Social media and digital youth are an asset for any nation, when given the platform to utilize it effectively.

Youth engagement and leadership program  at a time such as the current pandemic crisis, is imperative given the number of dying opportunities and challenges.

Young people who access to internet in Nepal is  at  a constant rise.

Under the Youth Empowerment project, GFF Helps Nepal has opened space for young professional in the role of social media internship programs. As, Glenn Family Foundation believes in “Alte Pete” (Aim Higher), GFF Helps Nepal encourage youth to aim higher even at a time of crisis.

A young professional named: Abhishek Rai is currently enrolled as GFF Helps Nepal’s social media intern. The role of a GFF intern embarks the opportunity where the young mind can effectively coordinate with GFF team in terms of social media assistance.

GFF intern successfully led a virtual videography session under the mentorship of GFF Helps Advisor Ms. Minket Lepcha, for the GFF international team in the month of August.