Reading Workshop and Mobile Library 2020: Developing a Love for Reading – Philippines

Developing a love for reading at a young age will set a child’s mind for reading readiness and could be the basis for their success inside, outside and beyond school.

The learners of San Isidro Primary School who are actively participating in the reading workshop ran by Lady Peace Remaneses.

From what I had experienced in the teaching field, children from public schools were all eager to listen to stories with moral lessons and to read quality books appropriate for their age. This eagerness pushed the GFF HELPS Philippines team to extend the Reading Workshop & Mobile Library project to almost a hundred and fifty pupils ages 6-11 from four Primary Schools in Banga, Aklan, Philippines.

These schools are located in remote areas that are unlikely to get up to date reading resources since the closest libraries are located in more populated areas. The 1-hour long workshop involved children story-telling/video presentations and activities that develop their moral, emotional, physical and mental abilities. We also had a mobile library where each student could borrow a book for a week to read. Aside from reading in a big group, we also had a small reading groups where each pupil’s pronunciation was observed and corrected.   

These are the students at San Isidro Primary School patiently lining up and waiting for their turn to borrow new books

The children truly enjoyed the story-telling sessions since the materials we used during the workshops were new to their eyes, such as digital books, videos, and worksheets. This made the workshop livelier because children tend to participate and perform well when they see something new and different. Also, every story ended with a moral lesson that the children for the to ponder to help develop more virtuous and respectful kids. 

Children were always looking forward to the Mobile Library sessions and were excited to borrow and read new books. These English books helped the children to improve their English language, speaking, reading and comprehension skills.  

The workshop and mobile library programs were beneficial to children ages 6-11, especially to some non-readers and inactive pupils. Throughout the sessions, students identified as non-readers and inactive pupils by their teachers gradually changed into good readers and active individuals. This only showed that interest and love for reading are gradually developed amongst anyone. Their pronunciation, reading speed, and reading comprehension were also improved.   

By: Lady Peace R. Remaneses, Local Representative, Philippines

Tharaka MunidasaReading Workshop and Mobile Library 2020: Developing a Love for Reading – Philippines