Warm greetings from GFF Helps India!

It gives us an immense pleasure to share with you an overview of the GFF Helps Project India in the year 2020. This year has been an unusual one for the entire world and I believe we are all being able to adapt the new normal. As Sir Owen wrote in one of the key mission statements “To give hope where there is despair”, we GFF HELPS India team, have been putting our best foot forward to help the individuals and communities at large in this time of turmoil we all have been in, with the pandemic taking its toll all around the world.

Despite of the pandemic and its lockdown, GFF Helps India thrived to serve the community through various ways such as awareness on COVID19, volunteering to help people in need during the lockdown, empowering women to make handmade masks, continuous health check-ups of the sick, helping to setup community quarantine centres and in order to cope up with the current situation, we at GFF Helps Project have taken initiative to reach people through digital space, which has not only given us safe place but also been able to reach out people at large. The Online Storytelling Sessions and the Online Football Coaching Sessions have boosted the knowledge and have instilled motivation to many of the participants. Most importantly we have started an Immunity Project for the Children of Bong, Chibbo and Pudung villages recently that comprises of Yoga Sessions, Physical Activities and Vegetable Garden. All of these activities are being done maintaining the COVID19 protocols.

We request you to kindly have a look at the work that GFF HELPS India has been doing so far in 2020 and keep supporting us to fulfil the vision brought by Sir Owen to support the underprivileged people of Kalimpong region.

A humble gratitude to you Sir Owen from GFF Team, India and the people of Kalimpong for your selfless love and support.

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Nikita Rai & Melissa Namchu, GFF HELPS India Local Representatives

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