“Work – Life Balance while working from Home” webinar – Sri Lanka

GFF HELPS Sri Lanka organized an hour-long free, live webinar on “Work – Life Balance while working from Home” on Saturday, 25 September 2021 via Zoom virtual platform.

Poster for the webinar

The guest speaker was Dr. Asanka Bulathwatta (Ph.D (Germany), MSc. (Spain), B.A (Pdn)), an esteemed Human Resources Psychologist and a Senior Lecturer at Department of Psychology of University of Peradeniya. The webinar was conducted with 21 participants and the session was very informative and interactive with participants actively engaging in the polls launched by the resource person. The participants were informed on the ways to increase their productivity and to find an equilibrium between personal and professional life while working remotely.

Facebook page launched

Webinar in progress

GFF HELPS Sri Lanka facebook page was also launched in conjunction to publicizing for the event on social media. While the focus of the programme was to contribute towards improving the mental wellbeing and professional development of the working youth in Sri Lanka, it also allowed for more people in the country to be aware of the work that is being done by Glenn Family Foundation HELPS program, both internationally and locally.

Joe Fisher“Work – Life Balance while working from Home” webinar – Sri Lanka
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Sewing Success – Philippines 2021

The GFF HELPS Philippines couldn’t be any happier of what the Sewing Project’s women are currently doing after holding the National Certificate in Dressmaking in March 2021 and after having the opportunity to use and own the GFF Sewing Machines starting July 2021. These women are housewives residing in the different villages in Banga, Aklan, Philippines and most of them were solely depending on their husband’s income just before they became part of this Sewing Project last December 2020.

 Joelita, a dressmaker licensee wearing her sewn apron along with her daughter in Banga, Aklan, Philippines

These mothers’ enthusiasm in making a living and supporting their families alongside with their husbands are getting stronger and this is a great blessing to them especially that they could earn money at home by making patterns of facemasks(for kids and adults) and selling them by bulk or by pieces, making tote bags, curtains and aprons, repairing worn-out garments like trousers and dresses and many more. Some outputs like pajamas made by the mothers are for their children since their children also needs new clothing to address their growth. Some of these are just the skills that they had learned from the Dressmaking Online Class with their Dressmaker Trainor Jem Ambag, but these women never stop on learning and enhancing their skills in Sewing.

This pandemic had also taught them to appreciate what they have and to expand their network by marketing their sewing outputs and products on Facebook to gain more customers and clients. They also make sure to satisfy their clients’ needs by making their best in sewing garments.

“The Sewing Project Women are making use of what they have.”

The GFF Philippines have taught them to make use of what they have, make more of what they can do while doing their best to support their families. Our women from the Sewing Project Phase 1 are great examples of patient and perseverance, since they had showed great patience and persevered through a lot during this entire project and now, they are reaping the fruits of their hard work.  The GFF Philippine Team is looking forward to Sewing Project Phase 2 so that a lot of women would be of benefits.

Joelita, a dressmaker licensee sewing curtains in Banga, Aklan, Philippines


Joe FisherSewing Success – Philippines 2021
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GFF Helps India supporting, creating awareness and spreading joy

Workshop on healthcare by Dr. Sonali Vaid in Bong, Chibbo and Pudung villages

Covid 19 awareness and basic healthcare

Dr. Sonali interacting answering to the participants.

GFF Helps India Reps going to the field location for Dr. Sonali’s workshop in Chibbo village

Dr. Sonali Vaid, a Public Health specialist has been volunteering to spreadawareness and knowledge on CoVID19 and basic healthcare. During her visit to Kalimpong, GFF Helps India representatives met Dr. Sonali who volunteered to visit Bong, Chibbo and Pudung. It was a good opportunity for the India team to take her to the villages and educate people on basic healthcare and CoVID19.

Joe FisherGFF Helps India supporting, creating awareness and spreading joy
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Mobile Library Philippines 2021

This is the tenth beneficiary of books from Agbanawan Elementary School, Agbanawan Banga Aklan on July 5, 2021.

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team continues to extend the reach of the library’s safe learning areas to users who may not get a chance to visit and benefit from them. The small percentage of users who are not covered by fixed libraries are often left behind, and most of them are eager learners. We collaborated with local schools in the town of Banga to make this project feasible, and as of now, we have 90 children who benefitted from it. This program made us reconnect with communities and spark excitement among children and teens whose chances of fun have been severely narrowed due to COVID.

These are LP, Stifhany, teacher-in-charge, and the second beneficiary of books in Tabayon Primary School on July 5, 2021.

Recently, we conducted another phase of the program. We worked in partnership with five (5) schools in the town of Banga. We delivered 90 books together with school materials to each school. The teachers-in-charge played a vital role for the beneficiaries to receive their books and school materials as well as monitoring the status of books and the users themselves. As schools closed for vacation and there are no teachers who can collaborate with us, we shifted our scope to neighboring kids that are known to us. With this, we can expand the reach of the program and include the random children from different villages. This September, schools reopen and children will be back to the modular learning which is a form of distance learning that uses Self-Learning Modules. The parents will get their modules from schools and bring it to the safety of their houses. We will continue the program and reach more schools and beneficiaries.

“Increasing the reach and visibility of fixed libraries.”

The parents of the kids are grateful of the books that their children received. One mother commented that her kids always have their mobile phones in their hands, and she’s glad that those books will get into the hands of the children. We are also overwhelmed by the continuous feedback that we receive from the parents of the kids and they are happy to share the satisfying moments of their young ones indulging the books.





