa, one of the sewing class participants in Banga, Aklan, Philippines.

by Lady Peace Remaneses, Local Representative

Willyn CarrascalSewing Project: First Output – Facemasks for the Beneficiaries of Solar Project