Volunteering in Nepal

No one has ever become poor from giving.” – Anne Frank.

December 5th marks the International Volunteer Day and the theme “Together We Can Through Volunteering” fits rightly so. Having been in Kathmandu Valley for almost a year and witnessing the transition of Covid-19 phases has indeed been a humbling and enriching experience. The very process of all the volunteers of GFF Helps International coming together from various parts of the world and joining hands to create a difference in our own initiatives towards the country that we have volunteered has been a fulfilling experience.


When the government announced Covid-19 locked down, we were asked to stay at home. The genesis of digital advocacy and storytelling allowed us to reach many children in India, Nepal and Philippines. The children have also learned each other’s culture and geography. These engagements were possible with the very spirit of coming together during locked down and helping the greater humanity despite all odds. Reaching out to women and empowering them with skill development programme has been fruitful. While adolescent kids were engaged amidst pandemic through giving a safe space of mental health awareness by sharing each other’s story and creating a circle of solidarity has been a deep journey. These engagements has helped us as volunteers to connect to one another even if we have not met. Although living alone in Kathmandu had its challenge but the fruit borne from those challenges has been immense with untiring support and love from all the volunteers, country representative of GFF International, Saom Sir and Sir Owen.

The very act of volunteership has left a deep impact for me personally. The very idea of us being an embodiment of change was felt through this volunteer programme. I felt the importance of my work through this GFF Helps Nepal Volunteer programme.
by Minket Lepcha, GFF HELPS Local Volunteer
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