Joe FisherMobile Library Philippines 2021
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Introducing Senuri Jayawardena

GFF Sri Lanka Volunteer

GFF HELPS Sri Lanka works in partnership with SANASA Campus in Kegalla, which is a non-profit co-operative sector university that offer certificate courses, diplomas and degrees in fields related to Science, Business Management, and Education. SANASA Campus has been developed as a community-based university following the participatory and community development principles and practices of the SANASA Movement; which follows a cooperative philosophy among its membership and to the community with the goal of uplifting communities in a way that encourages local empowerment and local ownership. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2019, GFF HELPS has successfully conducted number of projects such as English for Village program for school children in the area, IT skills development project which resulted in establishment of an IT department for the underprivileged youth and first-aid training workshops etc.

GFF Sri Lanka welcomes Senuri Jayawardena as GFF Sri Lanka Volunteer and she writes:

I am passionate about working towards promoting environmental conservation at grass-root levels through capacity development of the communities. As a graduate with Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science and Chemistry, I was of the belief that the change towards environmental sustainability should come from a policy level. But while volunteering as an active member of the Environmental Society at University of Peradeniya, and during my internship at UNDP Sri Lanka under Global Environment Facility, I realized the importance of focusing on the community, for sustainable development to be visibly impactful. Therefore by working with GFF HELPS, I hope to constantly strive to serve the people and help save the environment while improving my skills in project management.”

Joe FisherIntroducing Senuri Jayawardena
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Sustainable Sources to Serve the Society


Villagers contributing to labour to deliver the pipe to the villages

The Teen Ghare water project in Kavre is an initiation of the GFF Helps in collaboration with Child Development Society. The project incorporated a process of an effective selection of the place for water source, generous contribution of both the partners. and an effective channeling of the water ways into the fields of the community people.

The constant support from our benefactors and Panchkhal Municipality tying up for the upliftment of the project resonates sustainability of our contribution, especially at a time of the pandemic (health crisis) and impacts of climate change (water crisis), in Nepal.

Kavre Water Project has been a labourous project but the efforts have been fruitful since the locals are in partnership and in understanding with a sense of community work to empower not only themselves but, the generations to come.


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Social media and digital youth are an asset for any nation, when given the platform to utilize it effectively.

Youth engagement and leadership program  at a time such as the current pandemic crisis, is imperative given the number of dying opportunities and challenges.

Young people who access to internet in Nepal is  at  a constant rise.

Under the Youth Empowerment project, GFF Helps Nepal has opened space for young professional in the role of social media internship programs. As, Glenn Family Foundation believes in “Alte Pete” (Aim Higher), GFF Helps Nepal encourage youth to aim higher even at a time of crisis.

A young professional named: Abhishek Rai is currently enrolled as GFF Helps Nepal’s social media intern. The role of a GFF intern embarks the opportunity where the young mind can effectively coordinate with GFF team in terms of social media assistance.

GFF intern successfully led a virtual videography session under the mentorship of GFF Helps Advisor Ms. Minket Lepcha, for the GFF international team in the month of August.



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“Improve access to food, nutrition, mental health and increase physical activity.”

Vegetable Garden 2021

Mr. Paulo, one of the beneficiary of Vegetable garden holds a bunch of pechay that he will sell at the local market.

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team continuously receives the photos sent by Vegetable garden beneficiaries that show the products of the plants. The project technically started in May 2020. We chose fifty (50) families of our online storytelling participants from four (4) schools in Banga, Aklan. The monitoring and feedbacking continued until December as the Team had created a Facebook page and private group chats to exchange ideas and planting techniques amongst the beneficiaries. Another phase was made in 2021, and we included 20 participants from the past GFF webinars. We delivered the seedling packs house-to-house. The total beneficiaries from the town of Banga reached 70 families. This project was geared towards the UN goal “Zero Hunger” where we help people fight off hunger and gain access to nutritious foods. Furthermore, it can boost mental health and physical activity especially during this time where people are confined in their houses.

We make certain that each beneficiary is monitored. They shared the problems that they encountered and we gave suggestions. Withered plants are unavoidable especially that the rainy season has begun. Some plants can’t tolerate too much water and need more attention, but there are some too that are productive and can endure the dry and rainy seasons. Sometimes we can visit the houses of the beneficiaries and most of them still have their garden.

Vegetable Project Phase 2 – This is the Simon Family receiving their seed packs on 12th April in Manggan Banga

From the photos and feedbacks that we received from the beneficiaries, we are grateful that most of them were able to reap the products and consume them. Some were able to harvest a generous amount and sell them. One of the beneficiaries that came from the list of webinar participants shared that they planted all the seedlings along the river where the soil is more fertile. The outcome is great because the plants thrive and produce good vegetables that can be sold in the local market. He and his wife harvested the products and sold them to the market. The amount was able to put food on their table for two days and the remaining vegetables as side dishes.



Joe Fisher“Improve access to food, nutrition, mental health and increase physical activity.”
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“Educating people on Ginger Tea Making and its Benefits during pandemic”

Ginger Tea Making Webinar 2021

The GFF HELPS Philippines  Team had successfully hosted and aired its fourth free webinar about Ginger Team Making which was beautifully presented by Miss Jemaima Ambag to more than 20 participants from different parts of Aklan Province, Philippines on 26th day of August 2021 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Joe Fisher“Educating people on Ginger Tea Making and its Benefits during pandemic”
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Coach Ujjwal from Share FC interacting with participants during a session

GFF Helps India has been working in the area of sports for children and youths since its inception. Mr. Joe Fisher, the former GFF Helps India Representative during 2018 coached some young people of Chibbo village on Football. Last year when the pandemic hit the world and there were lockdowns everywhere, Joe came forward to encourage the children and young football enthusiasts of Kalimpong through online sessions.

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