Volunteer Vacancy: Sri Lanka

Pioneer GFF Representative for Sri Lanka, Tharaka Munidasa, and Project Coordinator, Pavithra Gunasekara

The Glenn Family Foundation (GFF) has selected Sri Lanka as the next destination for our HELPS programme. This programme aims to empower and uplift vulnerable communities by providing them with sustainable access to their most basic needs. This includes but is not limited to access to clean water, access to solar power, improved sanitation to reduce incidence of disease and improved living conditions to foster a sense of pride.

We also recruit volunteers to enrich these communities through education, skills sharing and technical expertise. Our volunteers are enmeshed in these communities for a six month period to ensure they have a meaningful impact. We are entering a Sri Lanka as a new location and looking for volunteers to develop our projects there.

We would like to have our two new Representatives start their term on 1 August 2019 or the nearest suitable date. Note that due to the recent attacks in Sri Lanka we cannot guarantee that the project will start on this date. We will not start this project without assurance that the situation is resolved and the area is safe for travel. However, applications and preparations take a lot of time, so we are moving forward with these processes in the meantime while the situation resolves. You can follow the current travel safety advice here.

As a volunteer you will work in a small team of two, alongside an established and reputable organisation, for a period of six months, developing projects in Kegalle, Sri Lanka. You will be supervised weekly by GFF over Skype and will have a local contact person to assist you. GFF covers all your travel and reasonable living expenses and covers you with travel insurance.

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About SANASA Campus

We will be working alongside SANASA Campus, a non-profit co-operative sector university. The Campus serves the people through degree/diploma/certificate courses. Following the participatory and community development principles and practices of the SANASA Movement, the Campus is being developed as a community-based university.

About the role

The partnership between the Glenn Family Foundation and SANASA Campus outlines three major projects to be implemented in 2019. Your role is to implement these according to the plans and ensure good crossover to the next GFF Representatives to ensure their continuation. Your role is also to establish good relationships with the local community and with other stakeholders on behalf of GFF.

Project 1: English for Villages

  • Engage the rural community with the GFF Sri Lanka Project Coordinator
  • Plan activities with the rural youth and plan basic English classes covering reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary
  • Develop a train the trainer model (TOT) to teach the SANASA students how to carry out the class with the rural children
  • Assist with the class and interact with the rural children
  • Supervise and provide feedback to the SANASA students based on how the lesson is conducted
  • Provide suggestions to improve the project (eg: introducing digital technology, sourcing teaching supplies, etc

Project 2: GFF Workshops

Research, plan, implement and evaluate GFF workshops for students, rural children and community members. Some examples of workshops are:

      • Environmental awareness and recycling: Teaching youth about the impact of waste and how to consume responsibly. Assisting in the set-up of recycling points, running competitions for waste reduction and introducing Eco Brick
      • Reading workshops and mobile libraries: Hosting reading workshops with village children and developing a system for acquiring donated books and circulating them through schools
      • Digital learning project: Introducing inexpensive tablets to youth to supplement their learning. A trial in Philippines is underway and teachers are using interactive maths apps to help children who are falling behind
      • Health workshops: Inviting a local nurse or medical student to talk to villages about common health ailments and how to avoid/treat them, and informing them about how to access free services
      • First Aid training: Training teachers and mothers in First Aid
      • Debating club: engaging youth in modern global issues through debating clubs
      • Education Workshops: Teaching youth about the importance of continuing your education. Show them all the options they can take (eg: university, technical college)

Project 3: IT Development Project

    • Work with the IT technician/teacher to conduct classes with students
    • Collaborate with the IT technician/teacher on course material and teachings
    • Follow the learning outcomes and develop lesson content

Project management

      • Liaise with the GFF Sri Lanka Project Coordinator and SANASA Campus staff to develop project plans
      • Set up meetings with the GFF Sri Lanka Project Coordinator to clearly understand the weekly tasks and outcomes of each project
      • Spend at least 1 hour per week meeting with the GFF Sri Lanka Project Coordinator, and report on these sessions to GFF
      • Report financial expenditure and programme progress to GFF weekly
      • Send all project plans to GFF along with a budget for clearance

How to apply:

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