Raising Awareness on Government Schemes in India

The Indian Government has provided numerous schemes for its citizens in the past and present. There are schemes that benefit all groups of people and categories especially the marginalised like the Women, Elderly, Children, and Persons with Disability, Schedule Casts and Schedule Tribes. Although there being many beneficial schemes, people of Kalimpong hills lack knowledge about it. Thus, they have not been availing those schemes which are meant for them and could be of a great help in their daily lives.

Therefore, in order to raise awareness on various government schemes of West Bengal state government, GFF HELPS contacted Mr. Raju Sherpa, the Deputy Magistrate of Malda District in West Bengal. Without any hesitation he agreed to VOLUNTEER for this Awareness program on Government Schemes by being our main resource person.  Mr. Sherpa had worked in Kalimpong Block as a Block Development Officer earlier and himself being a local resident knew the level of knowledge, people of Kalimpong had on govt. schemes and therefore insisted the need for an awareness program on various schemes given by Government of West Bengal.

On 20th November 2020, one day awareness program was held by GFF Helps India project in the premises of Worship Centre Hall, Kalimpong. All Covid-19 protocol was followed for holding this seminar. Mr. Sherpa talked about various schemes on health, girl child, scholarships for students, housing schemes, pensions, family benefit schemes. The session was very interactive as many of our participants actively participated with queries in which Mr Sherpa answered to clear our doubts. The participants were told to spread the awareness in their villages as they themselves were the leaders of their society and could easily inform a large group of people about the beneficial schemes provided by the government.

by Nikita Rai, Local Representative 

Willyn CarrascalRaising Awareness on Government Schemes in India